How was your weekend?

The weekend is over, and it was a really special one for me and 14 other participants.20190712_195950

It was the weekend where we left for Vargas Island and went Camping. An island where you are all by yourself, no running water and where you are surrounded by the ocean, forest and yep…there are some wolfs too. But other than that, you are able to have the most beautiful time with friends in a really calm and just breathtaking atmosphere.


We started our trip on Friday (12 July 2019) at 10am and before we were able to head to the ferry, we had to pack all IMG-20190715-WA0007our stuff into the cars. 3 cars with 5 people each and then all the camping gear, you can imagine how packed the cars were. We actually had to play Tetris with all the stuff we had to take with us. At around 11am we were finally able to hit the road. It took us a while to get to Vargas Island, but after two car rides, a ferry ride and a trip with a water taxi we finally managed to get to the Island. The sun started to set, and we had to hurry a little bit to build the tents and to get the fire started and then it was time for our first dinner on Vargas Island. We ate burgers, which were really tasty and after that we made some S’mores as you have to when you are going camping. IMG-20190714-WA0020

The next day we just relaxed, played some volleyball and discovered the island a bit more. We ate Pancakes and burritos as snacks in between and then hot dogs for dinner. By now you may have noticed we had a lot of food. Time passed and after the sun set it was time for our last night on the island. It was fantastic. Our own private little beach party was really something no one will ever forget. On Sunday we took the water taxi back to Tofino and spend the rest of the day there. Some of us went surfing, the others just ate lunch and had a look at Tofino. Sadly, every weekend has to end, and it was time for us to head back to Vancouver.



We were all super tired when we got back, but we are all back safe and sound.


It was a weekend to remember!

See you at the next PUB NiGHT at The Beaver!


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