How was your weekend?

Friday 9 pm. We were sitting in the park. Waiting for the party to begin. Only ten minutes left. Our tickets work, we are in. The party can start. That was the moment my weekend could finally begin.


This Friday we went to DubVision, a party in the Harbour Event Centre. DubVision is a DJ duo from the Netherlands. We went in with our free tickets we received. When we walked in around 11:30 pm, the club was still not that crowded. We bought a drink and the club was becoming more crowded. There were two DJs playing nice music, but we still don’t know if that were guys or girls. There was another DJ playing music before DubVision was on stage. After a couple hours we went home.


Rise and shine, next day has arrived. After all the stuff I needed to do, we went to the sushi bar to eat sushi together. Afterwards we took the skytrain to Granville street where the pub crawl began. We first went to the Cinema Public House, where we began the night with a drink. After 45 minutes it was time to go to the Morrissey, where we sat on the couch singing German songs. So now we had the Oktoberfest part from the pub crawl. We went to Donnellans where we had our own space with tables and bar. We closed the night in the club Belmont Bar. After we danced our asses of, it was time to say goodbye.

Sunday was a lazy day. We went to a jazz thing in a church. After 30 minutes we saw it all, so we decided to go for a coffee at Take Five. Tip: the coffee with Caramel and Sea salt is actually salty. We sat and talked till it was time to go home for dinner. Hope your weekend was great as well.

See you at PuB NiGHT!

– Bart

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