A good bye

That’s it. It started with a simple hello but now it ends with a complicated goodbye. What a great choice I made more than a year ago to come to Vancouver. The journey started in August when I arrived in this beautiful country. It seems like a couple of weeks ago, I can’t believe it is already over. Time flies by when you are having fun. I had definitely the time of my life. That’s why I am not sad because I am leaving, but I smile because it happened. I am very thankful for the great people I could experience this adventure with. Without them it wouldn’t be the same. Now it’s already time to look back at my time in Canada. And I can tell you, it was a good one.


Thanks to INTERNeX I could already spent my first weekend in the Rocky Mountains. I met such wonderful people and many friendships were made. I knew it would be beautiful, but I never expected to see such views. Wauw! The parties, campfires, the BEAUTIFUL sunset and the swims made this trip complete. After the trip I realized Canada was not my destination, but it was just the beginning of my journey.


Besides the Rockies I did many other trips and discovered a lot of new places I never heard of before. Whistler, where I did my first bungee jump ever. Victoria, where we drove on scooters to the top of the island. Seattle, where I saw its underground world and tasted the gum wall. Christmas in the Rocky Mountains. Kelowna, where we could snowboard in the sun with blue skies. And Salt Spring Island, where we partied the weekend away in our own villa. On all these trips I made so many good memories I will never forget.

The question for the upcoming Wednesdays will be: What should I do? I will definitely miss the great evenings we had every week at PuB NiGHTs. Of course the fun stories and the laughs, but what I will miss the most is the karaoke bar. I don’t know when it started, but ‘Bart’s surprise act’ was becoming a thing. You didn’t think I choose to sing Scatman, the guacamole song and Celine Dion myself, did you?

I am very happy I could work for a company like INTERNeX. Besides all the fun we had in the office, they always supported and helped me. I’ve learned a lot and my network is way bigger than 7 months ago. The best part of the job was not the part where you organize these activities, but the faces and grateful responses you get back. These activities were not so great because of the things we did, but because of the people you did those things with.derde

And now the time has come to say goodbye and go back to the Netherlands. I am looking forward to see my family and friends again after such a long time. But that would also mean I have to say bye to the friends (that also became family) I met here. Luckily, I don’t have to say goodbye to everyone, a simple ‘see you later’ is enough for now. Thanks to everybody who made this adventure as good as it was, Tim, Simon, the PR-guys, candidates and friends. I am very lucky I got to know people to who saying goodbye to now is so hard. I will miss all of you and I promise I will remember all the fun things we did here together. See you somewhere else in the world!

– Bart

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INTERNeX Canada: Thanks Josephine & Rhys

Thank you Josephine & Rhys for taking care of the weekly PuB NiGHT! We, here at the office, really appreciated that you organised the PuB NiGHTS for the last month or so and I also think that everyone else was more than happy to go to the PuB NiGHTS with you. I hope you will still joining us for PuB NiGHT. Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Thank you so much Josephine & Rhys for helping out!

Time to say goodbye!

Dear INTERNeXers,

Today is my last day that I am working for INTERNeX International Exchange, so here is my little goodbye blog post. The last 5 months I have been working for the company with pleasure! As probably many of you know, I was doing my internship at INTERNeX and now it is time for me to leave.
During my internship I have learnt so much and I am really thankful to the whole INTERNeX team! Everyone has been so welcoming and nice to me and I really enjoyed working with all of you. Also, I would like to thank all the INTERNeX Candidates, because you have made my internship even better. The Whistler trip, the Rocky Mountains trip, the Karaoke Party at the Staff house and all the PuB NiGHTS were absolutely awesome. So, thanks again everyone for making my experience what is was!








Now that my internship is over, I am going to travel around with my parents and my sister. I will visit the Rockies again and show my parents the staff house, the INTERNeX office and of course one of my favorite places the Blarney Stone! INTERNeX has been my first international work experience and I will never forget all the things I have learnt here! It’s hard to say goodbye, but I am confident to go as we have an amazing PR-team that will take over!! 🙂

Thanks again everyone!!

All the best,

Picture of the week!

This week’s picture of the week is from the INTERNeX Networking Event that took place on the 1st of June due to the big NAFSA conference here in Vancouver. The event was a great success and we hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Again, thank you all for coming to our INTERNeX Reception!
However there are also some other people that deserve a thank you! A few of the INTERNeX candidates helped us out with volunteering for the INTERNeX Networking Reception and we would really like to thank these candidates again, so thank you: Regula, Matthijs, Kathryn, Matt, Arne, Timo and Oscar!!

At the event we had a photo booth where people could take pictures of them with their friends. All the pictures are online, if you would like to see them click here. I picked this photo to be the picture of the week because we are really thankful for all the help we got from our volunteers! Thanks for helping us make the night as it was; perfect!


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