What to Do on the Weekend?

How nice to have a long weekend ahead of us thanks to Family Day! 🙂

So you might be wondering how to spend your weekend and if there is something special going on. Of course there is…!

The Fan Expo from February 15 to 17, clearly is a good choice on the weekend for all pop-culture lovers. As one of British Columbia’s biggest events in that field, the Vancouver Convention Centre will be flooded with comic book fans, cosplay fanatics, video game enthusiasts or simply movie fans. Don’t miss the chance to get an autograph and/or photos with celebrities like Brendan Fraser and Christina Ricci, as well as don’t miss to check out the live entertainment and activities offered. Tickets are available online.


For all the culture lovers out there, there is also Black History Month Family Day going on at the Mackin House in Coquitlam. They celebrate African culture in Canada with a Family Day weekend event. Enjoy food, live performances, an interactive drum circle, crafts, and a presentation by the African Descent Society of BC on February 15 starting at 12 pm. As admission fee, an individual donation should be given.

And for the Oscars were just taking place in Los Angeles last Sunday, this weekend offers the best chance to catch up on all the remarkable and worthy movies that were awarded like e.g. the Korean first time winner of the “Best Film” category “Parasite” – a historic moment of itself. Manifold cinemas in and surrounding Vancouver offer screenings of this movie, e.g the Cineplex located in the International Village Mall.

49229650618_a64b92c9fd_oAlso, being concerned with Family Day, keep in mind that not every store might be opened on Monday. While smaller businesses will likely be closed or running shortened hours, the bigger malls and stores like the Canadian superstore will remain open and give you the opportunity to still get some groceries in case your fridge looks sad after the weekend.

This being sad, it’s going to be a great long weekend – predictions look well, we should be able to catch some sunlight, too!! Have a magnificent time and hope to see you all for our next Pub Night at Malone’s, as always, on Wednesday at 7 PM!!


– Felicitas

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Smart Saver Vancouver

It’s time again for another Smart Saver. Don’t you also miss those stores where you can basically buy everything and it’s really cheap as well? Well you should have a look at the shop called Dollarama. There are a lot’s of the shops around Vancouver, one is located at the Richards and Cordova Street. Personally, I think this store is great. Masses of stuff and nothing too expensive. The prices depend from $1 between $4 and you can find there everything.

Check it out.



INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver – Black Friday Sales!!

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow neighbours down South! Like the Canadian Thanksgiving, the Americans also celebrate the season of Harvest by eating turkey and pumpkin pies with family and friends. The only difference is that it is in November instead of October!

This weekend also comes with two of the biggest shopping days in North America: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday (November 23rd), as the title suggests, happens tomorrow where all the stores in the United States have these crazy, ridiculous sales and discounts off their merchandise.

Most sales starts right at midnight tonight so many keen shoppers are already lining up in front of stores right now! I suggest going down to Bellingham or Seattle this weekend to check out the deals or be spontaneous and join this West Trek Black Friday Midnight Shopping Tour that leaves tonight at 8pm!

While these two days of discounts have originated from the United States, many retailers in Vancouver and Canada are now participating to try and compete for customers. This is good news for us living in Vancouver as we don’t have to go all the way down to the States to save money (or I guess spend more money).

These Canadian websites, Red Flags Deals and Flyerland Vancouver, have a comprehensive list of the offers specific to us Canadians!

Cyber Monday (November 26th) is another day great day for us bargain shoppers, but the shopping is only done through online retailers! You don’t even have to leave your home to get great deals and discounts. This Cyber Monday website has all the best deals listed.

From my experience, the best sales are the stores that sell electronics such as Best Buy, Future Shop and even Apple have their rare, once a year sale! If you need a new laptop or iPad, this weekend will be your best bet.

I hope you get some great bargains this weekend! Happy Shopping!



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