How was your weekend?

The next weekend is over and it was an incredible one. It was our Whistler-weekend and at the same time also my last real weekend in Canada. So two reasons why this weekend had to be awesome! But let me tell you a bit more about it:

IMG_3978Friday in the late afternoon, me and a group of 16 others met at Burrard Station to start our Trip to Whistler. The first surprise: Nobody was too late and even the Bus was in time. What an unbelievable start! 😀 After loading our luggage in the bus, we started our 2 hour journey to Whistler. Arrived in Whistler we checked-in our Lodge and started to prepare for the evening. The first point on our time schedule was having diner, so we ate together. Due to the long day we had, nobody was in the mood to go out. We decided to stay together in one room ,where we had some games and a lot of fun! Around 2 o’clock in the morning the first day was over and everybody went to bed!

Saturday was the only complete day of our stay in Whistler, so I don’t have to mention that it was our activity day. We started our day with having breakfast all together. Afterwards the first group departed. 10 of us went to the Zipline-Office, where they signed in for a 3 hours tour. While the first group was already on their tour the second group, my group, prepared for their first Bungee-Jump. With a shuttle we drove out to the bridge and to be honest by coming nearer to the point of jumping I became nervous and more nervous. A bungee-jump was something,I wanted to do my entire life and know I had this big chance. Unfortunately I was the last of our group so I had to see how the other guys jumped down this bridge and yeah my feelings didn’t become really better. After a few minutes, which felt by the way, like a few hours, it was my turn. I stepped to the edge and waited for the “go” to jump. 5,4,3,2,1 and jump. Without thinking about I jumped down and wow the moment of free fall was amazing. You felt so free, free like an eagle.. Back on the bridge I was still a bit flashed and confused. Did i really jump down a bridge? Yes I did it and it was unbelievable! The third group went out for a hike and enjoyed the beautiful nature surround whistler!
Back in our Lodge, we meet the rest of the group and we told each other about our days and experiences while having diner together. Afterwards it was time to check out the Spar area of our Lodge. Hot-Top and Pool built an amazing combination. Unfortunately this combination was so good that we spent their a lot of time. Back in our apartmens everybody was in a relaxing mode, what had as consequence that we changed our evening planes. Instead of going out, we spent the Saturday in one room partying! It was a very long night!

IMG_4305After a few hours of sleep it was breakfast  and checking out time. We drooped all luggage in one room and went out again to explorer Whistler a last time. Some of us checked out the Squamish Museum, wich was by the way, very cool and I can only recommend a visit. The other part of our group bought some stuff in Whistlers “Shopping area”.  In the afternoon we went back to Vancouver again. This was already the end of our weekend. A weekend, where the time passed too fast. But isn’t that always the case when you enjoy something? I think everybody had an amazing trip and made some good memories! 🙂

Thank you for that!


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How was your weekend?

My weekend? Sunny, active, great!

Saturday morning, 7.45am. Prepared with hiking shoes, sunglasses and lunch packages, 16 motivated people gathered at Pacific Central to spend the day in Squamish. Everyone was ready for the big hike. Well, everyone except for our bus… Unfortunately, the bus company cancelled the ride we booked our tickets for. To be honest, that was not the best news to hear at this time of the day. Going back home? No way! So, some hot discussions later, a bus was eventually arranged for us and the adventure could start.

About an hour later, we stepped out of the bus. We stood directly in front of the gondola, the one we would take to get down after our hike (at least that is what we still thought would happen). But before heading to the trail, we had to celebrate. It was Lore’s birthday! And so, we had a chocolate cupcake for her with a candle, a birthday song, a crown and even a birthday balloon; the full package for our Belgian birthday girl.

The sky promised a lovely day and even in the shadow under the trees, it was perfect! Just like many other people, we followed the signs of the sea-to-summit trail (again, that is what we thought). The first part of the trail was quite steep with many stairs and steps of stones. No problem for our motivated group, so we made our way up along the waterfall with some breaks to enjoy the views. Every ten minutes, I heard a ‘Happy birthday’ – ‘Thank you’ conversation between Lore and some hikers on the trail. The balloon did its job, so she a lot of attention during the day.

davThe final part before reaching the top of the mountain was more challenging. The trail ended in rocks that we had to climb up. Ropes installed in the rocks and a ladder helped us to overcome the last metres until the top. Not being surrounded by trees anymore, finally allowed us to see where we were actually standing. Wow! The view was just amazing! After the past exhausting hours, it was time for lunch break. We found the perfect spot and could enjoy our sandwiches while looking at mountains with snowy tops. Some people took a power nap and some even came up with the great idea to use some sun cream.

