How was the weekend?

A new week has begun and I can feel it’s going to be good one.

My weekend recap is rather boring, since I tried to cure my cold. I was resting a lot and couldn’t take part in any cool events, but I know some of you did! Since I haven’t done much, I will tell you about Marcel’s weekend instead. 😉

Guess where he went – Yes, he went to Ottawa. The flights were super cheap, so he decided to check out Canadas capital. From what he’s told me it’s a cool place!

Fun Fact: Ontario just lifted their mask mandate last weekend.

One thing he noticed is that it’s more bilingual than here in Vancouver. Everybody first starts speaking English AND French, and then chooses how to continue depending on your preferred language. For example, they’d say “Hello, Bonjour”, and see in which language you reply to proceed with the conversation. We think it might be because it’s so close to Quebec, the province in which French is the official language.

Compared to Vancouver, summer already arrived in Ottawa and Marcel took the opportunity to cruise around the rather small city, he says. His favourite thing was the view over Parliament Hill with its historic buildings and when I see this picture, I know why. 🙂

More things to do in Ottawa are a free tour through the Parliament building and a visit in one of the numerous museums the city has to offer. He thinks, there’s something for everyone. Since it is a smaller city, you can see all the main attractions within 2-3 days, so it’s a perfect destination for a weekend trip.
Pro tip: Go in summer, rather than in winter. Ottawa is very lush during the warmer months, whereas it can get very cold and grey in winter.

Another personal highlight for Marcel was the fast food chain Harvey’s. It’s Canadas second largest fast food chain, after Tim Hortons, and mainly present on the East Coast. He explained that it’s kind of like Subway, but with Burgers. And now I’m hungry. You might wonder why that’s a highlight, but he told me that he’s doing some sort of challenge, where he’s trying many different fast food chains, that are not existing in Germany, to compare which one’s the best. I already asked him to make a list based on his experience, so I could share it with you guys. 😉

What about you? How was your weekend? Would you go to check out Ottawa? Any plans for next weekend yet?

INTERNeX is going to do the Grouse Grind on Sunday, June 19! Are you up for the challenge?

Let me know if you want to join this workout with rewarding views at Pub Night this Wednesday, 7pm at Mahoney’s at the Convention Centre.

See you there!


Laura 🙂

How was your Weekend?

I hope all of you had a good weekend – I for sure had (thanks for asking ;-)) On Saturday the INTERNeX-family went to Granville island and we were actually quite lucky with the weather as we had sunshine most of the time.


We met at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, from where we walked to the aquabus dock. I already guessed before we even started our trip that our ride with the aquabus is going to be exciting and now I can confirm my statement. We had such a good view on the skyline and Granville Island. We got picked up at the dock by a little colourful boat and it took us only approximately 7 minutes to get to the island. So this was a really good start for our trip.

img_5629Once we got there we walked straight into the public market, where lots of food was waiting for us. It was overwhelming. There was one stand next to the other and they had such a variety of food – cheese, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, ice-cream,… One thing for sure, no one has to starve in there and will find something to eat or drink.

img_5632But we actually weren’t too hungry so there was just one thing we tried out. I already got the hint from Tim in advance that we HAVE to try out “salmon candy”. It’s a smoked salmon lacquered with maple syrup. You might be thinking, that it sounds really really weird and well, all of us thought exactly the same 😀 But we could bring ourselves to try it out and to be fair, it wasn’t too bad. It just tasted like salmon and while chewing you get this kinda sweet taste. So we’re glad we tried it!


Besides all that food there were so many more shops to look at. We wandered through some souvenir shops and a chocolate one (which I wanted to check out mostly because I was hoping for some free samples to try but I got disappointed. At least it smelled yummy!).

Afterwards we walked along the waterfront and made an enforced stop under a roof since it started raining/snowing (can’t tell what exactly it was) all of a sudden. So we sat down at a table and had a really nice chat. 

All in all we had a fun day with loads of food and great views! Thanks for coming!

Hope to see you for Pub Night at the Yale Saloon on Wednesday!

See ya! xx


– Alina

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How was your weekend?

The weekend is over, and it was a really special one for me and 14 other participants.20190712_195950

It was the weekend where we left for Vargas Island and went Camping. An island where you are all by yourself, no running water and where you are surrounded by the ocean, forest and yep…there are some wolfs too. But other than that, you are able to have the most beautiful time with friends in a really calm and just breathtaking atmosphere.


We started our trip on Friday (12 July 2019) at 10am and before we were able to head to the ferry, we had to pack all IMG-20190715-WA0007our stuff into the cars. 3 cars with 5 people each and then all the camping gear, you can imagine how packed the cars were. We actually had to play Tetris with all the stuff we had to take with us. At around 11am we were finally able to hit the road. It took us a while to get to Vargas Island, but after two car rides, a ferry ride and a trip with a water taxi we finally managed to get to the Island. The sun started to set, and we had to hurry a little bit to build the tents and to get the fire started and then it was time for our first dinner on Vargas Island. We ate burgers, which were really tasty and after that we made some S’mores as you have to when you are going camping. IMG-20190714-WA0020

The next day we just relaxed, played some volleyball and discovered the island a bit more. We ate Pancakes and burritos as snacks in between and then hot dogs for dinner. By now you may have noticed we had a lot of food. Time passed and after the sun set it was time for our last night on the island. It was fantastic. Our own private little beach party was really something no one will ever forget. On Sunday we took the water taxi back to Tofino and spend the rest of the day there. Some of us went surfing, the others just ate lunch and had a look at Tofino. Sadly, every weekend has to end, and it was time for us to head back to Vancouver.



