What to do on the weekend

This is one of the things on my bucket list while I’m here in Vancouver: A hike up Grouse Mountain. I’ve missed hiking so much and finally saw an opportunity to leave the city for a couple of hours, just being in nature and inhaling fresh air. Wow, I can’t wait! 

The Grouse Grind, as you might have already heard of or visited, is a 2,5 kilometre trail up the face of the mountain, commonly referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”, how awesome is that? You should join us this weekend for a challenge! Remember to bring comfortable clothes, hiking/running shoes and a rain jacket (just in case, you all know Vancouver weather can’t be trusted), snacks and lots of water. We meet up tomorrow (September 17th) at Waterfront Station, 10am to catch the sea bus to Lonsdale Quay. From Lonsdale quay we take the bus to Grouse Mountain (approximately 25min ride). When we get there we will start our hike to the top together.

Here is some trail facts

Length: 2.5 kilometres

Elevation Gain: 800 meters

Base: 290 metres above sea level 

Summit: 1,090 metres

Total stairs: 2,830

On average it takes up to 2 to 2.5 hours to complete the hike (let’s see if we can do it in an average of 2 hours). I am so excited about this hike!! 🙂

At the top of the mountain there’s a chance to meet Grinder and Coola, two Grizzly bears who made Grouse Mountain their home. It is also possible to have FIKA (as we say it in Swedish) meaning; sitting down, having a coffee and a bun for instance. I recently heard there’s also a booth that serves Canadian Beaver Tails which is a must have while you’re here! Don’t worry they are not actual beaver tails. 😉 Find out yourself what kind of treat the Canadians like. 

Following hanging out at the top for a bit it’s time to take the gondola back down. It costs $20, but I heard it’s worth it after climbing up the mountain and it gives us nice views over downton.

After the hike we optionally have the chance to explore Lonsdale Quay known as a very popular marketplace with shops and a beautiful view of Vancouver. There is also a festival happening at Lonsdale Quay: Shipyards Festival this Saturday 17th, from noon till 10pm and this event is for free! The venue of the festival includes a large area along the Shipyards district in North Vancouver. This event features musical performances by various artists and there are also areas at the festival where +19 can enjoy craft beer while listening to music. Let’s check it out together! 

Other optional activities on the weekend: 

Visit (MOA) Museum of Anthropology at UBC. The museum is open daily between 10am-5pm. Tickets are available on spot or online. 

How to get to MOA by transit from Vancouver: The westbound 25,33,R4,44,49,84,99 B-line, and 480 buses arrive at UBC Exchange. Get off at UBC Exchange (the last stop) and walk northwest for 15 minutes. 

The Westbound 4 and 14 buses arrive at an depart from university Boulevard. Get of at University Boulevard (the last stop) and walk northwest for 20 minutes. 

Oh, and I won’t forget to mention that there is one more festival coming up at Main Street: A Car Free Day festival featuring live music, street performances, market vendors and thousands of people which takes place on September 18th, between 12pm-7pm. 

Here are some fun facts about the Car free Days: Since 2008, Car Free Vancouver Society has hosted Car Free Days along Commercial Drive, Main Street and the West End to nature and grow the car free culture. By blocking off major thoroughfares, Car Free Days gave people the chance to experience what cities could be like with more space for pedestrians, not cars. 

I really like the idea of it and I definitely want to check it out! Let me know if you’d like to join me. 🙂

See you on the weekend! 🙂



The New Kid on the Blog

Hey Friends!

I want to introduce myself to you: My name is Tino and I’m 20 years old. I live in a small village near Stuttgart in Germany. For the next two months I am a new member of the PR Department of the INTERNeX team for an internship for the next two months.

Right now I’m studying Business Administration with the focus on banking and finance. As part of my practical phases, I’m doing an internship here in Vancouver.


In my freetime I love making music like playing the trumpet at an orchestra, the guitar at a fireplace with some friends or making music with the DJ-Pad. I also love photographing and spending time in the nature! My biggest wish is to travel the world and I’m glad that I can make some experience of that here in Canada.

I decided to do an internship in Canada because the country and it’s culture impressed me.

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye

My first impression of Vancouver was the combination of many things in many ways: On the one hand a big city with unlimited opportunities and on the other hand the beauty of nature around the town. On top of that the people in this city are so caring and friendly. This combo is breathtaking, trust me!

My biggest wish in Canada is to travel to Yukon to do some dogsledding and to (hopefully) see the northern lights!

IMG_7036 2

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of INTERNeX and to get involved with new people. I’m so excited where the journey guides me. See you in Vancouver!



Canada facts: 9 typically Canadian things

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Canada?
Certainly, there are some stereotypes and characteristics attributed to Canadians and the country. But are they true? – some more, some less so 😉

1. Canadian maple syrup
Since the shape of a maple leaf can be found on the Canadian flag, the Canadian maple and also the maple syrup is really symbolic for the country. It’s known and popular as a very tasty topping for pancakes or even on bacon 😉

2. Canadians really like to stand in line
Canadians are always very polite and friendly people, that’s a fact. This brings us to the point that perhaps amazes us as Europeans in a positive way at first. In Canada it’s the most normal thing to stand in line before you get on the bus. It’s common to talk to the driver, which means saying hello and bye when leaving the bus. Additional fact; don’t be surprised Canadians always say “sorry” no matter what.

3. It’s all about hockey
What’s the first sport comes to your mind when thinking of Canada? It is definitely ice hockey (or as Canadians say, just “Hockey”). So yes this fact may be true; Hockey is really popular and many many Canadians love to watch a game. As Canadians have a really high level of national pride the national anthem before every match is another important situation for them. It’s amazing to see how much these people love their country.

