INTERNeX Canada: Smart Save Vancouver

Ok, all the people know, Vancouver is an expensive city. But with our “Smart Saver” guide, you can take notes about our little tips to keep your budget safe. Today, we are going to talk about cheap places to buy souvenirs.

In every trip there are three fundamental things to do:

–       Enjoy and try to visit the most places as possible

–       Take pictures to show to the people how amazing is your trip

–       Buy souvenirs for the family and friends

But sometimes souvenirs can be really expensive… and a lot of people usually wait to the last moment, inside the airport, to buy gifts. But come on, this is not very correct and you know that.

But firstly, which kind of souvenir are more commons?

–       A cap or a t-shirt with Canada written on it.

–       Something with a maple leaf

–       Something with a reindeer or a bear

–       Something with the Canadian Flag

And secondly, where can you go to buy them?

Canada Store: It’s a super cheap supermarket. There is some cool stuff that you can buy there! And after Canada Day they have amazing discounts, so take advantage of them!

$5.94 Reindeer and bear toys

$7 Plastic cups

$7 Water bottles

$0.94 Canadian cup and $2.44 Kids water bottle

It’s impossible to find in Downtown, but you can check the different locations here.

But if this store is pretty far away for you, there a lot of shops in Downtown. Water Street (Downtown) is a fantastic place to buy souvenirs!

Smiley’s, 355 Water Street



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INTERNeX Canada: ZipTrip Review

Yesterday the INTERNeX PR team took to the streets of Vancouver with the help of our awesome friends at Zipcar!  The weather was amazing and it was a perfect day to tour around the city and see what the Zipcar service has to offer.  We saw so many places and did so many things in a much shorter amount of time than we ever could have if we were taking public transit.  We tested out what it would be like making an IKEA trip, driving to the cheaper supermarket that is not normally accessible through public transit and of course had a great time driving around, blasting some tunes and making our own mini road trip!


If you guys are interested in doing your own trip or just want a car to grab some groceries or pick up some furniture, I highly recommend you consider doing it in a Zipcar.  The process was so much easier than going through the lengthy process of renting a car.  We didn’t have to book it far in advance or worry about fuel costs and paying for insurance.  With Zipcar, all of that stuff was taken care of and all we had to do was arrive at the car with our Zipcar card in hand.  

The system was so easy; all we had to do was place our Zipcar card on the top left corner of the windshield, which then unlocked our car.  The car keys were tethered to the dashboard so you never have to worry about using them.  Our car was a brand new Mazda 3 hatchback named Manseuto and it was perfect! We couldn’t believe how fuel-efficient it was for all of the driving we got done in our trip.  Speaking of gassing up, the process for re-fuelling couldn’t have been any easier.  All we had to do was find the closest gas station, go inside and show them our universal gas card that was ready for us in car.  Once the gas was paid for, we filled up to a quarter tank and we were good to go!

Here are a few photos of all the things we were able to do and see on our INTERNeX Ziptrip.  If you want to follow our trip, you can check out our Twitter page where we tweeted, checked in and posted pictures all along the way.  You can also view the rest of the pictures on our Flickr Page.

If you want more information about Zipcar and the process of taking a car out for the day or a even a weekend road trip you can check out our INTERNeX blog post about Zipcar, and of course, check out the Zipcar Website  for all of the details.

We had so much fun on our Ziptrip and we know that you guys would have just as much cruising around in a Zipcar 🙂


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