What to do on the weekend?

After a weekend away from Vancouver it is time to join the Vancouverites in the city again. Let’s have a look at what Vancouver has to offer this weekend.


Critical Mass
If you love cycling and hate this city for making it so hard, than join this “protest” group and piss off every car driver while biking with a large group around the city. If you want to be part of critical mass, take your bike at 6pm on Friday and go to the Art gallery to meet your fellow bikers. Form there one you will drive to and unannounced destination, pissing of car drivers. Btw; this is everyone last friday of the month! Click here to get more information.

You thought the Art Gallery is boring, not this Friday! The Art Gallery is hosting one of the many Fuse nights, called A Terrible Beauty with art, music and film entertainment. Even alcoholic drinks can be bought during the evening. The Art Gallery opens at 8pm and stays open till 1am. Tickets cost $20, but is free for gallery members. Click here form more information.


Bike the blossom
If you cannot get enough of biking through Vancouver, why not joining the Bike the blossom tour. It is a free guided bike ride starting at the South side of John Hendry Park, 3300 Victoria Drive at 11am. Visit their website to see the bike route and to get more information.

Party for the Planet
Surry celebrates Earth Day with a free festival including different performances, small activities and much more. Also concert performances are included such as Said the Whale and Dear Rouge. It features four stages, so there will be something for everyone. It starts at 10.30am and goes on till 9pm. For more information click here.


The Eastside Flea
What would be a weekend in Vancouver without any flea market, not Vancouver I guess. So here is another flea market for the ‘flea-ers’. The flea market can be found on 2755 Prince Edward St. at The Biltmore Cabaret it opens at 11am and closes at 5pm, enough time to walk through the market. At the flea you can find vintage collectors selling, accessories, rock n’ roll memorabilia, shredded tees and tanks, vinyl records and way more vintage stuff.

We wish you a fun weekend and hope to see you tomorrow for the After-Rockies

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INTERNeX Canada: Tim Hortons VS Starbucks?

I was just casually looking through the Vancouver Sun today, as one does, and I read something really interesting. Apparently, there are more Starbucks in Vancouver than Tim Hortons! Could this be a battle between Starbucks and Timmy’s (short name for Tim Hortons)?! Dun Dun Dun!  The Vancouver Sun reported that there are more Starbucks in Metro Vancouver! More specifically in Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta and Port Moody! But places like Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford have more Tim Hortons!

I find this very interesting, because Tim Hortons is Canada’s number one place for Coffee and Donuts! It symbolizes Hockey as well as Canadian pride! Even the commercials for Tim Hortons really focuses on creating a brand name that represents Canadians. And let’s not forget the fact that Timmy’s is genuinely Canadian, being named after a Canadian hockey player! Starbucks on the other hand is American. Yet, according to the Vancouver Sun, there are more Starbucks than Tim Hortons, which then might suggest that the majority of Vancouverites prefer Starbucks?

…Okay I’m not going to lie, I actually prefer Starbucks drinks over Tim Hortons. There, I said it.

Whose side are you on -Starbucks or Tim Hortons? Or Neither? Comment Below and tell us! And if you want to read more up on this coffee chain battle, click here!

Hope everyone is having a superfragilisticexpialidocious weekend 😉



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