Expose of the week

This week Natasha is the ‘Expose of the week’. Natascha studies economies in Germany and she works since four weeks at a travel agency in Vancouver Downtown. Furthermore she lives in the Staffhouse of INTERNeX.

Why are you in Canada?
I decided to go to Canada because I would like to improve my English language skills, and to gain some international work experience. Furthermore I want to know and learn more about the culture here, and I want to become more independent.

Why did you choose Canada?
I choose Canada because of the beautiful landscape. I also find it very interesting that Vancouver is a multicultural city because I like it to come in contact with different nationalities. Moreover I like the climate in the summer time very much.

What do you like most about Vancouver?
I like all the beaches in Vancouver. And the people are so friendly here, much more friendly than in Germany, haha. I also like the parks here in Vancouver, especially Stanleypark.

How did you find INTERNeX International Exchange?
My University works together with INTERNeX.

How did you like your internship?
So far I like it, because the people are so nice, there are many interns and everyone is open-minded. I have to talk to people that I do not know which I like to do. And I like it that I can do some trips for free! Furthermore the working hours are perfect; I start working at 10:00am.

What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?
I am responsible for promotion at different schools in Vancouver, furthermore I am responsible for the bookings of the customers.

Is it related to the study you are doing back home?
Yes, is only applicable for the marketing courses.

Where have you been in and around Vancouver?
I have been to the Grouse mountain. It was very hard to climb the Grouse mountain but it gave me a great feeling when I was standing on the top of the mountain. I also went a few times to Stanley park, it is so beautiful there! In Stanley park is also an Aquarium, it was very expensive but really worth the money. Furthermore I went to the Rockies, that was an amazing trip!

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?
Definitely the Rocky Mountains. I jumped in the two degree lake, it was so cold but I was very proud about myself. I also saw a Glacier, it was so beautiful! I will never forget that!

How long did you stay in Canada?
In total I will stay for 3 months, so I have still 2 month to go.

What is the first thing you will do when you return back home?
I will eat a steak, because meat is so expensive here in Vancouver. And I look forward to sleep in my big bed at home again.

What was the best thing about your Internship/your stay in Canada?
The best thing is that some interns got their own project. It was our task to develop a new brand for the company. It was interesting to do.

What was the worst thing about your Internship/stay in Canada?
I is hard to say something about this question. The only thing that I can think of is the bad washing machine in the Staffhouse,haha!

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?
Yes, I would recommend INTERNeX because the employees react very fast when I send an e-mails. And because of INTERNeX I can live now in the Staffshouse. Furthermore I think that the welcome orientation is very useful and interesting!

Thanks Natasha for being the Expose of the Week!


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