Granville Island – Experience IT Review

On Sunday we went to check out what Granville Island has to offer! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great and it ended up raining for most of the afternoon, but thank you all for coming!16237737_1615329781815800_1946877102_n.jpg

Luckily the public market is indoors, so we could get some shelter there while checking out all the food you can get. They have fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, cheese and loads of other things, but there is plenty to eat while you’re doing your shopping. This, in my opinion, is always really nice.

We started of getting ourselves some grilled cheese sandwiches and fries, which were really good. Then we ended up walking around the public market checking out all the food and did some grocery shopping as well. They offer some great vegetables and fruit for pretty good prices, so it’s definitely a place you should check out if you like to cook.

After that we walked around the island and checked out some cute boutiques that sell things like handcrafted jewellery and cool t-shirts. They also have a lot of places where people show off their art, which is nice to take a look at.

We had a fun day, but we definitely want to come back in the summer to see what the island looks like when it’s not raining!

Hope to see you all on PuB NiGHT this Wednesday at 131 Water!

– Danielle

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How was your weekend?

The weather this past weekend was just incredible! As if trying to prove itself the sun powered up and showed us the summer we will be missing from now on. So, to celebrate the end of summer we decided to have a BBQ which was most likely the last one of the year!

We all got together in Stanley Park right next to Second Beach. Everyone brought a little
something and the area on the grill quickly filled with lots of different kinds of meat and also some marinated potatoes.

Even though we were quite hungry we still had to wait for a bit but patience is a virtue, right? In the meanwhile, we chatted or played catch with the football and Frisbee we had brought along.
After only a short wait, the food was finally cooked and we could get started. It tasted amazing! However, we realized we should have done this a lot more often.
Because we had so much food the grill was constantly busy but eventually, around sundown, everyone was contentedly rubbing their stomach. And although it had been quite cloudy all day the clouds dispersed at the end and we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Thank you all for coming!


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PuB NiGHT Review: Bismarck.

So, what do you do if Tim does not want to come to a Pub Night? Right, you bring Pub Night to Tim!

Amiel had this great idea of asking Tim out for beers after work, like we often do.. Then we would secretly invite everyone to the Bismarck, and TADAAA Pub Night with Tim!


As soon as it was beer o’clock Tim decided to take us to the Bismarck for beers after which Amiel and I would head off for pub night at the Six Acres. However, this was obviously never going to be the case. When Laura showed up first and the others quickly after Tim suspected something, so we had to reveal what was going on.


The pub filled up quickly with our people and tequilas were poured richly. After a few rounds of drinks we started speed friending. Speed friending is quite the same as speed dating, except for the fact that we are not trying to find to love of our lives (or are we?), but life long lasting friendships.

This is how it went down: everyone was paired up and provided with a bunch of questions. For four minutes we could ask the other person anything we wanted from that list or something we came up with ourselves. There were questions like: “If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?” and “What is your favourite place in Vancouver?” and many many more!

We found out that some of us don’t like Disney movies, want to work in a cinema, don’t have heroes, would want to eat Indian food if that is the only thing they could eat for the rest of their lives, like their coffee black and think it is weird how Vancouverites like their coffee and much much more. Interesting.

Well, after this awesome activity we just continued the beers and the tequilas and more beers and tequilas and more beers and tequilas… and more beers and tequilas.

By far the best pub night I have been on! Thanks for coming out guys! If this is how it is going to go down in the Rockies, well.. oh my!

That’s all for today. See you guys tomorrow morning 7 am at the Waterfront Station.

Something wrong? Late? Forgot your toothbrush? Gained a few pounds and not sure if you’ll fit on the bus? CALL US! 1 604 368 0816.




Your PR Team

Amiel & Natasja

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PuB NiGHT Announcement

Ever wondered how it would be like to change places with one of those video game characters in first-person shooters?
Well then, join us for Laser Tag tomorrow! Instead of going to a bar we’ll be playing Laser Tag at Planet Lazer in Richmond. Their arena has 3 levels with a total of 16,000 square feet making it the largest Laser Tag arena in all of North America. It has even won several awards for best designed and best interactive arena.

