How was your weekend?

Oh no, it is Monday already? Time to head back to the office. But before I start working, let’s look back on my fun and relaxing weekend.

42108452055_035e6cabf4_nOn Saturday, I celebrated Swedish Midsommar with some of you. Why? Well, we have some Swedish candidates among us! Including Billy, who turned 22 on this day. Happy birthday Billy! At 12pm, we met up at Cooper’s Park. We decorated the nearest tree with blue and yellow streamers to make the area look as Swedish as possible. The first tradition on our list: making flower crowns. Within more or less an hour, most of us walked around with a bunch of flowers on our head.

Then, it was time to play the game of the day: Kubb! For those of you who don’t know it, I will give a short explanation: Kubb takes place on a rectangular field. This field consists of wooden blocks and a king. Basically, players have to throw wooden sticks at the wooden blocks from the other team, with the intention of knocking them down. This needs to happen without accidentally hitting the king (or another player, for that matter). Once the first team has knocked down all five blocks, they need to knock down the king and if they succeed, they win. It was my first time playing the game and I really liked it.

42960537872_c861440113_nAfter we played a few rounds of Kubb, it was time to have some food. Considering a strawberry cake is part of the Swedish Midsommar tradition, Elisabeth baked one for the event. Well done, Elisabeth, it was delicious! Besides a cake, we had more treats including Swedish (veggie) meatballs and wraps. When our stomachs were filled, we were ready to play some more rounds of Kubb. Fun fact: my “team”, which consisted of Antonia and me, won this time! ☺ We were slightly exhausted after the latest round, so we decided to sit down and relax for a while. A couple of conversations about life later, it was time to head home.

On Sunday, I started the day with a FaceTime call from my mom and stepdad. We talked for a couple of hours, so you can tell we had a lot to catch up on. Later that day, I decided to go to the park near my house and read for a while. After a few hours, it seemed like it was going to rain, so I went home and spent the rest of my evening talking to friends and watching One Tree Hill.

I hope you all had a great weekend! See you on Wednesday at the Beaver Bar for PuB NiGHT!

– Angy

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