Smart Saver Vancouver

This week we want to give you a practical Smart Saver about where the best places are to buy your groceries.

Let’s start off with No Frills. No Frills is one of the cheapest grocery stores around here. It’s a good place to go for all your basic items like canned tomatoes, pasta, spices, cheese and much more. When you’re there it is a good idea to look at their own brand “No Name” since these are the cheapest products they sell. They have locations in downtown, 4th avenue, Broadway and Fraser.

A good place to go for all your veggies and fruits are the little markets that you can find on almost every corner. Their vegetables and fruits are just as good as they are at the bigger supermarkets, but just way cheaper. A few examples are the Sunrise Market on Powell St and the Apple Farm Market on 4th Avenue and Broadway. But of course you can just go to every market that is close to you, since you can’t really go wrong with fruits and veggies.

Another good place to go for veggies and fruits is T&T supermarket. There are several located throughout Vancouver. They also have a lot of fresh seafood and pre-cooked dinners. If you go there at the end of the day you can even get a discount on the lunch and dinner dishes like sushi.IMG_1533

Then there is Walmart and the Real Canadian Superstore. Both of them offer most food cheaper than any other supermarket does, but especially items like granola bars, cereal, yogurt and bread. Unfortunately none of these stores are close to downtown, but it might be a good idea to go there every now and then to buy in bulks.

The last one is Costco. Unfortunately you can’t get in unless you have a membership, so most of you probably won’t be able to go there. However, if you are looking for a cheap lunch, outside at the food court you can get a hotdog and large soda for only $ 1.50. We are huge fans of those in the office.

I hope to see all of you at The Pint for PuB NiGHT!

– Danielle

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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver

During one of our lunch breaks, the PR team went down to check out Sunrise Market, which is two blocks down from the INTERNeX office. Tim had recommended this particular grocer because of the cheap prices it offers and raved about it so greatly that we had to go see what the fuzz was about!

Upon arrival, we were confronted with a very crowded store front full of fruits and vegetables. All I could hear from the other girls were how cheap everything was! Here are some examples: 2 large bags of garlic for $1.00, asparagus for $1.49, cherries, cucumbers and a large bag of peppers for $1.00…. Yes, the list goes on.

The only downside is that you have to dig through a little bit because the vegetable produce wasn’t the freshest available, though Tim did warn us beforehand. Who cares when you are getting a bargain?


Sunrise Market
300 Powell St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 685-8019

Hours: Mon-Sun 7:30 am – 6 pm

You should also check out the rest of the store inside, it may look quite small but there is meat, snacks and other typical food that you may need.

Needless to say, we all went back to the office happy, each with a bag of food in our hands.



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