We’ll be meeting at 6.30pm this Wednesday, August 19th in front of Waterfront Station.
From there we’ll take the SkyTrain down to Richmond Bridgeport Station and take Bus 401 or 403 (depending which one we’ll get) to Planet Lazer.

The arena has weekly specials and Wednesday is the pay-one-get-one-free day. That means we can play 2 games for 9$. Every game is 20 minutes long but be warned it can get quite exhausting. Still we’ll try to get in 4 games, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Closed shoes and a T-Shirt would be best (no tank tops!) and bring something to drink as well. We don’t want anyone to become dehydrated.

It will be lots of fun and we hope to see many of you there!



Your PR Team
Natasja & Amiel

Pub Night Review – Beer Pong @ The Cambie

We came soooo close on Tuesday! One of our teams the Ted Mosbys made it to the finals! And who stood in their way? You can probably already guess…of course it was Italia again.
Our 2 other teams were unfortunately already kicked out in the first round.

We had such a blast tough! The Cambie was packed as always which let us play against and meet lots of people. It really is one of my favorite bars in Gastown.

So yea, as was stated above 2 of our teams were immediately eliminated in round 1. The first team by Italia and the second team by our very own Ted Mosbys. Fate can be immensely cruel! However we at least kicked butt in the consolation round where each team took home a victory.

After that the tournament became quite heated. Everyone was rooting for our last team. And they actually made it further than ever before. Even in the finals Italia and the Ted Mosbys each only had 1 cup left. But sadly it wasn’t meant to be. Still, we took some satisfaction in making our nemesis sweat!

Afterwards there were no hard feeling of course and everyone celebrated the exciting finale to the awesome tournament West Trek organized.

Thanks for coming!
Your PR Team
Natasja & Amiel


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PuB NiGHT Announcement

It’s time to return the glorious stage of Beer Pong!Once again we will try our skills in the tournament at the Cambie which is organized by West Trek.

We’ll be meeting up on Tuesday Aug 10th at 7.30pm and the address is 300 Cambie Street in Gastown.
After arriving, we will split up into 4-person team in order to participate in the tournament. The ticket costs 15$ and will let you play a minimum of 2 games even if you lose. But we will be going for the win this time!
The champions will receive a free tour to either Seattle or Whistler with West Trek. That is definitely worth fighting for!

So, let’s kick some butt tomorrow!

Your PR Team
Natasja & Amiel


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Brewery Crawl Review

How did you like Vancouver’s crafted beer?
This weekend we went to East Vancouver for some beer tasting. However, we didn’t just go to one place to check out. We visited 5 breweries and made a “crawl” out of it!

First up was Odd Society which ironically was the odd one out since it’s the only distillery we visited amongst all the breweries. We were ordering drinks in their tasting room at around 3.30pm which felt a little weird because our group is used to getting their drink on after nightfall…well, usually.
After tasting the delicious cocktails, the initial weirdness was quickly overcome though. Approximately a half an hour later we participated in the tour of the facility which turned out to be surprisingly smaller than expected.

It didn’t take all too long and soon enough we walked over to the next location. On our arrival, we entered a brewery called Storm Brewing. It is a really interesting place with lots of crazy beer variations. There were inventions like Bloody Mary Pilsner and Black Plague Stout, but the absolute killer was the Imperial Flanders Sour Ale with an alcohol content of 11%!
Moving on, we visited Powell Street Craft Brewery. At this point our group was already getting pretty hammered which is why our stop after this one had to be a McDonalds!
With renewed strength we checked out Parallel 49 Brewing and followed by Doan’s Craft Brewing Company. The important thing here is that they have their own versions of German beer. Even Pretzels were being offered! Truly, a nostalgic piece from home.Finishing with our tasting here, we tried getting into one more brewery, but it was quite late already (10:30pm) and all breweries close at latest 11pm. Promptly, we decided to head downtown for a “nightcap” at Steamworks where we all ordered a Sangria before heading home.

Our tasting conclusion? Beer taste great anywhere! Especially after intaking large quantities. It was tons of fun and I’m happy so many of you joined us.

Hope to see you guys again soon.



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