INTERNeX Canada: Trip to Victoria

Hello everybody,

today’s post will hopefully put y’all in the mood for our big Victoria trip in the end of this month. Thinking that a few of you still may not be sure whether to sign up and come with us, I will give you a little overview of what you would be missing out on. And for all who already decided to join us: That’s where you will be going 🙂

Victoria – also called the “City of Gardens” or the “City of the Summer Asian Invasion” –  is the capital of British Columbia and located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, right off Canada’s Pacific coast. Its name itself is a tribute to the British Queen Victoria and it is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific North West. Therefore, the town is still defined by many historic buildings, as for example the British Columbia Parliament Building. These are located at the Inner Harbor and a ‘Must See’ for every tourist.

And of course, like more or less every other bigger American city, one of Victoria’s neighborhoods is Chinatown. However, the interesting thing about this part of town is: It is the second oldest Chinatown in North America after the one in San Francisco!

Besides these two details, we are planning to visit the Royal British Columbia Museum also located downtown. The museum includes three permanent galleries: modern history, natural history, and local First Nations’ history. It is supposed to be one of the most interesting educational places one can visit in B.C. So let’s find out.

Another highlight of the trip will be our tour to the Craigdarroch Castle. A Victorian-era Scottish Baronial mansion built in the late 1800s. Originally, it was constructed for a wealthy coal baron and the mansion has over 30 rooms, which are known for their luxurious design and furniture.

Last but not least, I want to mention Beacon Hill Park. The park itself is for recreational purposes and offers some beautiful shoreline trails, as well as the “Mile 0” of the famous Trans-Canada Highway. Also, as a little bird told us, if you know where it is THE of best place in town to get ice cream. And guess what? We know where! So imagine yourself strolling around, enjoying your ice cream, watching out at the Ocean… Still not wanna come with us??? Come on, give yourself a start. You can still register (and pay) at tomorrow’s PuB NiGHT or until the 20th at the INTERNeX office. We are waiting for you!




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INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts about Canada – The Trans Canada Hwy

With its main route leading through ten provinces and a total length of 8,030 km, the Trans Canada Highway is one of the longest national highways in the world. If you haven’t spent a proper thought on it when you first read it, there you have it once again: It is 8,030 km long!! This is four times the distance from Copenhagen to Rome! Its starting point in BC is Canada Road Trip Rockies 2011Victoria on Vancouver Island and ends in St. John’s on Prince Edward Island. In the office, we just talked about a cross Canada road trip and agreed that it would probably be the only way to really see everything this coutry has to offer (apart from the northern territories of course). As we are in British Columbia right now, our impression of Canada has a lot to do with the magnificent outdoors in Western Canada – mountains, the sea, lakes, green parks etc. Yet there is so much more to discover! So far I haven’t ventured out of BC all that much except for a layover in Toronto and the Albertan Rocky Mountains but that was it. And even if BC is one of a kind for sure, I want to see more!!

Especially the Eastern provinces appeal in a completely different way: Québec with its gorgeous cities Montréal and Québec City, Newfoundland and Labrador with the incredible Gros Morne National Park and picturesque towns like St. John’s, Prince Edward Island with its beautiful beaches, New Brunswick with the world’s highest tides at the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia with its rugged shoreline. These and many more places seem to be magical and definitely worth a visit. So why not grab some friends, jump in a car and head out on a roadie across Canada on the Trans Canada Highway for a couple of weeks? 🙂 As far as I have heard, it takes forever to get through the seemingly endless provinces in the middle of the country where there’s just not all that much to see except flat land….Oh well, but it still is part of this massive country and certainly amazing in its own way.

Sooo what’s the plan now? I’m free early April next year, who wants to join me? 😉

Enjoy your Sunday guys.



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