How was your Weekend?

Time is flying by! How is it already Monday again?
I actually used this weekend to explore Vancouver’s nightlife again. On Friday I went to the Cambie, I had a great time even though we didn’t get to play beer-pong this time. Instead we didn’t leave the dancefloor once ;-).

On Saturday Tom hosted a go-away party! We got to spend some precious time together having a few drinks and pizza! Even though this means, the INTERNeX group will loose a precious member very soon. I hope you had a great time with us Tom and you will be visiting again very soon. We will miss you so much! In case you haven’t attended on Saturday, there is probably another chance to say goodbye at Wednesday’s PuB-Night. Thank you very much for a great night Tom and for being such an important member of our group. And yes of course,  he gets to be mentioned in this blogpost, since he is probably the most loyal reader – it is appreciated :-D. IMG_4727.JPG

On Sunday the INTERNeX crew went out to explore a “part of Canadian history”. We went to the Olympic Experience all the way in Richmond.  The Olympic Experience provides many different simulations of different sports. Since we were almost the only guests around, we were really lucky to get he stuffs full attention. Basically we went skiing, ski-jumping, on a bobsleigh, rowing, car racing and many more on the real olympic tracks.
I have to admit, some of the stuff left me behind with a weird feeling in my tummy :-D. I’d be not very successful at the Olympic games, I guess. IMG_4725.JPG
My personal highlight was actually the hockey game we got to see, right where the magic happened in 2010. And this game turned out to be quite intense. Well at least if you are just used to watching soccer, I guess ;-). 

Thanks again for a great weekend guys! 

See you this Wednesday at the Moose’s Down Under!



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