International Dinner Review

The international dinner took place on Saturday the 5th of April in the INTERNeX office. We had people from Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia and of course Germany at the international dinner. We had a lot of food from different countries such as cinnamon rolls, Kaisarschmarn, Spaetzle and much more tasty food.


Thanks again guys for getting such a great dinner together. We all were eating a lot but we couldn’t eat all of the tasty food, because is was just to much for all of us. After we had enough food we went to the Cambie’s for a couple of after-dinner-beers and stayed there till around 2:00am and had an awesome night out.

If you want to see more pictures, please click here.


Please keep in mind that the deadline to sign up for the amazing Rockies trip ends on 11th of April at 3pm and for the FlyOver Canada on the 9th of April (you can pay for the FlyOver Canada at the PuB NiGHT).


We hope you enjoyed the international dinner and we will see you all @the Blarney Stone for our weekly PuB NiGHT on Wednesday.

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Olympic Winter Games 2014: Hockey

Olympic Winter Games 2014, 17 days of exhilarating winter games in Sochi, over 80 countries and around 2000 athletes will be competing against each other in almost 80 event. However for the Canadians only the ice hockey games count, be prepared for some crazy days. Extra for you I looked up some must-knows about the Canadian hockey culture. Just in case you stumble up on a bar full of Canadians watching hockey or to get some extra credit when your fellow workers are talking about hockey.

Hockey was invented in the mid 1850s by British soldiers, which were on duty in Canada. In 1879 students at the University in Montreal gave the game a set of rules. On March 3, 1875, the first indoor game was played at Montreal’s Victoria Skating Rink. Instead of using a ball, they used a puck, to prevent the puck form exiting the rink and hitting spectators.In 1893 the first Stanley Cup was played and awarded to the Montreal HC. The Stanley Cup was invented in 1888 by the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston, to award the best hockey team of Canada. The Montreal Candiens have won the most Stanley Cups, 23 times.The Canucks are named after the Canadian folk Johnny Canuck, who was a skater and hockey player in his spare time.

Beneath  you can find a short overview of the game time during the Olympic Games and especially for the ‘Sweds’ the games are marked blue.

Women shedule icehockey Men shedule icehockey

If you want to we can stream some games at our office, of course not the ones at 4 or 6 in the mornings. Just let me know in the comments if you are interested in watching the games and I will make sure that we can watch them.

Go Canada Go

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Expose of the Week

Gustav, Sweden

How did you find INTERNeX International Exchange?
I booked my trip via a Swedish travel agency called GoXplore and they cooperate with INTERNeX International Exchange. That’s how I found out.

Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange?

Firstly, I chose INTERNeX because I really liked the fact that you don’t only help people to come to Canada but you do also create a social network; the pub nights, the monthly trips and all other activities is what attracted me. Secondly, I chose INTERNeX to get help to get a job.

Why did you choose to go to Canada?
The main reason for me coming here is that I wanted to see the Canadian landscape and wildlife; the Rockies, the big plains, bears, whales, nice scenery etc. I’ve always wanted to go to North America and I think that Canada was the best option. Better than the States!

How did you find a place to stay?
INTERNeX helped me to get accommodation in a home stay family, where I stayed for about one month. After that I found a shared apartment on my own located in downtown, in which I lived for one month and a half. I have now moved to yet a new apartment, located on the 23rd floor in downtown. It was fairly easy to find accommodation on my own.

How do you like your job?
I like it a lot! I get to meet a lot of new people and a lot of colleagues.

What kind of tasks am I responsible for on a daily basis?
I work at a coffee shop so I make drinks, serve foods, take orders, handle the till, clean the store, take care of customers, etc.

What do you like most about Vancouver?
I love the fact that the people here are so pleasant and open-minded! In that regard it’s so different compared to Europe. I also like the fact that Vancouver is a big city but you can still walk to all the major attractions.

Where have you been in and around Vancouver?
I have been to all the neighborhoods of Van City, Deep Cove, Victoria, Whistler, Horseshoe Bay and there is more to come.

Do you attend the weekly PuB NiGHTS and do you think this is a good way to meet people?

I try to attend as often as I can, but it’s hard to match these occasions with my work schedule. But I have been to some, and I will try to attend even more soon.

What was the most memorable thing you did in Canada (so far)?
The most memorable thing was absolutely when I saw a bear in Whistler, at the peak of the Blackcomb Mountain. Awesome!

Let’s sum it up: What was the best thing about your job in Canada?
The best thing is definitely to meet all the customers. It is so nice to establish a good relation to the regular customers and have a chat with them when they enter our store. You meet new customers every day, which makes the days more varied.

And what’s the worst thing?
Cleaning the washroom after customers having vomited etc.

What is the first thing you will do back home in Sweden?

Meet my girlfriend!

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?
Of course! It’s a great agency that has made this adventure possible for me. Without INTERNeX my trip wouldn’t have been as good as it is.

Cheers Gustav

INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday !

The Olympic Games,  leading international sporting event considered the world’s foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating, are held each four years.

If you remember the last ones,the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games were held in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia.

But now a small quiz for you guys, what do you know about the Olympics and Canada? Let’s see !

  1. Do you know the names of the official mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics? The mascots were:
    • Miga – A mythical sea bear, part whale and part spirit bear living off the coast of Vancouver island. (Olympics)
    • Quatchi – A sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of  Canada. 
    • Sumi – An animal guardian spirit with the wings of the Thungerbird and legs of an American black bear living in the mountains of British Columbia.
    • Miga and Quatchi represented the Olympics and Sumi the Paralympics.
  2. Do you know when and where did Canada participate for first time in the Olympics?It was in Paris in 1900. That year Canada won one gold and one bronze !
  3. Which Canadian city host for first time in Canada the Olympic Games? Montreal in 1976! And now that you know it, you know which one was the second ? Calgary in 1988 ! (By the way, the “Big O” stadium in the 1976 games is well-known because of it’s poor quality like roof collapses interrupting a few performances)
  4. Name of the first Olympian from Canada to win a total of six medals ! It was Cindy Klassen, speed skater.
  5. Who was the Canadian women hockey team’s fiercist competitors from 1998 to 2006 in the Olympic Games? USA and Sweden! ( Canada won the gold in 2002 and 2006)
  6. Last question and  a little bit more difficult: What was Ian Millar’s, well-known Canadian horseback rider, horse’s name that accompanied him in many Olympic Games? Big Ben!

The quiz is over guys, how many answers did you know? I hope you know a little bit more about the participation of Canada in the Olympics, and don´t be shy to make us a question too ! 🙂

Have a nice weekend everybody!



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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review

Yesterday evening, we were at the Blarney Stone, a very popular Irish pub, in Gastown! I got to say, it was a very fun night! A lot of people made it out yesterday (perhaps it was because the weather was really nice). Nevertheless, it was all great just catching up and talking to everyone. And I got to add, we were a very multicultural group yesterday -France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Korea (myself, Represent!), and of course Denmark! I was going around trying to learn a few words from each country…but I can’t remember any of them now. Also, we actually had quite a few “new” members to our group, some who aren’t even part of INTERNeX! But we all quickly became good friends after a drink or two 😉

But I have something to confess! Last night, I opted out for a nice cup of tea instead of beer. I’m pretty sure I was embarrassing everyone at the table! Blarney Stone pub definitely does give an Irish pub feel with their banners that were hanging on the walls.  But we found it funny that there was Asian cuisine in their menu (at an Irish pub?), I guess the Asians are taking over! Overall, I thought that the Blarney stone pub was an awesome place to hangout, drink, and party with your friends! I’ll come back here for another party, and that time I will definitely be drinking!



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