Recovered and ready for the next part, we continued our trail where we spot even more
beautiful sceneries. While looking around and taking pictures, we suddenly saw it: the gondola that was supposed to be our destination of the hike. Frankly, it was still quite far away, so we better hurry up a bit. It was weird though that the trail continued downhill… That is when we became doubtful whether we were on the right trail or not. A local hiker could confirm that we actually weren’t. Without noticing, we left the official sea-to–Blog 0summit trail already hours ago and hiked the Stawamus Chief instead. Next surprise of the day! There was nothing else we could do, but walking down again. So that is what we did until we reached the base of the gondola again. Since there was still time left until the last ride down, some of us decided to take the gondola up. And what a beautiful outlook we had waiting for us at the top: White Mountains, a blue sea and a green forest. Amazing! We walked over a suspension bridge and enjoyed both the sun and the landscape.

After riding down the gondola (surprisingly, no one wanted to hike), some of us took another ten minute walk to the Shannon Falls. Impressive to see how much water can come down from a mountain. We rounded the day off with dinner and laughs about this day full of surprises. At least the bus ride back to Vancouver did not have any problems and we could all get our well-deserved sleep. I had a great day and was happy that so many of you joined us on this adventure!

Blog SU.jpgSunday, it was time to relax. Well, only in the morning though, because the next active program was already planned for the afternoon. We only trained our legs Saturday, so it was time to get the arms active as well. We reserved our seats for a dragon boat session during the Community Paddling Day of the Dragon Zone Paddling. Perfect weather for that! After a short introduction, Stefan, Lisa, Lotte, Angy, Nadine and I were equipped with lifejackets and paddles. So, we spend our afternoon learning how to paddle in a dragon boat on False Creek. As a highlight of this hour, we could spot a sea lions’ head above the water. Finally, we competed with the other boats in fun races. I spent the rest of the afternoon with coffee and our paddling crew at the seaside enjoying the sun.

Take care of your sunburns and see you on Wednesday for our PuB NiGHT!

– Kerstin

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Stop, Squamish time!

Only one… two… three more days until we are on our way to Squamish! Although you already know what we are going to do, let me provide you with some more details.

We will meet at 7:45AM at the Pacific Central Station (1150 Station St) in Vancouver. We will arrive in Squamish at approximately 10:00AM. Then, we will walk for an hour to the base of the Sea to Sky Gondola where we will start our hike. The hike will last three hours and is filled with beautiful nature, amazing views and there will be time to enjoy a little picnic. At the end of the hike, we will be on the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola where we can find the Summit Lodge. The perfect place to treat ourselves to a drink and celebrate we made it! 21062859398_0c95352186_n

After that, it is time to go to the next activity: the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge! The suspension bridge is 100 metres long and gives visitors a breathtaking view of the Sky Pilot Mountain and Howe Sound. When we have had enough of enjoying the sun (although honestly, could we ever?), it is time to take the gondola down again. But no worries, the trip is not over yet! When we are back at the base of the gondola, we will walk for about 20 minutes to have a look at Shannon Falls Provincial Park. Fun fact: Shannon Falls is the third tallest waterfall in British Colombia!

After visiting the waterfall, you will have the opportunity to have a Subway/A&W/McDonald’s (or bring your own) dinner before we head back on the bus. We will arrive in Vancouver at approximately 10pm. The day will consist of a lot of walking, however, it will all be worth it! According to the weather forecast it will be 26 degrees that day so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen! Also, make sure to bring enough food for the picnic and water to make sure you will not get dehydrated.

I hope you are just as excited as I am! See you tonight at the Beaver Bar!

– Angy

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Since we know summer can become quite expensive we wanted to give you some ideas on things to do with a discount.

If you have been thinking about going kayaking to beat the heat, going to Bowen Island might be a good option for you. You can kayak around the island and get beautiful scenery. And if you go on a Tuesday with your friend, you can get two for the price of one!


Another fun thing to do is to go to Squamish and take the Sea to Sky Gondola. The normal price for the gondola is about $40 dollars, but if you go after 5 pm on Saturdays you get a 50% discount. And if you’re feeling adventures you could hike up and take the gondola down for only $15.

If you like to go to amusement parks you should definitely check out Playland. This is the oldest amusement park in Canada and it’s located at Hastings Park. You can get discounted tickets for the park at 7 eleven.

