New ‘Kid’ on the blog

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing and welcoming Imran. He is 21 years old from Dublin, Ireland and we are so happy to have him here with us 🙂

He recently arrived in Vancouver and plan to stay here as long as possible as he got a two year work and holiday visa. Later in spring he plans to start an internship to gain new experiences of working abroad. He also told me that he just graduated from University in Dublin where he studied for three years. Why Canada? He says he has family living in Toronto, they have been living there over ten years and he had a great chance to visit Canada more than once and explore Toronto. He has always wanted to see what the western side of Canada looks like and today he’s living here in Vancouver. Life is an adventure for sure! 

I asked him if he has anything on his bucket list while he is here and he says he’d like to go ski in the mountains and to see the Rocky Mountains and explore as much as possible. Hobbies? He likes to play Playstation 5 and he played Rugby for about 6 years but he had to stop due to injuries. He likes to hang out with friends and party, lucky you since Vancouver is known for having some really great nightclubs, you should check them out! 🙂

Last but not least, many of you might be wondering what his favourite food is and its Chicken wings! Vancouver has a lot to offer when it comes to food, so make sure you go out on an empty stomach 😉

We really hope he will have a great time here in Vancouver and Canada, but I am pretty sure he will 🙂

Let’s meet him and get to know him better at tonight’s Pub Night!



What to do on the weekend

Another week has come to an end and here are some inspiration of what you can do this weekend:

Today INTERNeX is going to a Hockey Game tonight to see the Vancouver Canucks against Los Angeles Kings. This is going to be my first Hockey Game experience here in Vancouver and I am so excited! Luckily we got some tickets for this game and I really hope we can go and see another game very soon because we did’t get many tickets this time, but I am sure those who got the tickets this time will enjoy the game. I will let you know how our Hockey Game experience was on Monday 🙂

I can finally announce that Capilano Suspension Bridge opens for its “Canyon Lights” traditional light exposition on November 19th. I have been waiting for this moment as I believe many of us do. This is an on going event from November 19th – January 22nd where the world-famous Capilano Suspension Bridge is transformed into a magical world of changing multi-colour displays. Here you have the chance to experience a beloved tradition and celebrate the winter season in lights in beautiful Capilano Bridge Park and gaze the Capilano River below. This park offers something for everyone while you are walking here: you have the chance to find the perfect gift for you and your loved ones, Instagram-worthy photoshoots or enjoying a hot chocolate while you are walking high above the forest floor. If you want to explore this magical park, tickets are now available online 🙂 Make sure you don’t miss it out!! 

Last but not least, I want to inspire you to experience Fly Over Canada which is made via advanced technology where you will experience a flight ride across Canada from coast to coast to coast while sweeping over Niagara Falls, vast prairies and massive mountain peaks to see Canada like never before. Its a ‘must do’ experience and especially if you have friends and family over they can explore beautiful Canada all without ever leaving Vancouver, or why not treat yourself an experience? 🙂 

This was some inspiration for what you can do this weekend, and whatever you decide to do I hope you have a great weekend!



New ‘kid’ on the blog

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing and welcoming a new candidate to our INTERNeX family. Let me introduce him to you:

This is Nikolai, he is 19 year old from Germany and he has recently finished high school and plans to do a dual studies within economics and logistics next fall. He arrived in Vancouver a week ago and plans to move to the Rocky Mountains next week where he will work at a ski-resort during the winter season. A winter in the Rockies must be so much fun – many hours of skiing in a magical world among forest, snow and all the crazy adventures that comes with it. He says he always wanted to explore more of Canada because he has already been here before for three weeks on a road trip last summer and now he saw great opportuniities to come back to experience a work & travel programme, especially now during winter since Canada is known to have a lot of snow in the mountains and he loves to ski. Canada is the place to be, right? We are so happy to have him here with us 🙂

I asked him what his first impression of Vancouver is so far and he says Vancouver is a really nice city and it was such a relief to come here because it feels like home. Last time he was here in Vancouver he experienced Stanley Park on a bike and he really likes the city-life here. 

What’s on your bucket list? He says it would be cool to experience Heli-Ski, which means you take your skis on a helicopter ride and they drop you off somewhere in the mountains where you can go off-piste to another destination, so cool! He also says he wants to ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy the time while he’s here Canada. I ask him what his hobbies are and he says he likes skiing and rock climbing/bouldering – doing what he love the most in a great enviroment together with friends. When I asked him what his favourite food is he replied that he loves rosemary potatoes with salmon and salad. After Canada he plans to work in Germany for a while and then travel to Asia before studies begins next fall. 

We really hope that he will have a great time here in Canada, but I’m pretty sure he’ll have his best time ever 🙂 Let’s meet him at tonight’s Pub Night!



What to do on the weekend

Seeing Vancouver in snow is such a breathtaking moment. I woke up to snowy pathways, crispy air, sunshine and white mountain peaks, wow! Anyway, here is some inspiration for what you can do on the weekend:

Holidays are around the corner and on Saturday INTERNeX is going to a Holiday Market, known for being the greatest holiday shopping in the city. Here you’ll have the chance of meeting local artists and finding wonderful treasures such as fine art, jewellery, candles fabrics, chocolates and more. So why don’t get unique locally made gifts for your loved ones, or just treat yourself some gifts at the holiday market. The open hours for this event is from 2pm-7pm. Let me know if you would like to join so I can get a free ticket for you so we can experience this Holiday Market together 🙂

To get you more into the holiday spirit, Vancouver has re-opened its biggest Christmas Market located at Potters Nursery in Surrey. Potters Nursery transforms its 28,000-square-feet of space into a seasonal pop-up filled with designer trees, stocking stuffers and more than 50 000 unique ornaments every year. This Christmas store is known for being the largest Christmas store in Western Canada, so why don’t check it out? 

