What to Do in Vancouver – in Winter

Even if the days are getting shorter and it’s often grey and cold outside there is still much to do in Vancouver. To convince you; I would like to give you an insight into what to expect in this sometimes uncomfortable but also cozy season when autumn changes into winter.
In addition to well known activities like going for walk or sipping a hot coffee or chocolate in a cute cafe there is definitely more to do at this time of the year…
Are you still in autumn mood or can you already feel the holiday spirit?

1. Firstly, one of the places definitely on my own bucket list. The illuminated Capilano Suspension Bridge. Maybe you already saw it on many of the instragram posts, but even if it is not the case I think it’s more than beautiful walking across the huge bridge in a “world full of lights”. Starting November 20 till January 23 you can experience a fully illuminated bridge as well as the environment like all the trees around it. I would recommend going there in the evening since the lights are more “bright” when it’s dark outside. It is a bit pricey but this is the best time of year to get your moneys worth here.

2. What’s better than having a cosy afternoon or evening strolling through a Christmas Market? Trying one or two or even more hot mulled wines – sometimes the one for children is also really delicious – and having a additional delicious snack like roasted chestnuts 😉 Maybe it’s also a nice place for Christmas shopping – imagine being in time collecting all the presents and not being late like every other year 😉 Vancouver Christmas Market with all its activities, snacks and drinks takes place daily from November 13 to December 24. So after this market ends you can directly move into the Christmas celebration with family and friends.

3. Seems like this post is all about lights – our next magically illuminated location is VanDuse’s Festival of Lights in VanDusen Botanical Garden. This one returns to Vancouver by November 26. You’ll get the opportunity to explore more than a million lights which takes you into a magical winter wonderland. Don’t forget to buy a ticket in advance and above all don’t forget to enjoy your time and take a few pictures 🙂

4. Vancouver isn’t always as cold as you may think, thus it is a great place for outdoor activities like ice skating. Besides watching a Canucks game you can try being sporty yourself on the ice.
There’s the huge and of course illuminated ice rink at Robson Square. Starting from early December until February you can enjoy outdoor ice skating over there. You don’t have any skates? No problem, just borrow a pair for a small price (cash only) directly at the ice-skating rink.

And even if right now it is the rainy season in Vancouver, don’t let a little rain drop stop you from doing amazing winter outdoor activities. What’s your favourite winter activity?

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

– Tatjana

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INTERNeX News – Black Friday!

ix-news-logo.pngThe most popular shopping day is just ahead of us – The one and only Black Friday!
And because we want you to be prepared for this, here are some information about the Black Friday itself and a few useful tips you might want to consider before getting yourself into this crazy shopping day! 
Black Friday is always the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving, which happens to be the last Thursday in November. It is officially known as the official start of the Christmas season. And because of this, this day has always been very important for sales, even if it wasn’t referred to as ‘Black Friday’ in the first place.
In fact, the day goes all the way back to 24 September in 1869. Two U.S. financiers tried to be so smart and bought a significant amount of U.S. gold, obviously hoping for an overall price soaring, so that they’d be able to sell it again for huge profit. Well long story short, this plan didn’t work out as you might guess. Eventually the U.S. gold market crashed and their actions left the the Wall Street Barons bankrupt. From there the U.S. was set into a really bad financial crisis.
The name ‘Black Friday’ actually came from the way American shops recorded their accounting details, as they’d note profits in black and losses in red. Over this hard time most shops only got to write red number, only after the day of thanksgiving they finally ‘went into black’ again. 
If you are currently getting ready to take part in this very crazy shopping experience, here are a few things you might want to consider.
When does it make sense to wait until black Friday itself and when should one of the current deals be taken. Obviously this is always a question of how lucky you’ll be on the day, but if it is a very specific product you are waiting for, in a specific colour or size, you may want to consider buying it before the time. I don’t want to disappoint you in this, but the chances are high that you aren’t the only person waiting for a deal on this product. If you are just waiting for the highest possible discount, you may want to wait until Black Friday.
Before you get yourself out there, getting lost in all the discount signs, you should do some research. Check out RedFlagDeals and RetailMeNot for some brilliant deals, coupons and special offers first. blackfriday.png
Even tho all of  these offers, just seem too good to be true, please don’t forget that we are living in a time of climate change and an absolute consumption overload. And you buying unnecessary stuff  like crazy, is a part of this very big game, even tho if it seems to be just you!
Just think about where these product are coming from, that they need to be produced, and packed and that there is a whole chain reaction after this. I don’t want to be the Party-Pooper in this, but I guess especially our generation has a very good understanding of this and should proof this in actions! 
Not to doubt, this is the perfect time to make some great deals, but try not to loose your head over this. 
And make sure you’ve got some money left since next PuB-Night isn’t too far away and you still want to be able to pay for your drinks right? 
Till then, Happy Shopping you all!
— Nadja
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