Pub Night Review: BEER PONG at the Cambie

Every Tuesday West Trek organizes a BEER PONG night hosted at the Cambie and planned by Francesca.

That night was just incredible! There was a lot going IMG_2221on and there were a lot more teams that signed in for this event than usually what basically
meant more games had to be played and moreover it was a longer and tougher road to the final. We teamed up with half of the legendary team Italia and we hoped to win the tournament. Our team had 5 players but there were others with 5 team members as well. Usually you are supposed to have only 4 participants in one group but because there were already so many teams it was okay.

The first game was really easy and quick. We had to play against a team with people from Korea who probably never played beer pong before. At least that’s what it seemed like. But you have to start playing at some point, right?
In the next rouIMG_2222nd we played against a German/Switzerland team. It slowly started to become more intense. Obviously they also participated for the first time. You could quickly recognize that because they were not aware of all the rules and that caused some troubles. But in the end we won that game as well.
And that’s how we reached the Semi final! And it soon became the most intense game of the night. It took 40 minutes and then Francesca decided to end our game. But we made it because our opponents still had 3 cups left and our team only one.

That meant we were in the final and had to play against a team of mostly Germans. It was a super thrilling game. In the end it came down to 1 cup vs. 2 cups and one of our opponents probably made the throw of his life. Two throws, two hits! We were devastated… IMG_2223
Both teams were surprised in the same way that’s why there was silence for maybe a fraction of a second. But the silence was immediately filled with cheering and yelling when they started to celebrated their triumph. Certainly it was hard for us to watch but we had more than enough opportunities to win the games before.
We had a lot fun last night! And although we hoped to win we had an awesome Pub Night without the victory on our site.

And always remember: The game starts when the match has finished!

Review of the PubNight

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we had again an awesome PuB NiGHT and this time we were at “The Cambie Pub”!

The Cambie Pub was full of international young  people and the atmosphere was really great. We met new people, played some Pinball and talked the whole Night about the experience that we had made in Canada.
We even had a couple of new candidates who showed up to make new friends and get to know the INTERNeX PR-clique, WELCOME  🙂

You can find more pictures on our Flickr account.

Let us know where you would like to have the next awesome PuB NiGHT?! Just write an E-mail to

I’ am looking forward to see you on the next INTERNeX PubNight!!!



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