Review: Queen Elizabeth Park

Last Saturday we visited the Queen Elizabeth Park. We were very lucky with the weather because, after three days with rain, it was sunny again. So we were totally able to enjoy the park.

Since the park is really beautiful and the second most visited after Stanley Park, many people come there to make their wedding pictures.
We saw people playing tennis or golf and the kids were able to flounder about in the water of the fountain.
First of all we went to the highest point in the park and took nice pictures of the amazing view over the city. Later on we just walked through the park and enjoyed the nice gardens with beautiful flowers.

We found a sunny place on one of the many meadows to sit down and talked about everything and nothing. It was really fun and relaxing. The time went by fast as we were talking a lot and after three hours we went home to appease one’s hunger.

It was great to see so many new faces and I’m looking forward to see you at the next Pub Night on Wednesday again.

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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Having lived in Vancouver, Canada since I was 7 (now 23), I asked myself: what am I still culture shocked with? I can only recall my experience from the move to Canada. The lifestyle was the biggest shock to me.

In Hong Kong, everyone’s lives moves at 150 km per hour because they seem to be busy all the time. Working 12 to 13 hours, excluding overtime, is the norm, and yet the locals go out to eat or drink afterwards like sleep doesn’t matter.

Moving to Vancouver, the pace of the Canadian lifestyle was definitely a shock.People are much less self-absorbed in that they would say ‘hi’ to you on the street if you pass by them. On the other hand, I had a conversation with someone the other day about how there is nothing to do because stores or restaurants close fairly early. Even the bars generally close at 2am. As Vancouver becomes more metropolitan, these restrictions are definitely changing.

Yet contrary to those thoughts above, I was having a chat on Facebook with a fellow Canadian friend, Joe, who is currently studying hospitality management in Switzerland. I asked him what are the cultural differences in Switzerland or Europe compared to back home in Vancouver.

His thoughts are what inspired this post.

Joe said that people in Europe hold a higher sense of traditional values and persuasions. This is obvious in that Canada is a very young country, having only been constituted in 1867. Our upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving, is one that we celebrate religiously every year, on the second Monday of October. I was surprised to learn that it has only been around since 1957.

Joe also told me that in Europe, people tend to be much more laid back and aren’t constantly rushing around like in Vancouver. He says Europeans seem to enjoy the quality of life more or find ways to do so. I found that kind of odd because I find Vancouver pretty easy going already, most of the time anyway. Maybe then, Vancouver is the best of both worlds, where it’s becoming a bigger and more vibrant city, but on the other hand, there is still the nature, mountains and ocean to escape to when you need a break.

Now, my friend’s thoughts may just be his own generalizations and may not apply to other people’s experiences, but he has taught me that you need to try out different cultures and lifestyles in order to be able to compare to your own. You wouldn’t know if you are stuck in a bubble or doing the same routine unless you get out there and experience something different!



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Congratulations to our Jasper Group!

Congratulations to our 15 Czech Republic participants that have just arrived safely in Jasper! Here you can see four of the girls that have just arrived and who just sent us this picture. The group was all hired at our annual Czech Republic job fair after we flew our hotel partner over to The Czech Republic to interview more than 40 people.

Working as servers, housekeepers and horse-trail guides, all of the candidates will be in Jasper for the summer – and some may even stay for the winter season as well. Did you know that INTERNeX holds job fairs around the world? Many job fairs are scheduled for next year in Germany, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

If you would like to know more about INTERNeX programs and how YOU can spend your summer working in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, visit our websites and

Good luck everyone up in Jasper this summer!

– The INTERNeX Team

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Hockey Night in Canada; brought to you by….. Switzerland

4 years ago to the day, the Swiss nearly pulled off another shocker; stymieing Canada’s aspirations and shaking the hockey world to the core.  “NEARLY”…. Far to close for comfort to the millions of hockey mad Canadian followers that will, for better or worse, only be happy when gold comes home.  Woe betide the nation place second, or even worse, replicate their 7th place embarrassment of Torino; lets hope that we won’t need to prepare for another 4 years of melancholic hangover after these games… our games.

One has to hand it to the Swiss; they are not an “up and coming” hockey nation, they are already at the table with the hockey giants. And they love this game too, yes it is our game, but we, as all good Canadians should, embrace their arrival on the scene and lend our support to any nation crazy and passionate enough to want to play this game… the fastest, hardest, and most beautiful sport of all!

Like a Swiss watch, all the parts played perfectly as a whole, and with all the tools of a Swiss Army Knife the Swiss truly played as a team, (sadly) unlike the Canadian endeavour which still has to find its cohesion (which it never did in 2006)… we have to get our act together if we are honestly making a run of it.   Hearing the cheers of the Swiss as they raced back on two excellent goals to tie the Canadians 2-2 with ample opportunities to make the “upset” a two time show… backstopped once again by a goalie capable of and willing to, stand on his head YET AGAIN for his hockey nation. Overtime and 8 shooters including our hero, Sid the Kid, was what it finally took to squeak by the Jonas Hiller wall to make it a 3-2 victory for the home team.

