Try Something New!

So it’s almost mid-May, which means a good four months have come and gone this year. That’s 131 days – or 3,144 hours if you prefer. I pondered this the other day and realized that – although it was cliché – time flies. So I thought to myself, “Have I tried something new this year?”

For 10 minutes I fished around my brain, trying to pull out at least three memories of something I’d done which was outside of my comfort zone. Of course, after 10 minutes I realized that if it took me that long to think of anything – chances were that I needed to be more spontaneous – which brings me to last night.

After a busy day at the office and many stomach gurgles later, by 6:30 p.m. I was ready for dinner. I met up with a friend Barbara (from the INTERNeX staff house) and we strolled through the streets of Vancouver searching for the perfect place to eat.

As we walked along Seymour Street, we spotted our restaurant.

Let’s back up a bit here. I mentioned how just the other day I realized it was time for me to try something new, so I could look back on 2010 with a smile.

Okay so, as we walked along Seymour Street, we spotted our restaurant – Toyama – a Japanese restaurant better known for its sushi. As Barbara’s face lit up with excitement (or hunger – not sure), mine crunched up at the thought of eating raw fish. Those that know me know I don’t particularly enjoy seafood, however, this was the perfect opportunity for me to try something different.

As we entered the restaurant, the slight ringing of a bell confirmed our entrance. We were quickly seated and given menus. As the waitress poured us tea, I fiddled with my chopsticks, silently praising the invention of the fork. As Barbara whipped through her menu, I hesitantly picked mine up. As I turned the pages I was immediately overwhelmed by the selection. What did everything mean? The only word I recognized was Biiru.

After discussing the game plan, we ordered the sprill rolls and edamame to start, along with california rolls and another type of sushi I can’t pronounce – or type for that matter. I was hoping for some time to prepare myself before the sushi arrived, but the food was sailed right over to our table – literally. Our food was served on a boat platter, which I thought was pretty neat.

With chopsticks in hand, I knew it was do or die! The time had come to push everything aside and go for it. I plunged the sushi in soy sauce and then right into my mouth as Barbara stared intently. “Not bad,” I mumbled, as I  swallowed the ginormous piece of sushi (my first piece ever). I went on to eat three more pieces that night, and although I still prefer chicken, I’m glad I decided to try Japanese cuisine.

So there you have it. I triumphed last night at Toyama, I tried a new dish that I never would have before. So I’m going to ask you to do the same. While you’re in Canada, do something that’s out of the norm for you. It can be as little as trying sushi for the first time, or bungee jumping in Whistler!

Just ask yourself, how do you want to remember the year 2010? Will it be the year you went whale watching? Perhaps it will be the year you gained valuable work experience. It might even be the year you spent four days on a trip to Banff. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to try something new while you’re in Canada – and as often as possible!