We were all super tired when we got back, but we are all back safe and sound.


It was a weekend to remember!

See you at the next PUB NiGHT at The Beaver!


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The Rocky Mountains 2019 – What to bring?

You can already notice Easter approaching, seeing all the stores filling up with Easter stuff. Even Tim Horton’s has an Easter donut now available. Yes, I ate one this morning. Yes, it was delicious. But what does Easter mean to us? Well, a trip to the Rocky Mountains of course!34017079941_a423da830d_o.jpg

Not much more than a week and we will be sitting in a buss heading to see one of the top must see locations in Canada; The Rocky Mountains. In my previous blog post about the Rockies I talked about the amazing highlights of our four-day trip. To guarantee that you will enjoy your time in the Rockies I want to make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything relevant from your backpack.

The things you need depend of course on what you decide to do during the trip, but if I were you I’d be prepared for everything. It is going to be winter weather in the Rockies so remember to bring enough warm clothes. We don’t want anyone getting sick. We also have an opportunity to visit the hot springs so that’s why you might want to be ready for a swim. Good news for the 18-year-old ones: we will be in Alberta, so you can also join the parties! Anyhow, here is a short list of some necessities:

  • Warm clothes
  •  Extra pairs of socks (for the ones that might get wet)
  • Towel and bathing clothes
  • ID (2 pieces)
  • Money for snacks, 3 lunches and 1 dinner, and a night out in Banff
  • Charger (+portable power bank)
  • Cash for optional activities

If you wish to do any optional activities you can either book them in advance or pay on tour with cash. Prices (before Monday 15th/ on tour):

  • Banff Gondola: $60 / $65
  • Icefields Glacier Walk: $70/ $75
  • Combo: $125 / $130

Any questions regarding to the trip? Feel free to ask, see you soon!

-Jasmin xx

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Get ready for the Rocky Mountains

Over the past few weeks, there seemed nothing but one topic: The big trip to the Rocky Mountains. And now it is time to pack your bags, because the trip is approaching fast. On Saturday, 28 of us will already be sitting on the bus, filled with excitement and joy. It’s gonna be a great trip. Take me at the word!

Now follows some important information for you:
We meet on Saturday, the 4th of August, at 6.45am in front of Waterfront Station. I am aware that the first Skytrains might not bring you there on time, if that’s the case please let us know. At Waterfront station we’ll board the West Trek coach, which will take us to the Rockies, through the Rockies and back to Vancity.

Once aboard, we will make our way to Hope and later Kamloops, where we will have time for lunch. Further down the road we will stop in Revelstoke to buy some snacks for the hungry ones of you. Then, we will finally arrive at the Mountain View Cabins, where we spend the night. Here we’ll enjoy a campfire including a BBQ and s’mores. Time to enjoy nature to its fullest and get to know the entire group better.

37708287_1876286409099380_2361790481572036608_nSunday morning, we will depart from the cabins at 8.30am. Of course, after a good breakfast that will give us strength for another long day. In Golden we will have a stopover for those who did not book the lunch buffet & Gondola at Lake Louise and need to buy lunch. We’ll drive on to Emerald Lake where you might get the chance to rent a canoe. Shortly afterwards, we are driving to Lake Louise where we will have some hours to spend. In the afternoon, we’ll pay a visit to Moraine Lake and head to Banff where we’re going to spend the night. In the evening we’ll go out to a pub – good news for the minors: We’re in Alberta, so you are also an adult now. 😉

37710837_1876287662432588_6672963964785131520_nOn Monday, we’re going to see Lake Minnewanka and the Two Jack Lake (which are kind of one big lake altogether). For the bravest among us, we will make a stop at Bow Lake, where you get the chance to have a Polar Bear swim. It’s freezing cold – don’t tell me I did not warn you! It’s also time for lunch. Lunch with a view, I promise. On the way to our hotel in Valemount, we will have some more stops at Peyto Lake, the glacier, Athabasca Falls, Jasper and Mt. Robson. A lot to take in – but I bet you’ll enjoy it. In Valemount we will have dinner together and then enjoy an easy evening around a campfire.

On Tuesday, we’ll already be heading back home. We will depart early in the morning, have a stopover at Spahats Falls and Kamloops and will then be back in the Vancouver at approximately 6.15pm.

So, big plans for just four days, right? But what to bring? Here is a list of what you should NOT forget:

• Money for 3 lunches and 1 dinner, snacks and a night out in Banff
• Mosquito repellant
• Sunscreen
• ID (2 pieces)
• Towel and bathing clothes
• Hiking shoes or similar
• A good mood that lasts the entire trip

I look forward to seeing you latest Saturday at 6.45am, or for PuB NiGHT on Wednesday at the Lennox Pub!

– Elisabeth

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