Going a bit further away for Vancouver can become expensive, as renting cars isn’t always that cheap here. If you’re going to stay here for a longer period it might be a good idea to check out Modo. This car sharing service is similar to car2go and Evo, except that you can book the car for weekends an take it further away. You pay a monthly fee for the subscription, but that’s only about $8. The car comes with a credit card to pay for gas and you get the first 200 km for free, after that you pay 20 cents per kilometer.

I hope you are all having a great summer and I hope to see you at PuB NiGHT tonight, as it will be my last!

– Danielle

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What to do on the weekend

Another weekend’s coming up, and if you didn’t had the chance to join us for our great trip to the rockies and still want to do something fun this weekend, here are a few ideas:


KitsFest is a sports and healthy living community festival. It takes places from fri – sun and its for everybody. You can either go there and register a team for basketball, volleyball etc., experience some great yoga classes or just watch and cheer for the teams of the tournaments.

Squamish Festival

Even though this whole weekend festival is located in Squamish, you don’t have to worry about how to get there. There will be a shuttle bus driving you from Vancouver to and from the Squamish Festival. The tickets for this event are kind of expensive, a day pass if $149 (+fees) and a weekend pass 325 (+fees) but there are acts like Eminem, Bruno Mars, Nas, Arctic Monkey and many many more. So check out their line-up and maybe you’ll decide it will be worth spending this money.

Vancouvers Largest Waterfight

On saturday Stanley park will host the 8th annual waterfight at 1.00pm at Lumberman’s Arch. Bring waterbaloons or a water gun and be part of the largest watertight of Vancouver.

Food Cart Fest

This festival takes places every week and this week on sunday there will again be more than 20 food trucks you can get some great food from. It’s only $2 entry and even for free if you bring a donation for the food bank. This week the Food Cart Festival will also be on saturday for the first time. On saturday you can find it at the Holland Park in Surrey and on sunday at the Olympic Village in Vancouver.


We hope you guys all have fun on you weekend and a great start in the new week! 

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What to do on the weekend?

Weekend!! Let’s have some FUN!!

It is almost weekend and you might already have asked yourself this question a few times: “what do on the Weekend?”

Well, if you are going to join our INTERNeX Whistlertrip you do not need to worry about the weekend.

But if not, a first tip: inform you regularly about our events and register on time:

But now for all the tips that are not present at the Whistlertrip:

Vancouver – Richmond

Steveston Dragon Boat Festival Richmond

The 2nd Dragon Boat Festival will take place on Saturday  20th of August 2011 in Steveston Village, Richmond BC.  Britannia Heritage Shipyard, at Westwater Drive and Railway Avenue. This is your possibility to see the fun and exciting Festival in Richmond with a lot of different activities.

Here you can try on yourself to paddle a dragon boat!!!

For more information click here

Date: 20th of August
Starting Time: 9 am

Vancouver – Yaletown

Outdoor Movie Night
The Outdoor Movie Night is a very special event in Vancouver. After the sun set films will be projected on a very big screen in the David Lam Park. Last year there were more than thousand visitors.  Make your way over to the Park by 7:00PM to stake out a prime viewing spot. The movie will ends just before midnight. David Lam Park is located on the corner of Pacific Blvd and Drake Street in downtown Vancouver.

Outdoor Movie
For more information click here

Date: 21th of August
Starting Time: after sun set


Fire Hall open
Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services will be making a Fire Hall open-door-day on Sunday. Here you can discover the way who the Fire & Rescue Services works. You can make Pictures and ask some question to real firemen’s.
Where: Fire Hall #6, 1001 Nicola Street, Vancouver

Date: 21th August

Time: afternoon

Vancouver – Langley
18th Annual Arts Alive Festival
For Art enthusiast, here is a great possibility to be inspired by alive Artists in Downtown Langley. The streets of Downtown Langley come alive with over 100 participants including the fine arts, artisans and crafters, a multicultural venue and an exciting children’s activity area. See artists demonstrate their techniques and talented musicians being featured on three entertainment stages. Is a great way to spend your day.

For more Information click here

Date: 20th August

Time: 10am – 5pm


Live Squamish Outdoor-Music  Festival
Live Squamish is is a large outdoor music festival in Squamish BC. It will take place on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21th August 2011. Lots of space lots of fun and with some of the best names from the music.

For more information click here
Live at Squamish Trailer 2010 click here
Driving by bus you will need 1,5 hours to arrive Squamish. The following bus companies drive a regular shuttle to Squamish:

Date: 20th and 21th of Agust

Time: 2 pm to 11 pm

Cheers, your PR-Team

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