QuiZ Night – Review

Last night was really successful! The PuB/Quiz Night took place at The Calling and this time we could luckily arrange a large table for the whole crew. One after another, the candidates arrived at the pub with a fun and exciting night ahead!

Since we were so many people (possibly more than ever before!) we formed 3 teams who participated in the following quiz. The competition was on!  We had to guess songs, answer multiple choice questions and so forth… In between we had the chance to get free beer by winning speed games. Unfortunately, nobody of us made it… THIS TIME!

We had a really good time, although nobody of our teams won the first prize. Each one of us had the chance to get to know new people and make friends. And who knows…maybe next time we will be lucky and beat all the regular guests who participate in the quiz every week!

We can’t wait for the next PuB Night and hope to see you all again!


Your PR-Team


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INTERNeX Quiz NiGHT– again this Wednesday!!!!

Hello everybody!
This Wednesday your INTERNeX interns will “organize”  QUIZ NIGHT part II again at “The Calling”.
What is it?
For the people who have not been the first time:
People play in groups. Last time there were around 20 different groups. The people in each group discuss about the possible answers and decide together while a quiz master is asking questions about general stuff, music, what is going on in Vancouver and much more.
Thus, it is very interactive!!!

You can read the review of the last INTERNeX quiz night here:

As the last time, the Quiz will already start at 7 PM. Therefore it would be advisable that you guys come at around 6.30 PM.  So just come direct from your work and have a few beers with us, it’s the best way to relax after work…
We interns will be there at 5.30 PM to reserve a couple of tables and seats for you guys!
What are the specials?
Domestic sleeves $4,25
Pitchers $12,25


At last times Quiz night people won 2 tickets for a Canucks game.
Who knows what you are able to win this time…..
Where is it?
At the Calling, Public house
1780 Davie Street at Denman
Here is a link of Google maps for the exact location.

So, see all of you on Wednesday night then!

Your INTERNeX PR interns!

INTERNeX International Exchange
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The battle of the sexes at the calling

A Short story about Yesterday”s INTERNeX PuB NiGHT:
Hello people!
Yesterday’ s PuB NiGHT was pretty ‘intense’ in a positive way though.  🙂

Because we all like change, our, new triple pack of interns decided to hold the Pub NiGHT at the Calling on Davie street where we all had a hilarious time. This time it was quiz time!!! And the fight was on…

The fun started already when Elvera, Franziska and me (George) arrived at the bar. No seats left. Ohhh We then just created our own special standing area with a couple of tables from all over the bar. Just be creative guys…
We did not have to wait long before the first curious INTERNeX candidates arrived. They as well as we PR Interns had never ever played the TRIVIA Quiz. Thus we all were kind of eager to find out.

Half of the crew from yesterday night. Where did all the others hide?? 🙂

After getting invigorated through the rather cheap food (I got the special wings offer for 5 bucks) we got started with some good ass local beers ( I don’t know what kind of local beer it was but as a German “beer professiona”l I can tell: local Canadian beers are delicious!!!) before the Quiz master handed out the questionnaires. I guess around 20 teams signed up. The competition started.
Internex even started with 2 teams. My boys and I (team name: The International Disaster) were eager to dominate the girl’s team “Feast” of Elvera and Franziska. We were so sure that we would dominate all of the 20 teams but unfortunately we did not in the end. 🙂

HAHA. Flo, Peter, Su young, Jun Kim guys at least we tried it, but we had a blast so who cares.. right!?
BTW: we all were giving our very best because the 1. Price were two Canucks tickets!
Sooo the Quiz started: In case you don’t know how you play it I will give you a short summary of yesterday’s course of the game:

First of all we got 10 pictures of different faces with masks on. Now we had to come up with relevant movies the masks can be seen in like “the mask, scream and so on.”
The awesome 5 of International disaster totally dominated the first round. 🙂 7 out of 10 point ‘Touch  Down’!!
I bet Feast did not do too bad too.. 😉
The other quiz tasks were for example guessing song titles and artists while the pub was playing the music, answering some general knowledge questions as well as answering questions about yesterday’s news were nobody had any clue about… 😉
Besides all the commitment in the quiz, we all had a great time eating, chatting, drinking and last but not least making fun of the other teams.

Some cheaters next to us always had to chug their beers due to the ‘no cheating rule’. It hilarious to see them getting drunker and drunker and the whole pub was cheering while the cheaters chug down their beers.
Even after the Quiz was half way through a few other people still came and joined us. So in total we were around 20 people.
As I already said, in the end both teams did not make it on the first place but that did not matter because it was all about the commitment and the fun we had together

For the INTERNeX  PuB NiGHT  on next Wednesday the new INTERNeX PR triple wants to keep it interactive again.
We might think of a Karaoke night. We will see and keep you updated pretty soon!!
BTW if you don’t like to sing, you still can come and laugh with us at others singing..;)


Cheers and see you soon!!