It was not only a matter of the Canadians playing poorly, (which was the case at times); it truly was a colossal effort by the fantastic Swiss squad.  WELL DONE, and honestly, though we can all breathe a loud sigh of relief, one has to hand it to the Swiss; they NEARLY earned their place in infamy… yet again, but deep down all Canadians should be proud of this “new” hockey mad nation’s ability to stand toe to toe with us, and scare our socks off!


Candidate Expose-Corinne

So when i began this mission of interviewing candidate’s in order to give you all a glimpse into our programs possibilities, one name seemed to pop up in every one of our staff meetings. Martina told me that she had the perfect candidate for me…and that once i was done talking to this person i myself would want to participate in our Ranchstay program. And i was certainly not disappointed! Corinne signed up for the Ranchstay program TWICE! Once in Spring 2007 and again from Spring to Fall 2009. She is still constantly in touch with her farm families and is actually returning to Canada AGAIN this year because she has found a job on a farm. I don’t want to tell you anymore so you will just have to read on and see for yourself…

What is your name?

Where are you originally from?
Glattbrugg, Switzerland.

What made you want to come to Canada in the first place?
Well i had been on a few holidays throughout Canada in the past and i just believed that the next step for me would be to try and find some way that i could shift from being a tourist in Canada to a resident. The experiences between these two are quite different. In order for me to achieve this i went through an agency back home known as Canada Life and they set me up with INTERNeX. Due to the fact that my English was not exactly up to par i attended a language school (known as IH) for the first 4 weeks of my stay and then from there i went to a farm and began the Ranchstay portion of my experience.

Which program did you participate in? and why?
As mentioned previously i participated in the Ranchstay program and the reason i chose this route rather then the other two is because ever since i can remember i have loved horses. Since i was 12 years old i have been an avid rider and it has been a childhood dream of mine to stay and work on a horse farm so this was the perfect opportunity for me. The reason why i chose to participate for a second time was 1) because i had such a positive and amazing experience the first time and 2) i felt that there was more to learn. So the second time around i started to really work on my education and i learnt a brand way to train horses and also managed to take my riding skills to the next level.

What kind of skills/experiences (specifically) did you  acquire due to your participation in our Ranchstay program?
Well one accomplishment that i am truly proud of is the Chris Irwin Bronze Certification that i worked hard for. This program is designed to establish competency guidelines for horse training, thereby bringing consistent results to all breeds and all disciplines. Chris Irwin’s non-resistance techniques with horses are known and respected throughout North America and i am actually the first certified trainer in Switzerland! I attended courses for acupressure and massage tailored for horses in Switzerland so I was able to help a mare after giving birth by using acupressure and so  i have become a truly skilled horse lady lol.

What kind of tasks did you do on a daily basis? both times?
Well, the first time i went i fed and gave water to the horses, cleaned the riding equipment, helped fix fences, worked with the horses from the ground and of course rode them. The second time i was able to take on more responsibilities since i had previous experience. Therefore, i helped to train young horses from the ground and in the saddle.

Would you recommend others to do the Ranchstay program?
Of course! This was a great experience for me and i am positive it will be for everyone else too who chooses to be a part of it. It really helped me to grow not only as a rider but also a person. I was pushed to my own personal limits but each and every time i came across a hurdle i was always able to overcome it. My English level was adequate when i first came to Vancouver but now i am able to hold a conversation quite easily.

Canada’s First Olympic Gold!!

So i’ve been bitten…by the Olympic bug that is! Most of my weekend was spent glued in front of some form of a screen in order to catch every nail breaking and teeth grinding Olympic moment. I would say I am more of a summer sports fanatic myself; however, there is no denying the Winter Games buzz that is reverberating around the entire world. I have not been able to tear myself away from both the men’s and women’s Moguls, the speed skating and of course the figure skating! I was fortunate enough to catch two out of the total three glorious moments for Canada in making it to the podium. Woohoo Go Canada! Just in case you aren’t aware but Canada has already won 3 medals-one gold, one silver and one bronze- staying strong behind the US, Germany, Switzerland and France. Our Olympic gold Medallist was Alexandre Bilodeau in the free style skiing-men’s Moguls with a winning score of 26.75. His run was phenomenal in terms of his turns and the amount of air he got on his jumps! For sure the gold standard!
Jennifer Heil, who many thought was the one and only contender for the Gold in the ladies’ moguls, ended up with a silver medal in the event. Some sensed a little bit of disapointment by Heil during the flower ceremony but we are all proud of her amazing accomplishment anyway. Then last but not least the wonderful Kristina Groves, just with sheer determination was she able to hold onto her bronze medal with a +2.31 second difference from the top time. All of these events were truly thrilling for all of us spectators…maybe 2012 i’ll be in the stands cheering on the world athletes in London. A girl can dream right?