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What could be more refreshing than a cold drink? Especially since the past few days it’s become warmer and warmer in Vancity. So how can we compensate this “intense” heat?

Just wait for the 11th of July. On this day, 7-eleven is giving out free Slurpees. This day is also understood as the birthday of 7-eleven. Quite clever, huh? 😉 Back to the Slurpee. You never heard of a Slurpee before? One more reason to go for it on the 11th of July. But for those that want to know before they go, I will give a short briefing: A Slurpee is basically really fine, crushed ice, mixed with a flavour of your choice. The range of flavours is big: from Coca-Cola to Mountain Dew and fruits like lime, grape, orange or banana. Mouth-watering, isn’t it? 😋 My advice: If you fall in love with the Slurpee, get a loyalty card and every 7th drink will be for free for you! So, go ahead and get slurping. 🥤

BUT, the Slurpee is not the only drink you can get for free the upcoming days. The 14th of July is Root Beer Day at A&W. Ever tried this non-alcoholic beer? To be honest, it does not really have anything in common with regular beer, except for the foam when freshly poured in a glass. It has an incomparable taste and is very refreshing. Go for it and give it a try. At A&W it is produced using all natural ingredients, so don’t worry, nothing artificial about this one! My advice: Sign up for coupons on the A&W website. With these coupons, you will get top-ups on your orders or a free side to your order. Who does not love free pancakes or an upgrade to sweet potato fries?

14044809449_059fb00c74_nAre all those sweet drinks not really for you? I do have an alternative. It also includes a drink (Bubble Tea or Thai Ice Tea) and a healthy Poké bowl. 🍲 And this for only $5. Where you can get this amazing offer? It’s at the Poké and Sushi Restaurant “Daddy’s Kitchen” (2586 Commercial Drive). That’s not even a minute walk from the Expo Line station Commercial-Broadway.

I hope you’ll have the time to check out some of the offers and maybe find your new favourite drink! 👍

See you tonight at the Dublin Calling Rooftop!

– Elisabeth

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PuB NiGHT Announcement

Remember Halloween? Or better, should you know where you were – but can’t? Well, then you probably joined us at our legendary Halloween party at the Blarney Stone. And that’s exactly where we going to be this Wednesday and spend our next PuB NiGHT!

The Blarney Stone is an old classic in the INTERNeX history of PuB NiGHTs and on Wednesdays they do have some nice specials to offer:

$4 Pints, Hi-Balls, & Shooters

$2 Sliders

So if you have seen the pictures or maybe even remember how much fun we had there last time, then come and join us this Wednesday!

When: Wednesday November 6, 7 pm

Where: The Blarney Stone, 216 Carrall St Vancouver, BC V6B 2J2

See you there guys!



International Village
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Smart Saver Vancouver

Hi everyone,

This week I would like to introduce another supermarket where you can buy your groceries for a good price!
Especially when you buy the special offers of the week.

I would like to show you some special offers of this week!

Chef Boyardee Pasta $0,99
Lays chips 180gr/220gr $1,99
Camambert or Brie du marce 140 gr $2,99

Click here all special offers!

No Frills has three different locations in Vancouver, here below you can see the addresses and store hours of the different locations.

Location 1
310 West Broadway
Store hours:
Everyday from 9am till 10pm

Location 2
1030 Denman Street
Store hours:
Everyday form 9am till 9pm

Location 3
130 – 2083 Alma Street
Store hours:
Everyday from 9am till 9pm

If you have tips on how to save money in Vancouver, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Cheers, Lydia

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Pub Night Announcement

Hi Everyone,

Yeah! Tomorrow it is Wednesday, which means finally time for another Great PubNight! This week we would like to go to the Smileys 😀

The pub is located in Downtown, close to the Waterfront Station.

The Smileys is one of the many pubs of the Donelly Group, and is the most traditional pub, with all the business chairs is it a great place to hang out and relax!

Wednesday is a special evening at the Smileys because from 7pm there you can play Trivia and win many prices!

911 W Pender Street, Vancouver, BC

12th October 2011

Time:8:30pm till…..

Special Offers:
$5 Wings
$4.25 Domestic Sleeve
$6.50 Cocktails
+ applicable taxes

Unfortunately this will be the last night of our great colleague Claudio. We hope see you all at the Smileys to enjoy the last PubNight with Claudio!
See you tomorrow!

Cheers, your PR-Team

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Hi everyone, Today it is time to give you another smart tip about how you can save money on your weekly groceries. There are many different supermarkets in Vancouver, but one of the cheapest is ‘ Save on Foods’. This shop has every week many special offers! I will give you some examples of special offers of this week.

  • Lays chips 220 gram 4 for $10
  • Philadelphia 250 gram 2 for $6
  • Pasta sauce Ragu 640 ml 2 for $4
  • Yogurt Siloutte 650 gram 2 for $5
  • Oranje juice (Minute Maid) 1 Litre 4 for $5

Check the Folder to see all the special offers of the week!

Location 1 2308 Cambie Street
(open from 6am till midnight, everyday)

Location 2 5945 Berton Avenue
(open from 7am till 11pm, everyday)

I hope that this tip is useful for you 🙂 Keep following us because the upcoming weeks we will give more tips about how you can Save Money!

Cheers, Lydia

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