INTERNeX Canada: Seattle Movie Night Review

The Movie Night was awesome!!

All the couches where packed and we had to collect chairs in order to accommodate all the people. Popcorn, chips, drinks and even some melon slices where shared during the movie. We watched Sleepless in Seattle, which is a romantic comedy from 1993 with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  We all laughed and cried at the right moments and some inappropriate moments.

We also saw the Public Market and the Space Needle in Seattle on the movie screen, which made for some exciting moments. I for one am really looking forward to going to Seattle, that I hardly can wait. We can do and see so much over there. At the movie night a lot of people signed up for the trip so we decided because of the enthusiasm to postpone the deadline to Wednesday.

Deadline for Seattle trip is Wednesday 29 February!!!!

Sign up NOW for the Seattle Trip.

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I am looking forward to seeing YOU in Seattle,



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