Review: Richmond International Night Market

Friday last week we went to the Richmond International night Market. Quite a few met up for this special night market. However, we quickly realized that we definitely weren’t the only group of people who had the idea of visiting the market. Lots of people were visiting the market, and the line for the entrance was overwhelming. The long line wasn’t a problem though, as you could spend your time taking pictures while waiting. However, some people didn’t have the patience to stand in line, so they bought a VIP entrance card for 20$ instead of the ordinary 2.25$. This was great fun to us because it seemed a bit desperate. On the other hand, probably all of got just a little tired of listening to the jingle that was playing over and over again while we were waiting in line.

As we entered the market it was clear that not only food but all kinds of other stuff that “you just can’t live without” was being sold. Everything from mobile covers to special microfiber mops was sold. For sure this market isn’t your ordinary type of food market. Some of us tried out exotic dishes, while others were more into the various l kinds of candy on offer. For instance you could get strawberries covered in chocolate. Besides the numerous stalls, a massive inflated yellow duck next to the entrance made this market a bit out of the ordinary.

Thanks to all of you who showed up! Once again remember there’s no pub night this Wednesday due to our pub & club night Friday. Time and place will be announced soon.

You can check out the great inflated duck (not the picture of the duck showed in this blog post… the inflated duck is much bigger) and several other pictures from the Night market here


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