How was your weekend?

How my weekend was? Hmm.. I can’t decide which word describes this weekend the best: great, wonderful, awesome, perfect, gorgeous, fabulous, fantastic, spectacular or exceptionally good? At least I had a lot of fun, because this weekend was our trip to Kelowna. Oh, now I got your interest? Well, sit back and read all about our adventures in this beautiful city.

28080563_1888898747818262_1858428207_o1.jpgThe adventure started Friday at 12 pm at the Pacific Central Station. People showed up with their suitcases and bags to get in the bus. And there we go, a five-hour ride to Kelowna! We saw some beautiful views on our way. After a long sit we arrived in Kolowna. We dropped our stuff in our rooms and walked to this awesome steakhouse. One of the hardest decisions was: What are we going to eat? So many nice choices like burgers, chicken and ribs. When the hunger was gone and we finished our meals it was time to have a little party at the hotel. We played some fun games and, since it was carnival, we played some nice carnival music.


*BIEP BIEP BIEP* At 6:45 the alarm went of. Time for all the skiers and snowboarders to get some breakfast and prepare ourselves for a day in the snow. After one hour in the bus we arrived at the Big White. In the lift to the top we realized how beautiful the view is from there. A sky as blue as a millionaire’s swimming pool. We went down a lot of times from different slopes. The area was very big, so we could do every time a different slope to see them all. The trials where not crowded at all, so many times we had the mountain for ourselves. We ended the day with a beer during the après ski next to the campfire. Then it was time for us to take the bus back to our hotel. We had a little time to prepare ourselves for another dinner and night out. This time we went to an Asian restaurant next to the hotel. Also here we enjoyed some delicious food. We decided to taste our wines we bought at the wine tasting tour and do another fun game before going to Sapphire, the biggest club in Kelowna. A 00’s party was going with a DJ who played all our classic sing-alongs.

27990347_1888900691151401_1024515969_oRise and shine, a new day has arrived. We woke up fresh and energetic to start the day with a boost. Ok, maybe not, but at least we stood up to have breakfast. When the rooms were clean and the luggage was packed, we took the bus to Kelowna downtown. In the city we did the scavenger hunt game. The groups had to do as many fun assignments as possible to get points. So we proposed, hugged, fished, danced and so on. After three hours, we met at the bus again to get our luggage and go home. This time we could enjoy a bus ride for 7 hours. Since we did not sleep that much this weekend, we could catch some sleep during the ride.

It was really great to hear that all of you had a great time! And so did we! Thanks to you, it was a really nice weekend. If you did not went on this trip, I am happy to tell you all about it tomorrow at PuB NiGHT in the Lamplighter. See you then!

– Bart

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Upcoming INTERNeX events

Hi everyone,

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and therefore we organized a nice Christmas dinner for all our INTERneX candidates.

We are going to eat at the Keg Steakhouse. As the name is telling you already, this is the place to be if you like steak! the restaurant is located in the beautiful Yaletown!

We want to create the real Christmas feeling by exchanging presents! The idea is that everyone should bring a nice Christmas present (spend around $7,50). We are going to play a game, and at the end of the game everyone got a nice Christmas present! I am going to explain the game in the blog for next week!

Date: 24th of December
Time: 8PM
Where: 1011 Mainland Street, Vancouver (Yaletown)

Click here to check out the restaurant, and the menu of course!

We already made a reservation at the restaurant, and there are just a fixed amount of seats available. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to join this Christmas Dinner.

I am already looking forward, because it is gonna be a great evening!

Cheers, Lydia

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