Candidate Exposé – Lukas Hug

My name is Lukas and I’m 22. I live in the Southern part of Germany and study economics there.

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Timothy, the CEO of INTERNeX, visited our university and introduced the organization and all the programs. I heard about the beauty of Canada and wanted to make a new experience. My plan was to see the Canadian culture and their working life. I would recommend INTERNeX, it is a good organization. They helped me with my visa and they organized my practicum and host family.

I did a practicum in Vancouver. I really liked it, it was an awesome experience. I worked at a financial services firm. My colleagues were really friendly and they gave me interesting tasks. You must be interested in financial issues and you need analytical skills. Moreover you should be a team player. It is useful for my career goals because working in Canada is different to working in Germany. I made good working experiences that will help me in my future career.

I lived at a host family and I loved it. They were awesome to me. From day one, I felt at home. On my first day in Vancouver my host family organized a barbecue at Kitsilano Beach. We enjoyed the sunrise there and it was a really good start in this beautiful city.


During my time in Vancouver I saw many beautiful and interesting places and made lots of new friends. I attended almost every pub night. It was a good opportunity to meet new people. After every pub night we went to a karaoke bar, it was so much fun. I went on a Rocky Mountains trip, to the Joffre Lakes, Victoria, Whistler, Garibaldi Lake, Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, Granville Island and to many more places. And I attended several sport events, e.g. a hockey, soccer and baseball match. I love this beautiful nature and the open-hearted people. The most memorable thing was going to the Joffre Lakes and feeding wild animals. Staying in the Rocky Mountains and sitting next to a bonfire at night was really nice as well.

The first thing I did when I came back in Germany was enjoying time with my family and friends. Hopefully I can go back to Canada soon.

– Lukas Hug

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