4. In Canada it’s always cold and snow is everywhere
That’s certainly just a cliché. But it depends… Canada is a country with high as well as very low temperatures. It depends on where you are but from my own experience I can say that the temperature in Vancouver is nearly the same as in Germany. Believe it or not there are even beaches to take a dip in the sea and there are really beautiful and definitely worth a visit.

5. A dream destination for hiking and beautiful nature
That is definitely not a stereotype, but a fact. The Canadian nature is breathtaking and unique in the world. So if you visit the country hiking is a must-do. There are thousands of hiking trails for every level that invite you to enjoy amazing viewing points, explore the country or spend a night in a tent on a camping trip. Side fact: Canada by itself has more lakes than adding all the lakes of the rest of the world.

6. It’s possible to have a bear in your backyard
Yes that’s a fact. Of course it depends on where you live but there are many places where this is certainly possible. If you are an animal lover Canada, especially the Rocky Mountains, is the place to be. You have a good chance to see animals such as bears or a moose on your journey in the wild. But be aware that these animals do not want to be disturbed and may also be dangerous.

7. Multiculturalism
Definitely! Canada and especially Vancouver is a real “multi-culti” city.
It’s kind of confusing but sometimes being in Vancouver feels like you’re in Asia. Canada is a country of immigration but isn’t it interesting to see how many different cultures can live together and learn from each other?

8. Tim Hortons everywhere
That’s a fact.
You want to try a fast coffee or one of the famous timbits, the delicious small balls made with donut dough and filled with cream? Let’s go to Tim Hortons.
I can assure you that especially in the big cities you will find one of their restaurants at every second corner. That’s the reason why every Canadian will tell you that you haven’t been to Canada if you haven’t been to Tim Hortons.

9. Poutine, poutine, poutine
Some of you may think what’s that; others say it’s the best food they ever tried.
Definitely, Poutine is a must-have when visiting Canada. This really popular dish is based on fried potatoes to which are added cheese curds and gravy. There are many other variations for every taste. Just try it 🙂

Happy Friday:)

– Tatjana

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New “Kids” on the Blog

We are happy to announce many more Newcomers this week: Welcome Anne-Sophie, Nina, Niels and Marco!!

Anne-Sophie made all her way from Belgium to us. As a marketing student, she is looking forward to her marketing practicum and her time in Canada, a country that was recommended to her by friends and her university. For she is already an expert in Dutch and French, she’s in the perfect spot to perfect her English skills. But of course she is also excited for all the great nature this beautiful country has to offer and would like to travel to Vancouver Island, go snowboarding and see some Hockey games. Not to forget Anne-Sophie is super excited to meet lots of internationals – well, this is the best city to do that Anne-Sophie!


Niels, also from Belgium, is from the same university as Anne-Sophie and became interested in Vancouver during a Botswana trip. When he spent some time with internationals during his trip, he asked in the group what the greatest city was they ever went to and 6 of them replied: “Vancouver!” :D. So an easy choice for Niels who is also here for a practicum and is interested in travelling to the Rocky Mountains (he definitely wants to see a bear during his time here) and spend some time whale watching. Just like Anne-Sophie he is excited for snowboarding and watching Hockey games. Not to forget, he’d like to visit Stanley Park and compare the scenery of today to the pictures of when he was three years old and visiting the park with his family. Sounds like a great endeavour with lots to explore.

Another one of our newcomers is Nina from Germany. She’s staying in a homestay in Surrey where she is volunteering there in an animal shelter. Being concerned with Canada as her dream destination, she was especially motivated to come here because of the mentality of the people, but also for working on her English skills. As a biology student, she’s going to have a great time at the shelter in Surrey, which focuses on scientific approaches analysing and monitoring animal behaviour. Nina would also like to travel to the Rocky Mountains and see Banff National Park, Seattle and – of course – some Hockey games.

Last but not least, we welcomed Marco from Austria this week. He is also volunteering in the same domestic animal shelter as Nina in Surrey and will also be based there in a host family. He mentioned that he had always been amazed by Canada and the vast nature our beautiful country has to offer, which made him come here eventually. Just like the others, he is also excited to travel around and, how could it be any different, watch Hockey games. Seems like you guys should make some plans for that right away. 🙂

Great to welcome you all, have a wonderful start here in Vancouver and we’d love to see you at tonight’s Pub Night at Malone’s Social Lounge and Taphouse!!


– Felicitas

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New “Kid” on the Blog

Another week, another new candidate arrived:

Welcome Louise!!

Louise flew all the way into Vancouver last Saturday from Denmark. She is 21 years old and aspires to become a vet. Before diving deep into her studies, she decided to spend 6 months in Canada and gain some experience in domestic – but also wildlife rescue and rehabilitation with two of our stations in Surrey, as well as on beautiful Vancouver Island. It’s her greatest passion to work with animals and she couldn’t be more excited to start her volunteering experience with us.
For she has family located in Surrey, and is convinced that Canada is the place that she
fits in best apart from her home country, it was an easy choice for her to come here. Louise is interested in travelling around and experiencing the stunning nature that BC has to offer. Yet, she has no concrete plans yet. I am sure, however, you guys can team up with her to make some plans. 😉

Great to have you with us Louise, let the fun begin!!

Have a great week and hope to see y’all for Pub Night at the Old Spaghetti Factory tomorrow! ☺


– Felicitas

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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