The INTERNeX 2010 Blog review – 1. Quarter

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The Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2010
The biggest event to look back to this year are the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver.  We all can agree that this event was just amazing. Am I right!?
The Olympics lasted for to 2 weeks from the 12th until the 28th of January 2010 where our glory Ice-hockey team won the 14th gold medal in an exciting game against the USA.
Here are the highlights of this glory event:
The opening ceremony – Torch Light Celebration
The games started with the Torch Light Celebration on the 5th of January.  The light initially was lid in Greece on the 22nd of October last year and traveled about 45.000 kilometers around the world to its final destination in Whistler were it was laid to rest in its final destination.
A few of my friends were actually in Whistler on that day and saw the ceremony. The atmosphere was just incredible they told me later on. I wish I would have been there but I will try to make it to Sochi in Russia where the Winter Olympics will be held in 2014. 😉
The whole article can be found here.

First gold medal!
Canada’s Olympic performance was just incredible wasn’t it!? That finally meant rank 1 for Canada, wooohoo. Go Canada.
Our first Olympic Gold Medalist was Alexandre Bilodeau in the free style skiing-men’s Moguls with a winning score of 26.75. He was actually the winner who started the Canadian “gold rush” which brought us 14 golden medals in the end.
I just love Canada for these medals. What do you want more? We hosted the games, we welcomed our guests from all over the world with such a lovely hospitality and in the end we even earned the total victory…
More info about the first gold medals is available  under the following link.

Women’s gold medal game
Canada and Ice-Hockey, this combination matches in such good way. It is being considered even greater than love! 😉 We truly can say and be proud of having the best national Ice-Hockey team in the world, can’t we?!?! The women’s gold medal which was won on the 25th of January against the USA reflects that best.  We dominated the game and we deservedly won 3:2 against the US team in the women’s ice-hockey final.
To read a nice, little story about this glory event click here.

The End of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the Farewell World
The Winter Olympics ended with an incredibly, thrilling Ice-Hockey game between our men and the USA team.  It nearly seemed that we would win the game and sent the USA back home. However 24 seconds before the end the Americans tapped in a rebound to send our game into overtime.  But that wasn’t a problem for the Canadian team whatsoever. We kept a cool head, played very professional and in the end went for the gold medal. Crazy, all Canada was dancing, partying and celebrating.  Whole Canada was cheering and clapping their hands.
Canada said good bye to the world and all the athletes with a light-hearted goodbye ceremony. More than 2600 athletes participated in this great event.
The Canadian ‘own the podium’ program has been rightly justified as the country ended with the most gold medals EVER WON at the Olympic Winter Games.
14 gold medals!
7 silver medals!
5 bronze medals!
You guys were awesome!
Our great interns from summer documented the winning moment in such a thrilled way. Check it out!
2010 Paralympics’ Torch Relay Coming Soon!
After the Winter Olympics were over, another huge event followed soon. Yeah that’s true, Vancouver was also the host of the Paralympic Winter games of 2010. It all started with the Torch Relay which finally lid the Paralympics’ flame on the 12th of March 2010. If you are interest and want to read further click here.

Vancouver Welcomes CLUB 560
One of the biggest night clubs in Vancouver opened its doors in the end of March. It is way bigger than the usual night clubs in Vancouver which most of the times just consist of one or two bars and one main dance floor. Club 560 consists of a 28,000 sq. ft big area spread out over 4 FLOORS.  In particular it means that you are able to dance on 4 types of different music. The basement is turned into a unisex bathroom with its own bar, DJ and dance floor. That sounds awesome doesn’t it?? You will also have the possibility to just chill out on the long thin lounge on the main floor. Check out the whole article.

Tomorrow we will provide you with more interesting INTERNeX 2010 highlights of the months April, May and June!
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