PuB NiGHT Review: The Two Parrots

What a night. The Two Parrots, awesome INTERNeX gang, the Yale Saloon, pool and some line dancing; what else do you need to make a boring Wednesday night into a great party night? Nothing!dav

As mentioned above we started the night gathering up at the Two Parrots which is located at Granville. Once again a lot of people showed up and we were even having some struggles fitting our huge group to the tables reserved for us. This wasn’t really a problem for us since we are not afraid to squeeze in and make some room for more people. I think there were around 20 of us all together.

When the night was coming closer to midnight our group moved the party one block away to the Yale Saloon. This time there was a pretty big group of us still at the Yale. Sadly for us the legendary bull was not in use ☹ We still managed to find out other things to do. We were playing pool and at some point there was a line dancing course happening at the dance floor. For most of us it was the first time learning line dancing but I bet we will be pros in that in the end of the summer!



Once again it was nice to hang at the Yale since our group was basically the only one present. It almost felt like a private party. I feel like Yale is becoming a tradition for the INTERNeX gang on Wednesdays. We will see what happens. Although the night was awesome and everyone had fun it was time to say goodbye to Jesper since this pub night was his last one. We will miss you Jesper!

Tomorrow is Game Night time! Make sure to show up to the office at 6pm to join for some fun games ☺

-Jasmin xx

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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review

Last night was our weekly PuB NiGHT again. The INTERNeX PR-Team has chosen the “Two Parrots” as the Place to be yesterday.

We were able to offer 2 specials again and the group is getting bigger and bigger which is amazing. 
Hopefully we will have more than 20-25 people every week as we did the last 3.
You are more than welcome to bring your friends as well, so help us to make the PuB NiGHT bigger and better;-)



We had a great time; many people showed up, met old but also made new friends.

Thank you very much for coming out and hopefully we will see each other next week at the PuB NiGHT.
It will be the last PuB NiGHT for a few of the INTERNeX Candidates so we will party hard one more time with them!

Come out to have fun with hopefully many people again and join us if you missed the chance to attend the PuB NiGHT yesterday.

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Thanks again and see you next week!

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