Casual Friday

For this week’s “Casual Friday” it is time for another humoristic video clip. Even though it has little to do with Canada I thought it was too good not to share with all of you out there.

The video shows you what happens when you have too much time on your hands:

Before wishing you all a great weekend, do not try this at home – or on your internship or ranchstay program 😉
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Video of the week!

Hi Guys!

Its summer time! Time to go outdoors and check out all the amazing sights and activities Vancouver has to offer!

Check out this week’s video!
Chris Wheeler, a Tourism BC Field Reporter, will take you on a virtual tour through the beautiful hotspots of Vancouver.

If you have any suggestions for the video of the week let us know by emailing to

Enjoy this beautiful summer day!


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Will Truong – New PR Intern

Good day all,

My name is Will Truong, I’m a 26 year old Public Relations practitioner here in Vancouver, BC.  It’s very exciting to take on this challenging role at INTERNex in the Public Relations department.

As a graduate of British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Public Relations program, I plan to translate the skills learned into action within my new role here at INTERNex Canada.  I will be assisting the PR department with their daily tasks as well as contributing to other projects around the company.

The last five years of my working life were spent in the Tourism and Hospitality industry where I’ve gained valuable experience interacting with people from all walks of life.  Mainly through guest services roles at the Westin Bayshore Hotel, my knowledge of the city and its many offerings is relied upon and trusted by guests to help make their stay more enjoyable and memorable.

Living downtown for four years equipped me with a plethora of good restaurants to visit on any budget.  There’s an idea that when a guest visits Vancouver, they don’t only want to see the major sights but would like to experience the places of the locals as well.  To eat, breathe, walk and live the lives of Vancouverites and Canadians alike.  That’s where I come in.

Vancouver is truly an outdoor enthusiasts dream.  With its abundance of public parks and recreation centres, it’s hard not to take advantage of the city’s outdoor spaces.  In spare time, I belong to an organized soccer league and a co-ed beach volleyball league.  On top of that, I try to get out on the golf course and tennis court as much as possible with weather permitting.  If there’s energy left after that, basketball and hiking are also some activities that I’m lucky enough to enjoy here in Vancouver.

I look forward to meeting all of you connected with INTERNex in the near future,


Will Truong

Who is the Worst Tourist Ever?!

Do you know Expedia the online travel agency? They asked for a survey on tourism all around the world. In this survey, tourists from all over the world are compared. And guess what? French are the worst tourists ever (shame on us) and Japanese tourists deserved a special award for there politeness, discretion and respect for the other cultures!

It’s unexpected but you will have to change your mind on Americans because they are on the second step of the podium! They learn the language of the country, try new cuisines and are really generous with the local population!

The Best Tourists:

Row Tourists Points
1 Japanese 33
2 American 11
3 Swiss 9
4 Swedish 6
5 German 5
6 Dutch 5
7 Australian 4
8 Norwegian 4
9 Canadian 4
10 Belgian 4
11 Danish 2
12 Austrians 2
13 Finnish 2
14 inhabitants of Thailand 1
15 New Zealander 2

Concerning what they spend, Germans and French are the worst and deserve the price of”skinflints of the year”. Americans are spending a lot of money when they travel and that’s the reason why they are so well welcome. Followed by the Russians, English, Japanese and Italians. This may be explained by the fact that Germans and French have more holidays and can’t spend as much money as the others!

The Worst Tourists:

Row Tourists Points
16 Irish 0
17 Czech -1
18 Portuguese -1
19 Italians -2
20 Greek -2
21 Spanish -3
22 Polish -3
23 Turkish -5
24 British -7
25 Russian -8
26 Chinese -9
27 Indian -9
28 French -14

Awards for France!!! Yoo-hoo!!!! We are the worst tourist in the world at the general opinion! According to the survey, there is only one thing we are good at, the way we are dressed and to be fashionable, but even for that, we are not the best, Italians are on the top of the classification!

INTERNeX, what do you think? A big number of you is working with the Hospitality program and you are all international travelers! Don’t hesitate to comment on this post. I would be really interested to know your point of view and to discuss it! I want to have a chance to defend the French ;).


Toronto Music Garden

A taste of summer is just lingering around the corner for us! Usually when I step outside after class, I’d be welcomed by dark skies and howling winds. But now, I’m glad I don’t see much of this. The day light is extending further into the night and instead of being greeted by whips of wind, the air is much warmer and gentler.

