INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Hey there!
Well, today I want to talk about one special experience I made during my first two weeks in Vancouver. I’m living within a family in North Vancouver, and across the street there are several soccer, field hockey and football fields.


But the crazy thing is that there are always people doing sports at any time: when I leave the house to go to the bus stop in the morning, but also when I leave the INTERNeX office going back to my homestay in the evening. IMAG0371They even play soccer on Sunday at 10 pm! Furthermore it is possible that they are playing soccer and football at the same time and in the same field! And of course there isn’t only one team playing in the field. Usually there are a couple of teams of different age practicing their sports. And as I said before – all teams at the same time. That’s crazy, isn’t it?! For example in Germany this isn’t very usual. Hence, I was very surprised and overwhelmed to see the Canadians playing soccer, football and field hockey the whole day.

Never let it be said that Canadians aren’t sporty! They are – and that’s great!

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INTERNeX Canada: Rockies Resort life!

For a lot of newcomers Vancouver is just the first stop of a long season of working! Specially Swedish, Danish, Germans…but almost people from pretty everywhere!!! Where are they going?

Some of them to Panorama, others to Hemlock, Jasper, Banff… The Rockies will be full of INTERNeXers this year! Sounds like fun!

What are they going to do? They will work on their resort during the winter season… Working with people from everywhere and with sporty customers from everywhere as well…It sounds like something definitely you have to try at least once in your life!

They will have fun, I am sure, but they will also enjoy an incredible experience gaining some practical experience abroad and at the same time they will improve their English!

And that’s not all, the people and the job are great of course…but what can I say about the Rockies? One of the most beautiful places all over the world; you must go there to believe that!

Are you looking for a real Canadian experience? What better that working in the middle of the incredible Rockies?

Are you looking for gaining some real international experience? You will work abroad in an awesome resort!

And at the same time you will fun that for sure! (Remember young coworkers and sporty customers…)

Kind of jealous for my coworker Marianne! Don’t go! Or take me with you!

But living and doing an internship at Vancouver is not a bad alternative…So many good alternatives… I want to do everything! Please can anyone borrow me a working holiday visa? Need so much more time here!



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