Then there is a warehouse sale in downtown where they have sale on backpacks, luggage, apparel, accessories and more. Let me know if you want to check it out, you might find a new backpack as a Christmas gift for yourself, or for your loved ones 🙂 I just realized this post turned out to be all about getting into the Christmas spirit since its only 45 days left to Christmas, or 46 days, depends on where you are in the world. So why don’t start in time 😉 

Whatever you are going to do this weekend I hope you have an great weekend 🙂



New ‘kids’ on the blog

We have new members of the INTERNeX family and we are so happy to have them here with us 🙂 Let me introduce you to them:

Let’s start with Emilie, she’s 19 years old from Munich in Germany. She is volunteering at a craft association here in Vancouver for four months where her duties will include working within social media, organizing events and working in a gallery. She says she would like to apply to study Interior design at a university in Germany, maybe Hanover. 

She chose Vancouver because of the combination of city and nature. It’s seems like the city has an easy access to almost everything – city-life with a bunch of restaurants and shopping and then the nature, which is just around the corner where you can ski and snowboard. She says that she would like to visit Whistler, lucky you!! INTERNeX plans to go to Whistler in the beginning of December, if we’re lucky, there will be a lot of snow. Fingers crossed! 😉 Since she has got the motorcycle license she would like to do a tour in the mountains on a motorcycle, so cool!!

For an answer of what her first impression of Vancouver is she says Vancouver is a big city and so different from back home. The public transport is a lot easier here than in her home country, the busses seems to be on time and that’s a big plus 🙂 

I asked her if she has a bucket list during her stay here in Canada and she says she wants to ‘go with the flow’ and wants to visit Whistler and Walmart 😉 After her time here in Canada she plans to move out from her current accommodation and plans to move in with a friend of hers. She mentioned she would like to travel and visit Turkey some day. Hobbies? She mentioned she has about twelve years experience in track and field, two years experience of volleyball, motorcycling, drawing, and painting. Bagels and pancakes are her favourite food and since she is here in Canada she should try pancakes with maple syrup, which is a big must-try while you are here, what do you think? 😉

Next up we have Hanna, she’s 18 years old from Berlin in Germany. She is volunteering in Gastown where she will work within event management and social media management for four months. 

She says she wants to stay in Berlin and considers applying for University after her stay in Canada. She says she always wanted to do an exchange year, and here she is currently living life in Vancouver. It is so cool how dreams come true. She says she wanted something different from home and Canada offers a great outdoor world and offers a great bunch of adventures. 

I asked her what her first impression of Vancouver is and she says its a beautiful city, nice view of how the city is surrounded by incredible nature and she also Imagined it to be more crowded than it is.  One of her goals is to explore the city as much as possible so one day she can live without google maps, haha 😉 She wants to experience Canadian lifestyle, go hiking and she hopes to have a great time here and wants to enjoy every second of what Vancouver has to offer. I am sure you will have a great time here, as members of INTERNeX we’ll make sure you’ll have the best time 🙂

Her plans after Canada: explore the East of Europe together with friends for about one month. She has about six years of experience in gymnastics and she likes to workout at the gym, reading, spending time with friends and family, thrift-shopping, visiting cozy cafes and partying with friends.  When it comes to her favourite food she says she likes sushi, Italian food and she loves all different kinds of bread, especially bread with hummus. Yummy yummy 😉

Last but not lest we have Vivienne, she’s 18 years old from Düsseldorf in Germany. She is volunteering at a Radio Station here in Vancouver for six months were her tasks will include hosting and she said it might even be possible for her to have her own ‘morning show’ at the radio station. How awesome is that?? 

She says she likes to travel, New York and Italy are two of many she has visited, with many more to come. After Canada she plans to either do an inter-rail trip together with her best friend for one or two months, or a work and travel somewhere in Europe next summer. She plans to apply for journalism in Cologne or in Berlin starting next fall. Travelling before school start is a great idea 😉 She chose Canada because the country seems to have it all – city-life, nature, ocean and all activities that comes with it. She says she always wanted to live in an English-speaking country and voila, here she is 😉 I won’t forget to mention, Vancouver is near the border of US and she sees many opportunities to see new places, not only in Canada, but also in the US 🙂

She always wanted to live abroad and this is proof that she followed her dreams. We at INTERNeX are so happy to have her here 🙂  I asked her what her first impression of Vancouver is and she mentioned that it feels like winter is around the corner. Yes, winter is coming. She mentioned that they had 20 degrees celsius in Germany last week. Such a huge difference, hahaha 🙂 The city itself is beautiful with cool architecture and a stunning view of mountains surrounding the city. 

I am sure many of you would like to know what’s on her bucket list: she would like to see a hockey game. Luck, INTERNeX is going to see a hockey game the 18th of November, let us know if you’d like to join!! She says she wants to skiing and explore the incredible nature we have in our backyard. She would like to go on a whale watching tour and to see an American football game and sometime during her stay here in Canada she plans to do a road trip together with her mom. She also wants to visit Seattle and Vancouver Island and I am sure she’ll see many beautiful places during her stay here in Vancouver 🙂 Hobbies? She likes to run, she has about ten years experience in track & field, she also likes to work out in the gym. What about her favourite food? She loves sushi and every kind of noodles and she wants to go with the flow when it comes to try out new food, food that she won’t find in Germany, such as poutine and Canadian chocolate during her stay here 🙂

These are our new kids on our blog, make sure to meet them at upcoming events and pub nights 🙂