INTERNeX Explorer: The Rocky Mountains -Part 3

Next weekend, we are finally going to the Rocky Mountains trip! So close yet so far…but I’m sure time will fly by. So on our last night, we will be staying in Golden, BC. Let’s find out more about this place, shall we?

Golden is near six of the most spectacular Canadian National Parks  (Banff, Glacier, Jasper, Kootenay, Mount Revelstoke and Yoho). It was first explored by David Thompson, a Canadian pioneer during 1807, when he stumbled upon the future site of Golden.  Like Valemount and Banff, Golden also contributed to the development of the Canadian Pacific Railway as it became a base camp that extended the line further west in order to create a cross-country network of rails.

This place is now a major attraction for tourists with many activities to do including skiing, back-country skiing, mountain biking and river rafting. The town also thrives on its forest industry. The forest industry began with the development of CPR, which was also used for buildings and bridges.

Golden also lies near the Kicking Horse River. How did it get that name? It’s actually an interesting story…an explorer James Hector was crossing a river when he accidentally got kicked and knocked unconscious by his own horse! He was thought to be dead. But as they were about to bury him, Hector woke up and started to move around. They called the river the Kicking Horse.

I am counting down the days until we get to see this beautiful and historical place 🙂 are you?



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INTERNeX Canada: West Trek Tours – Summer Party Gold Sponsor

INTERNeX is happy to introduce our partner and summer party gold sponsor West Trek Tours today! See our Summer Party event page for more information on this party of the summer 2012! Thank you West Trek Tours for supporting this awesome event.

Serving young travelers since 1998 West Trek Tours is Western Canada’s #1 Tour Company! Their tours are specifically designed for YOU, international students and globetrotters. They work closely with language schools and know exactly what students and young tourists want to see and experience in Canada!
The coolest Canadian guides and party experts show you the most exciting Canadian destinations: Victoria and Tofino on Vancouver Island, Seattle and Portland in the US, Banff and Jasper in the Rocky Mountains. And there is more: the tours are combined with social events, sports activities and party party party to give everybody the maximum of fun.

INTERNeX candidates and team themselves experienced the awesomeness of West Trek trips several times! Rafting tours on one of the wildest and craziest rivers in Canada were so much fun. Camping and romantic get-togethers with a campfire added to the perfect adventure feeling these weekends. And it’s happening again! West Trek is organizing another White Water Rafting trip with their best guides and equipment! Winter or summer, the Rocky Mountains West Trek tour will be the best travel experience of your life! Be on the Rockies party bus and you will never forget the roads of Canada. Nearly every INTERNeX candidate enjoyed the incredible nature and parties on the Rockies West Trek trips! The next one is happening on the August long weekend, 3rd to 6th of August!

If you want short adrenaline-filled adventures, West Trek Tours takes you skydiving and offers discounts for a lot of other exciting activities. Having hotels and activity providers as partners West Trek gets you incredible deals on bungee jumping and zip trekking, whale watching and surfing, sightseeing, gondolas and much more. This way you get the best value for your trips and your student wallets!

Wherever you go, the Rockies, the US or Tofino; whatever you do, hiking, sightseeing, or surfing; you will leave a West Trek Tours trip with new friends and amazing memories!

INTERNeX thanks West Trek Tours for all the awesome trips and the support of our summer party! Check out the West Trek Tours website to learn more about their trips.

Happy travelling!


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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock


Let’s explore our impressions of coming to a new country and finding Canada a little bit different than our homes…

Nice people – this is probably the very first Culture Shock experience when foreigners arrive in Canada (especially Europeans 🙂 ). Already at the airport, when you are still lost and disoriented, people suddenly ask you if you need help with your bags. You, even more confused, are wondering why they talk to you, those strangers?!

While back home people are busy with their own business, always in a hurry, in Canada all they seem to care about is smiling and helping you. When you walk around in the city bumping into crowds while looking at your map, Canadians apologize to you because YOU are in their way. To say sorry for things they didn’t do, well, this is polite! Here, you won’t ever enter any building without a “Hello, How Are You” or leave a store without a “Thank You, Have a Nice Day”. Have you ever been in a bus in Vancouver? On my first ride I sat in the back in one of those extra-long busses and watched people yelling “Thank You” to the driver while they got off the bus through the very last back door!

What about you? Have you had similar experiences with this Canadian kindness? Tell us your stories!

Have a nice Sunday, be nice and hug somebody!


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INTERNeX Canada: News / Fun Facts

While we were on our “INTERNeX Goes Rockies 2012” tour last weekend for Easter our tour guide from West Trek taught us a dance on the Party Bus that we would have to perform on Lake Louise in front of hundred’s of unexpecting tourists. Watch the video below to see our star performance:

What do you think? Can we pull off the Backstreet Boys?

