Review: Pub Night @ The Lennox Pub

Yesterday we had yet another good pub night.

This time we met at the Irish pub the Lennox Pub in downtown Vancouver. The weather was a bit cooler compared to the nice sunny and hot weather the last couple weeks but fortunately there was plenty of space for us inside the cozy Irish pub. It was nice to see all of you who showed up for the pub night. A couple of us chose to try out the pub’s food while others just tried out some of the pub’s tasty and delicious selection of beers. We were lucky that the pub had a few special offers on beers this evening.

While getting something to drink and eat we had a really good time chatting about various topics. It was great to hear how everybody is doing in their different projects,  and what kind experiences and adventures everybody’s had in Canada as well as in other places around the world. Those who met up but didn’t have the chance to go to our Rockies trip also got the chance to hear a bit about some of the very good moments from this amazing trip. We’re definitely looking forward to our next great trip, and we hope to see just as many joining the trip. It will be awesome!

It would be great to even more people turn up for our next pub night. We’re definitely looking forward to yet another good evening in good company next Wednesday.


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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT review – The Lennox Pub

You asked for an Irish pub at a central location and because we do care about our friends’ happiness, this is exactly what you got last night! 🙂 A dozen INTERNeX–ers showed up at The Lennox Pub on Granville St and had a great time hanging out and enjoying a strikingly international selection of beer this week. We had the Danish bunch of guys who couldn’t resist the temptation of a nice and green bottle of Carlsberg while the Irish top export Guinness was very popular too, there were some Budweiser lovers (don’t even ask about the reason for that) and the more locally oriented ones of us indulged in some pitchers of Okanagan Springs 15/16 or bottles of Molson Canadian. Again, the drinks took their toll and we didn’t feel like going home at all for some reason. Ended up at Doolins Pub and The Cellar club…Fun times, fun times. 😉 But yeah, this is Canada – doing things you would usually not do at home, like partying in the middle of the work week and not regretting a single second of it. To everyone out there who is not quite sure if the PuB NiGHTs are relevant for them: THEY ARE! 🙂 Meet cool people from all over the world, practice your English, share your stories, make plans for the weekend with your new friends and have funnn! Check out more pics on Flickr and facebook!

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Chris last night. He’s leaving Canada today and going back home to Germany after three months in Vancouver. I remember asking him for a conclusion of this experience over here in one sentence and after about 20 seconds of contemplation he was like: “I think I only need one word for it: Perfect.” Isn’t that something? 🙂 I’m glad I got to meet you, Chris,  and hope we’ll see each other again at some point in our lives. Take care and safe travels!!

For the ones still in Vancouver, please keep our wicked Whistler trip with West Trek Tours on October 13th and 14th in mind! We want YOU to be with us on this adventure!! In case you work on weekends, try and make arrangements with your manager asap, it will make things easier if you start planning way in advance. Join the event HERE.



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