INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review

We decided to spice things up a bit for this week’s PuB NiGHT @ Sharks Club, so we organized an INTERNeX Trivia Quiz and it was a huge success! We had great prizes to give away and everyone was actually pretty knowledgeable about Vancouver and Canadian Trivia.

 3rd place came down to a 3-way tie. Whoever was brave enough to stand up and sing the Canadian National Anthem got to claim the prize. Daniela was the courageous contestant and sang the first few words to the Anthem and won 2 tickets to the Maritime Museum!

2nd Place went to Esther, just one point behind 1st place and she was the lucky winner of 2 tickets to the Museum of Anthropology

The 1st place ultimate winner of the INTERNeX Trivia Night was Niels!  He was the only one to know both of the Vancouver Soccer and Football teams.  Niels took home a 2-hour scooter rental around Vancouver!!

Did you guys like having the quiz and the chance to win prizes? Let us know if you would like us to do something like this again soon 🙂

If you want to the rest of the pictures taken last night, check them out on our Flickr Page



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