Have a good Sunday!



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Toronto’s hidden attractions

Hello hello!

Are you in Toronto and you have been visiting all the famous tourist attractions?  If you already did all that stuff you should immerge into Toronto’s local culture to visit all the hidden spots the city has to offer and you normally do not know about. There are all more than worth visiting.
I found a great website that states 25 great things to do that YOU as a tourist normally would not find that easy.
In case you like to live the extreme way you probably can even do all of them… 😉
Here they are:

1.    Lie face down on the glass floor at the CN Tower
2.    Sit upstairs at Union Station during rush hour
3.    Skate at Nathan Phillips Square
4.    Tour the Steam Whistle Brewery
5.    Have a hot chocolate at Soma in The Distillery District
6.    Do a bike tour of Toronto Island
7.    Go shopping at Honest Ed’s
8.    Walk the boardwalk at The Beach
9.    Go to Yonge-Dundas Square
10.    Dine at a famous chef’s place
11.    Take a city walking tour
12.    Get out of the downtown core
13.    Ride the  501 Queen streetcar
14.    Go shopping in Chinatown
15.    Have a coffee in Kensington Market
16.    Window shop in Yorkville
17.    Eat corn on the sidewalk in Little India in the summer
18.    Take a train ride through High Park
19.    Walk the entire PATH
20.    Check out a local band
21.    Sample honey at St. Lawrence Market
22.    Tour the CBC building
23.    Eat Souvlaki on The Danforth
24.    Have dinner in Little Italy
25.    Read in the garden at Casa Loma
For more information about all the different things to do, check out Toronto’s official website
-> here.

Cheers and have a great weekend,


Winter is coming, take advance now!

Are you planning to be around for the winter? Looking to do some skien or snowboarding this winter? Than make sure you buy your winter passes now! Most Ski resorts have a early bird special, meaning if you buy your winter pass now you’ll save big bucks!

Snow rarely falls in the city, yet living in Vancouver gives you the chance to enjoy some of the best downhill and cross-country ski facilities in North America.

With mountains such as Grouse Mountain, Cypress and Mount Seymour, just outside Vancouver residents and tourists can hardly resist the urge to strap on snowboards, skis or snow shoes throughout the winter months.  Two hours north of Vancouver are the mountains Whistler and Blackcomb. The first mountain you might recognize as the host of the Olympics, Blackcomb is the neighbor mountain and since the opening of the Peak- Peak gondola it is easily accessible for all ski and snowboard fans!

Click on the following links to find out more about the ski mountains and their season passes:

Cypress Mountain

Mount Seymour

Whistler Blackcomb

Grouse Mountain

I wish I was still here when the winter starts, so I can ski one of these beautiful mountains! Be sure to get the winterpass soon most Pre-seasons sales close at Sept. 30th!

– Manouk

Who is the Worst Tourist Ever?!

Do you know Expedia the online travel agency? They asked for a survey on tourism all around the world. In this survey, tourists from all over the world are compared. And guess what? French are the worst tourists ever (shame on us) and Japanese tourists deserved a special award for there politeness, discretion and respect for the other cultures!

It’s unexpected but you will have to change your mind on Americans because they are on the second step of the podium! They learn the language of the country, try new cuisines and are really generous with the local population!

The Best Tourists:

Row Tourists Points
1 Japanese 33
2 American 11
3 Swiss 9
4 Swedish 6
5 German 5
6 Dutch 5
7 Australian 4
8 Norwegian 4
9 Canadian 4
10 Belgian 4
11 Danish 2
12 Austrians 2
13 Finnish 2
14 inhabitants of Thailand 1
15 New Zealander 2

Concerning what they spend, Germans and French are the worst and deserve the price of”skinflints of the year”. Americans are spending a lot of money when they travel and that’s the reason why they are so well welcome. Followed by the Russians, English, Japanese and Italians. This may be explained by the fact that Germans and French have more holidays and can’t spend as much money as the others!

The Worst Tourists:

Row Tourists Points
16 Irish 0
17 Czech -1
18 Portuguese -1
19 Italians -2
20 Greek -2
21 Spanish -3
22 Polish -3
23 Turkish -5
24 British -7
25 Russian -8
26 Chinese -9
27 Indian -9
28 French -14

Awards for France!!! Yoo-hoo!!!! We are the worst tourist in the world at the general opinion! According to the survey, there is only one thing we are good at, the way we are dressed and to be fashionable, but even for that, we are not the best, Italians are on the top of the classification!

INTERNeX, what do you think? A big number of you is working with the Hospitality program and you are all international travelers! Don’t hesitate to comment on this post. I would be really interested to know your point of view and to discuss it! I want to have a chance to defend the French ;).