How was your weekend?

“Zie ginds komt de stoomboot…” You don’t know that lyrics? Could be, it is the dutch song we sing when Sinterklaas is arriving in the Netherlands. And Saturday was that day. Because we are some Dutch people, we, uh I, did want to celebrate this great party on Friday, so we celebrated it with Sinterklaas music and pepernoten. Everybody loved it so much *kuch*.

2017-11-18 21.40.45

Saturday was match day. Canucks were playing against St. Louis Blues. We met up in front of the Rogers Arena and found our seats. After the national anthems of the USA and Canada the game began. In the break it was time to see how lucky we were tonight and we bought some 50/50 tickets. Spoiler alert: We won nothing. The rest of the game was exciting. We saw some fights and the teams were quit even. It was a tie, but in the overtime the blue ones scored one more time. That meant St. Blues won the game. Afterwards we met the rest of INTERNeX at the Bourbon and we had a lot of fun the rest of the night.

Sunday was recovering day. Netflix all the way. After all it was a good weekend. How was your weekend? Tell me everything about it next PuB NiGHT in Malone’s.

– Bart

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