New `Kids` on the Blog

We’re happy to announce a new member of the INTERNeX family, who arrived this week. A really warm welcome goes to Samantha. I really had a great chat with her where she told me some facts about herself. Of course I’ll share them all with you guys 🙂

Samantha is 22 years old and originally from a small village, only 90 inhabitants as she said, close to Frankfurt in Germany. I’m sure you’ve already heard of Frankfurt because of the huge international airport as well as the fact that it is an important financial centre. Just a side fact; now back to Samantha. After finishing her apprenticeship and subsequently her diploma (in Germany it’s called “Fachabitur”) she decided to become a full time traveller for the next months.
In my opinion that definitely sounds amazing. After spending a few weeks in Iceland she has now seized the opportunity to gain more experiences and grow beyond herself in Canada.

Samantha is participating in our volunteer program for 5 weeks and works in the same animal hospital as Sophie. You know? The one with the cute baby cats 😉 Seems like this is the place to be 🙂
And there’s more to it; her motto is definitely “great times ahead”. After her time in Canada she plans to travel to 7!!! more countries all around the globe.
But for now she’s really interested in spending time in the Canadian nature, get to know the Canadian way of life and experience Canadian culture herself every day.
Since right now she’s still a bit afraid of spending time alone in such an unknown city, which is understandable in any case, feel free to form a group and spend some time together. It’s so much fun getting to know new place or try unknown activities together. Such a new place can always create a strange feeling but as time goes by you’ll get used to it and in the end one don’t want to leave anymore. I can assure you from my own personal experience .

That’s it for now – I’m sure you’ll get the chance for another chat with Samantha at today’s pubnight at Malone’s Taphouse, 6pm 🙂

Have a great day:)

– Tatjana

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INTERNeX Programs: Hospitality

As many of you know, INTERNeX does not offer only one program, but has a wide range you can choose from, before you go abroad and actually join us. As winter season is approaching fast, more and more participants of our hospitality program will come to Vancouver. However, not many of them will stay here for long. Why that is so and what they do, you can read here today:

Travel and Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing business sectors and the Hospitality industry plays an important role in sustaining the world of travel. It’s an exciting field to be involved with for a number of reasons, especially providing an opportunity to meet and work with fascinating people from all over the globe, to share stories and learn from them about the world they live in and how it compares to your own. This ever growing industry tends to attract those who consider themselves the outgoing type. Motivated people, who truly enjoy the experience of human interaction, are the backbone of the hospitality industry. The kind of person who’s comfortable socializing and enjoys the company of genuine people. This type of character is very desirable in the world of Hospitality.
This program gives participants the chance to gain experience in world class resort communities, especially during the winter season as for example ski resorts need extra help with the additional crowd of tourists. Placement opportunities are with hotels, resorts or associated companies in a tourism communities and cities. Positions and locations of placement opportunities are based on previous education, experience, English level, ability to stay a full season or longer, as well as general attitude and of course what is available at the time of your application. Hospitality produces daily experiences like no other work environment. One can find themselves preparing a banquet for a high end conference in the morning, handling the luggage of a professional sports team by lunch and be greeting members of Royalty later that day. There’s no telling which direction this exciting field will have you moving on any given day. INTERNeX will assist you with all you need to secure your placement including in depth industry specific consultations, orientation to living and working in the country and a placement specific orientation when you have secured your placement. The participants of this program often only stay in Vancouver for a few days and then move on to one of the many resorts and hotels spread throughout Canada. So once they arrive here this winter, you guys should use the time to get to know them and make a few new friends fast!

Find out more details about the hospitality program on our website




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