How was your weekend?

Our Sunny weekend is behind us. Vancouver really treated us well during the past week and I really hope that this great weather continues. On Sunday the INTERNeX gang was enjoying the sun by hiking at Lighthouse Park.


Lighthouse Park is located in West Vancouver about 40min bus drive away from downtown. On Sunday we met at 1pm in front of Burrard station and took the bus 250 to Horseshoe Bay. Around 2pm we arrived at the park and started the hike, which was a pretty easy one. Lighthouse Park has many different trails so there is something for everyone.

We chose to do the Beacon Lane one, which takes you straight to the Lighthouse lookouts. After the lookouts we found our way to a nice spot on the rocks next to the water where we had our snack break. The sun was out and we decided to chill a bit more and just enjoy the beautiful view. After our tanning session we continued our hike. We took a different trail back. I don’t remember the name of it but it went through the forest and took us back to the beginning.img_20190428_153606.jpg

The day was great and relaxing. Thanks for everyone who showed up! See you on Wednesday at Malone’s for our PuB NiGHT.

-Jasmin xx

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Picnic at the Beach review

On Saturday we had a nice small picnic at the beach. It was a lovely sunny day in Vancouver and the city turned it to a beautiful place with crowded beaches and sports everywhere.

We met at the boathouse in Kitsilano and from there we looked for a nice spot on the beach. Once we found we we unpacked all our blankets and started our tanning session. ATTENTION: do not forget to get yourself some sunscreen! The sun is very strong in Canada. We had crackers, chips, strawberries, bananas and many more for picnic. Even some went for a short swim between our tanning sessions.

After the picnic it was time to do some sport, there was a volleyball tournament going on, but once it was finished we could play some volleyball or Frisbee. The warm weather stayed till late in the afternoon and so we left to beach to get some dinner and came back to the park to eat. We finished our day at the beach at around 8pm.

We hope you all enjoyed the nice weekend and we hope to see you at the pub-beach-night this wednesday. Tomorrow we will give you more information about the place and time!

Enjoy the warm weather!