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48 thing to do in the snow!

It’s snowing (again!). To be honest, I’m already done with it. I found something for the people who still love the snow, a list with 48 things to do in the snow! Some of them are fun, some of them are not really serious (I hope haha). Have fun!

1. Snow sculpting
2. Ice sculpting
3. Making snow angles
4. Make snow people
5. Skiing
6. Cross-country skiing
7. Sledding 8. Make a fort
9. Have a snow ball fight
10. Make a big snowball
11. Snow skating
12. Snowboarding
13. Write in the snow with your finger
14. Shovel snow
15. Snowmobile
16.  Take pictures of the snow
17. Roll in the snow in your bathing suite and jump in a hot tub
18. Catch snow-flakes on your tongue
19. Learn to figure skate
20. Bobsledding
21.  Ice hockey
22. Go dog sledding
23. Go luging
24. Hunt coyotes
25. Go tobogganing
26. Blow snow away with a snow-blower
27. If in Hawaii, use a boogie-board instead of a sled to go down snow covered hills
28. Make snow cream
29. Make snow nog
30. Eat icicles
31. Balance an icicle on your nose (this is possible)
32. Plow snow
33. Take a walk in the snow
34. Shake snow off the trees
35. Eat snow (but not the yellow snow)
36. Make snow cones
37. Take pictures of snow leopards
38. Identify different types of snowflakes
39. Mix snow and ice cream to make a tasty treat
40. Make snow candy
41. Write in snow with an icicle
42. Write in snow with a stick
43. Make snow soup
44. Take pictures of coyotes
45. Learn to speed skate
46. Snow-tubing 😀
47. Dig a hole in the snow
48. Skeleton

Source: Snowstuff.com


And remember.. Quiz/PuB NiGHT tonight at The Calling (1780, Davie Street).
We will be there at 6 pm, the Quiz starts at 7 pm sharp, so be on time 😉



Trivia @ the PuB NiGHT

This Wednesday the INTERNeX PuB NiGHT will be at The Calling (1780, Davie Street, Vancouver). It’s a great and famous place and they have Pub Trivia every Wednesday and we will join it this week. George and I will be there like every week but a new intern will join us as well, so come to meet the new intern!

A Trivia Night is a quiz held in a public house (pub). We will be there at 6 pm to find us a great place to sit. The quiz starts at 7 pm sharp, so be on time! Of course there are some daily features:
– Wings $5/pound
– $4.15 Domestic Sleeves
– $6.30 Contemporary Cocktails

Hope to see you all this Wednesday to have a chat, have a drink and have some fun with the quiz!

By the way, did you already sign in for the Snow Tubing? Send an email to pr@internexcanada.com.

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Web: www.internexcanada.com
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149
Email: pr@internexcanada.com



Last Night’s INTERNeX PuB NiGHT

Last night was a great time at the Calling! A bunch of us met up around 7 p.m. for Trivia night, a weekly event they host. The bar was packed and everyone got into groups to participate in the trivia game.

They asked a variety of questions, including general knowledge, music trivia and television trivia. We had fun trying to answer the questions but there were some other groups that clearly ate their wheaties that morning. If you’re looking for a fun night then Wednesday’s at the Calling isn’t a bad place to try out!  You can win free pitchers of beer and other prizes for winning trivia rounds with your group.

Around 11 p.m. we headed over to English Bay and had fun at the beach, the temperature was pretty mild last night! I had a great time meeting new people and I’m look forward to seeing everyone out again in 2 weeks!

It was a little busy last night, so I think on May 26th we’re going to try out a different bar, maybe even a club! Stay tuned for more details on that! Check out some of the pictures from last night!




INTERNeX PuB NiGHT returns, Wednesday May 12, 2010! Come on out to the Calling at 1780 Davie Street (corner of Denman St. and Davie St.) and hang out with the crew!

Wednesday will be the Pub Trivia 1 Year Anniversary Party! Join other INTERNeX candidates for a great time – you’ll meet new people and of course have tons of fun! They’ll be giving away prizes so come out and join the team!

Wednesday’s are usually busy for them so for a great seat, come early! We’ll be there at 6:30 p.m. in advance. Afterwards there’s a DJ, which makes PuB NiGHT a great night to show your smarts AND dance moves! Please note that this is a 19 + event and proper I.D will be required.

If you’re attending, please send an e-mail to pr@internexcanada.com so we know how many to expect! Cheers!