What to do on the weekend?

Need any distraction from all the stress at work? There are a lot of events happening in the weekend, which you can attend. So get rid of your daily habits, leave everything behind and, the most important one, have fun! If you do that, you will be ready to get to work again.

You may have noticed our event for the Super Bowl party on Sunday already. A Super Bowl is a yearly American event. It is all about the finals between the champions of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. I16299342_10154941497017103_8138841796386126119_nt is one of the most important sports events in the United States and is sometimes even seen as a national holiday. However, it is much more than just a football match. Big artists are performing before the match and during the break. You can all watch this in many pubs in Vancouver. We have arranged spots at the New Oxford for you. There will be a comedian there and you can win lots of prices.

Besides the Super Bowl, Canada’s Women’s National team will have a match against Mexico. This match will be the first time that they will be playing in Vancouver since the Olympics. The match starts at 3 pm on the 4rd of February. There are no tickets available for the match anymore. However, you could watch the match in one of the great sports bars of Vancouver.

Furthermore, there will be lots of comedians performing in Vancouver from the 3rd of February till the 9th of February. House on Fire comedy will take place at this weekend on the 4rd of February at 8.30 pm. This time Graham Clark and Gossamer will be filling your evening with laughter. You can get tickets at the door for only $10. You can also visit the Comedy MIX on Burrard Street at 8.00 pm and 10.30 pm where Niki Glaser will be performing. To get tickets, you have to go to the website of Comedy MIX. Tickets for the show cost $28, so they are a bit more expensive than the other comedy night. However, if you are really into comedy, you really should check it out!

Last but not least, this weekend is the first weekend that the horse show Odysseo will be playing in Under The Big White Top at Olympic Village. Definitely recommended if you like horses. The show will play till the 5th of March, so you still got time to save some money and buy tickets.

Have lots of fun in the weekend and enjoy the snow! We are looking forward to see you at our Super Bowl Party or PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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INTERNeX Canada: Pub Night announcement – Funny Wednesday at The Comedy Mix

If you want to laugh so hard your jaw hurts, come join us tomorrow night for a fabulous stand up comedy show at The Comedy Mix! It has been voted as Vancouver’s “Best Comedy Club” and I can tell you myself, this stuff is really funny! I was there 2 weekends ago and skeptical if I would understand the humour but in the end I laughed sooo much and had a great time. Each night, there are different comedians (usually 3) that perform their stand up shows and I don’t even know who’s gonna be there on Wednesday night. Surprise surprise!! 🙂 Also, you can get drinks and food (snacks) right there, what a bonus!

The tickets are only $10 on Wednesdays (up to $20 on the weekend), so you should definitely come – I know you will love it! In order to get decent seats for the whole group we have to be there 1 hour before the show starts, which means at 7:30pm. The location is in the basement of the Century Plaza Hotel on Burrard Street, so I would suggest we meet up in the hotel lobby at 7:15pm and head down there together as a group then.

This is the link to the event on facebook.

Everything in a nutshell:

When? Wednesday, Nov 7th, 7:15pm

Where? Century Plaza Hotel, 1015 Burrard Street – meet us in the hotel lobby!

How much? Tickets are $10

How long? The show takes about 1.5 to 2 hours

See you there! 🙂



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