How was the weekend?

The weekend was really great for me. On Friday a few of us went to an Australian Bar and Krystelle made us try a lot of her favourite Aussie foods, e.g. Kangaroo meat, a Chicken Schnitty, or Vegemite, which is a spread that you put on a toast with some butter. The taste is very specific, not for everyone. 😉 She told us it’s usually a breakfast meal. For dessert we had Fairy Bread which basically is toast with sprinkles on it, and Pavlova, probably my favourite food that night. It’s Meringue filled with cream and topped with fruits, it was soooo good! Have you ever tried any of these? If not, you’ll have the chance not at this weeks, but at next weeks pub night! We’ll be going to the Moose Down Under, try more Aussie Snacks, Beverages, and give our best at the Trivia. Who’s in?

On Saturday we went to Belcarra for a little hike to Jug Island Beach. The silence in nature was beautiful, so was the break at the beach. Larissa saved a starfish, we had some snacks and relaxed by the water, taking in the views of the beautiful mountains around us. The hike was moderate, but it felt very short, I guess everyone was just really fast and advanced, seems like we need to do a harder hike next time! A bunch of us went down to the pier and spotted some more Marine Life, before we headed back home. My evening just ended with a Barbecue on the balcony, pretty relaxed. 🙂

BUT, this week there’s a lot going on. We have our Rockies trip on Friday already. Who’s excited for more breathtaking mountains, gorgeous lakes and wildlife??? Also, a new INTERNeX PR Intern will be joining our family and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Since I’ll be gone for another work trip, Ida will be taking over for me here in Vancouver. More about that in our following blog posts, so make sure you stay updated. 😉

I hope you have a great start into this week and we can chat more at Wednesday’s Pub Night at the Beaver Taphouse. See you there at 7pm.


Laura 🙂