Smart Saver

It’s smart saver sunday again! This time we have another delicious money saver for you in Vancouver’s beautiful Gastown!

Who doesn’t like to go out for lunch, to escape the office for an hour and to enjoy a good meal? Well, we just found the perfect spot for you to do so, the old spaghetti factory in Gastown. During lunch hour (noon – 2.30pm) the OSF offers you a $10 lunch, including a salad or soup as starter a main dish and an ice or coffee as dessert. Can you imagine this all for $10! For the main dish you can choose one of their 10 special lunch offers:

– Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich with Fries

– Flatbread Pizza and Caesar

– Lasagna

– Manicotti

– Seafood Lino

– Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with Fries

– Chicken clubhouse Sandwich with Fries

– Philadelphia Cheese Stak Sandwich with Fries

– Chicken Dippers and Fries

– Soup and Salad

Well if you are not mouth watering by now, I don’t know it anymore. And no worries you can have all of this delicious food within the 1 hour of your luck break.

How knows, maybe we see each other at the OSF next week ūüėČ

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My birthday dinner

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to celebrate by going out for dinner. Laura and me met up with a couple of people that i met here in Vancouver. We met them through other INTERNeX events and we have been hanging out ever since.

I really wanted a find nice restaurant that had something to eat for everyone. So I looked, and looked, and looked some more but it was worth it because the restaurant we went to was amazing. ¬†When we were walking to the restaurant my first impression was not a good one. The restaurant’s name, which was Kingston Taphouse & Grill, was spelled out in neon lettering. But I learnt that you shouldn’t judge a book, or restaurant for that matter, on it’s cover. As soon as we walked in the restaurant, I loved it. It was very quiet, has a lot of¬†atmosphere and is¬†so charming.

The waitress later told us that it is usually busy during hockey season and that is it slow when there are not playing. We were with 7 people and when it is busy in a restaurant you can’t really hear everyone, but because it was a slow day we could all talk together.

The food was excellent. I had a steak and it was prepared perfectly. The others had burgers (which looked so good!!), pizza, (this also look jummy) and Laura had kung poa chicken. She asked if it could be nice and spicy and that what she got (maby a bit to spicy!). And even though I was¬†absolutely¬†stuffed and couldn’t possibly eat anything else, I had to have a birthday cake. So I ordered a cheesecake, with a candle. I was very good but I had to have help from everyone to eat it. I had my very first strawberry daiquiri. I am a non-alcoholic drinker (yes I know, weird!) and I was surprised that I liked it.

The waitress was very friendly and the service was good. If you are looking for a nice place to go out for dinner I really recommend this place.

For more information see their website

After dinner I said goodbye to everyone and went with another friend to the Chinese markets on Keefer street, downtown Vancouver.  It was a very small market but it was very nice, there was lots of food stalls, cellphone stalls and there was even a live band. It consisted of two people singing a song of which they probability did not know the text as they were reading it as they went. They could also use a singing lesson or two because it was not very good. But it was very funny to watch.

I had a great birthday, thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with me.

– Manouk

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