PuB NiGHT Review

Laser Tag: SO MUCH FUN!!

Yesterday we headed down to Richmond to play a couple of games in the largest Laser Tag arena of North America: Planet Lazer.

They offered a nice weekly special, which was two games for the price of one.

The general rules, that applied to all games we played, were simple: Every player starts with a certain amount of points and once you shoot someone you obtain more points, but when you get shot yourself, you lose points. Once you get shot, your ‘shield’ goes up for three seconds, which makes you unable of shooting someone or get shot yourself. Every game lasts 20 minutes.

The first game we played was ‘Free for All’. Everyone played against everyone. The one player to finish with the highest amount of points won.

We entered the enormous arena and after a few moments the game started. The people playing were only our INTERNeX people and another family. Not so many people in the arena, which made it hard to find people quickly. It was not allowed to run, but it sure was more fun, and more exhausting!! Everyone was shooting each other. We were hiding behind objects and walls, walking through small hallways and running upstairs to the other two levels. The whole arena was super dark, but lit up with UV lighted objects. The music was pumping. Adrenaline rush for sure, and everyone was super keen to win! Our winner this round was Chris and Laura followed closely after.

For our second game we were split up into two teams: the Red Team and the Green Team. Easy: shoot people on the other team. Also, during this round we were given strengths: invincibility, bonus points and rapid fire. These strengths could be given to you at any moment. After 20 minutes, the Red Team won! It was a close call though.

After the second game, some die hards who were not exhausted enough and who fancied another game, played another round! Thereafter we got on the bus. We still had a long way back home and some of us grabbed a beer in a nice pub in Gastown.

Thanks for all of you who showed up and hopefully we will all see you for our trip to Victoria on Sunday!

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Trivia Pub Night Review

Ooohoyeah, I liked the Trivia night at the Moose’s Down Under last night! Did you too?Surprisingly, we did not know a lot of answers, but I don’t think that affected the fun we had!

Thanks for showing up guys! We had a nice big group with two teams.

The quiz existed out of four rounds with each ten questions. These questions varied from history to pop music and from movie titles to book titles. Between every round the teams could play games. The first game was heads and tails. Everyone was asked to stand up, the host flipped two coins and the participants had to predict whether it would be two heads, two tails or heads and tails by placing their hands on their head or back. If one would predict wrong, they were out of the race and the winner won a round of shots or beers for their table! Nice prize I’d say!

In between the second and third round the game to be played made use of big badminton shuttlecocks and a net, one participant from every team had to throw all three shuttlecocks in the net in order to obtain as many points as possible. The team with the most points won a round of beer or shots. None of our teams won this round.

However, team Just Germans, including one Dutchie, won the third game: rock, paper, scissors. We won a round of shots! YAY!

Both INTERNeX teams, Just Germans and Three Nations, ended up with a tie! The winning team could win a $150 cash jackpot, but they choose to raise the jackpot instead and get another chance of winning next week. This means that the jackpot is $200 next week!

After the quiz the bar closed fairly soon and therefore some of us decided to have another drink at the Cambie, which was packed!

I’d say it was another good pub night!

Next week INTERNeX organizes a club night, check the event for more info!

See you laterrrrr!

INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Hey there!
Well, today I want to talk about one special experience I made during my first two weeks in Vancouver. I’m living within a family in North Vancouver, and across the street there are several soccer, field hockey and football fields.


But the crazy thing is that there are always people doing sports at any time: when I leave the house to go to the bus stop in the morning, but also when I leave the INTERNeX office going back to my homestay in the evening. IMAG0371They even play soccer on Sunday at 10 pm! Furthermore it is possible that they are playing soccer and football at the same time and in the same field! And of course there isn’t only one team playing in the field. Usually there are a couple of teams of different age practicing their sports. And as I said before – all teams at the same time. That’s crazy, isn’t it?! For example in Germany this isn’t very usual. Hence, I was very surprised and overwhelmed to see the Canadians playing soccer, football and field hockey the whole day.

Never let it be said that Canadians aren’t sporty! They are – and that’s great!

See you,

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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT: We re – introduce the QuiZ NiGHT

The battle is on!!!

Because we all like change the PR quadruplets decided to hold the PuB NiGHT at the Moose’s Down Under on 830 West Pender St where we hope to have a hilarious time. This time it’s gonna be quiz time!!! And the fight is on…

So guys are you curious? It has been while that we did this, but knowing that there are a few new faces in our group, this is going to be the chance to get to know each other a bit better. We are eager to find out how interactive our international group can be. So let’s get this competition started. Besides the quiz, we will  – as always – have a great time eating, chatting, drinking, so don’t be shy and come join us tomorrow night at the Moose’s Down Under. By the way, I heard rumors about a ‘no cheating rule’ according to which cheaters will have to chug their beers every time they try something dirty. 🙂

Aaaaand – as a bait to lure you in – the winning team will get $ 400 !!! Ain’t that something to get excited about? So we want it to be more interactive and if you kinda missed that as well then join us tomorrow at INTERNeX  PuB NiGHT. We need teams of 6 people each. Therefore please sign up as soon as possible at the Facebook event so I can make reservations accordingly. We are gonna beat there sorry a… 🙂 Right, guys?




Where? Moose’s Down Under, 830 West Pender St, Vancouver.

When? Wednesday 25th September 6.30 P.M.

Specials? Win the jackpot of $ 400!!!

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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review!

Have you ever tried playing Jenga at a pub? Well neither have I…that is until last night when we all gathered at Doolin’s Irish pub for our weekly meeting 😉  Do you know how nerve-racking it is playing Jenga?! It was still really fun though!

Probably the best part of the night was when we were playing Battle of the Sexes! It was so much fun, except for the fact that there weren’t enough girls so some of the guys had to join the girls team. Unfortunately in the end, the guys team won. But I want a REMATCH. Where are all the girls when you need them? C’mon! There was a question that was asked, “where is the forbidden city located?” to which I answered ‘Vegas’….but the real answer was ‘Beijing’…oops! And now everyone is after me!

And also throughout the night, people kept guessing the amount of chocolate eggs in the jar. Some people went far as to coming up with math formulas and calculations and all that stuff. But the winner in the end was…*drumroll*…Rie! She guessed 220 and the actual amount was 222 (just two numbers off!). I wish I could have guessed.

You all know how much I love the Morrissey pub, but I actually didn’t mind trying a new place this week. And I got to say, Doolin’s Irish Pub was pretty awesome! It  has a very welcoming atmosphere and the music wasn’t too loud so we could talk. And of course the waitresses were friendly as well. But if you’re going to order food there, do NOT order their cheesy bread.

That’s it for now! If you didn’t make it last night, don’t miss out next week for even more awesome games and prizes! For those of you going to the Rockies next week, you should definitely come out because we will be going over some important information about the trip! 🙂  



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