PuB NiGHT Review – The Charles Bar

The Charles bar. A nice bar on the border of Gastown. Peaceful and quit. Until INTERNeX is having a PuB NiGHT there. Thanks to everyone who was there during this special edition of PuB NiGHT. We had a lot fun.

This PuB NiGHT everybody showed up in Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Not because they like Christmas Sweaters so much, but because we had an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest going on. Maxine was very creative by creating her own Ugly Christmas Sweater. And believe me, it was ugly. Others bought one of those typical ugly sweaters your great grandma will make you for your birthday. And Dawid, who won the competition, had a Santa sweater including beard and hat. 25400884_1560343360720996_182747180_o

Because not enough people saw all our nice ugly Christmas sweaters, we went again to the Met to show off our sweaters. We were not the only ones dressed that ugly. In fact, the whole pub was packed with a lot of people wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. After all our songs it was time to head home.

If you want to show even more people your ugly Christmas sweater, come to the Christmas party dressed up. Or when you already threw it away, wear your nicest Christmas clothes instead. Whatever you are going to wear, I hope to see you this Saturday for our Christmas party!

– Bart

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Picture of the week!

This week we have a funny picture from Adam. He lived in the staff house and told me that it was his turn now to have an awesome picture of the week on the INTERNeX blog’ . He really wanted to be the picture of the week because this week is his last week here in Canada and he wanted to show the other candidates how much fun he had here! He was  in Vancouver for the Work&Travel program and worked at a coffee company for 7 months. He describes his time here as AWESOME!
In the picture you can see him passionately eating from his pizza in a restaurant in Victoria. He was there with his friend Kevin! He choose this picture because it is typical Canadian with him wearing his Canada sweater.

This week it was Adam’s turn, but maybe next time your picture will be picture of the week!! Do you have a picture of a great experience here in Canada? Send it to with a small description or story!


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