Now, is the perfect time for us to visit the recreational parks in our neighborhood as all plant life is in its budding stage. But, a garden is just a garden, why bother spending your time in these gardens you may ask? Well, the truth is, there is an exquisite garden in Toronto that deserves your visit as it tries to visually unfold musical movements through the use of landscape.

This garden is known as the Toronto Music Garden.  The Toronto Music Garden was an inspired design by YoYo Ma, a famous cellist, and Julie Moir Messervy, a landscape architect. The garden depicts the musical movement of Bach’s Suite No.1 in G Major for unaccompanied cello. For those who are music lovers or those who are curious as to how such a garden can be ‘music’ of any sort, a visit to the Toronto Music Garden is a must.

The Toronto Music Garden is divided into 6 sub –gardens that correspond to the 6 movements of Bach’s music:

  1. Prelude: Bach’s first movement sets the mood for what is yet to come. The movement is fluid and tender which provides the audience with a sense of serenity and security. Visitors at the garden will find themselves strolling along the river bank lined with low growing plants, granite rocks and a corridor of Hackberry trees.
  2. Allemande: Allemande is a duple meter dance that originated from Germany. It is a very expressive and grave movement, but still tries to indulge in a sense of calm and gracefulness. Visitors strolling through this movement will be greeted by wandering trails and Dawn Redwood trees.
  3. Courante: Courante is a colorful, quick-paced and lively form of French and Italian dance. To captivate the essence of this mood, the garden features a swirling path of wildflowers and luscious green fields leading up a hill to the Maypole (designed by Feir Mill Design Inc.).  Here, you may find exotic, dancing butterflies and musical, singing birds.
  4. Sarabande: Based on the Spanish, slow triple time dance, the Toronto Music Garden portrays this movement through a series of tall evergreen trees lined along an inward-arc.  A huge stone is placed in the centre of the garden acting as a “poet’s corner”.
  5. Minuets: Minuets is yet another French dance. However, the difference between Minuets and Courante is that the style of Minuets is much more structured and symmetrical. As a result, visitors will find that the garden features several formal floral arrangements that circle the Music Pavilion, designed by Canadian artist, Tom Tollefson, for small orchestral and dance performances.
  6. Gigue: The Gigue takes its name from an English dance. The Gigue is cheerful, lively and very merry. The architect depicts this joyous movement through the use of vast green lands that looks onto the harbor and uses small bushes and perennials to frame a stone stage for summer performances.

When you visit Vancouver or Toronto or any big cities for that matter, you will find that typical “Botanical Garden” you should visit. How often would you find a garden designed primarily for the sake of music? The Toronto Music Garden is definitely a must see. I’m a bit disappointed that the last time I went to Toronto, all I saw was the Toronto Botanical Garden and not the Toronto Music Garden.

The Toronto Music Garden is located at 475 Queen’s Quay West between Bathurst Street and Spadina Avenue.  The cost? FREE ADMISSION.

For more information, please visit:

New Offer! PraXus Online

So as some of you may know INTERNeX is offering yet another opportunity for it’s clients to gain more invaluable experiences. For those of you are participating in one of our programs and are interested in taking your skills to the next level do we have something great for you! Countless times I’ve heard from clients how they fail to see how working in a coffee shop, for example, can help them in their future career goals. Well the courses that are offered by our PraXus Center for Integrated Learning can take you to that next level and earn you accreditation that future employers will be impressed by.

For the month of March INTERNeX will be offering a course within the Hospitality & Tourism sector which will qualify you to be a certified Food & Beverage Server.This course starting from March 4th 2010 and will allow you (no matter where you are) to attend online classes held for a total period of four weeks, with classes occurring twice a week for 2.5 hours. After this short time you will have achieved the nationally recognized position of Food & Beverage Server with the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) credential, and ultimately be counted amongst the elite in the industry! This is an opportunity not to be missed and since this is the first time that INTERNeX is offering something of this magnitude we will be giving our first group of students a highly discounted price. This online course usually costs $650.00 but for just this once we will be bringing it down to a shocking $100, which is an undeniably reasonable and affordable price. We have room for a total of 10 people in this first set and places are filling up fast so we recommend that you jump on this opportunity before it goes. This is a way of getting a leg up in the industry and offer employers something that few Canadians even have! So if you need more information to be convinced or are dying to enroll already then please email us at and visit our praXus facebook page and become a fan in order to receive constant updates on upcoming courses.

If you have any more questions or queries about other INTERNeX offers you can contact us at the office

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