Adios, amigos!

Oh guys.. Now it’s also time for me. Time for me to leave. Time for me to say goodbye.
It’s been a great time and I cannot call myself luckier to have come to Vancouver and live those 13 weeks of awesomeness!

I know it’s just been three months, and there were just a few of you that were present the entire time, but I feel that I’ve known so many of you for more than just a couple of weeks. I cannot count the many moments that I will keep in my mind forever, that made 37192266_10156379462734647_3702215724152913920_nme smile, that I’m thankful for and that just showed me how easy it is to make friends and bond over some random, weird stuff.

So many events, so many PuB NiGHTs, so many trips that kept me busy during my stay in Vancouver. It was tiring and exhausting from time to time, but there was not one single moment that I regret spending with you guys.

The trip to Portland, Oregon, which was also my kick-off event with the INTERNeX-gang, was just incredibly funny. Even though, we were missing out on sleep and were quite unlucky with the weather, I enjoyed discovering the American city with you and spending the evenings playing “complicated” card games. Who would include “Kiiiii” and “Queeeen” in a card game, if not us? 😂

Speaking of weird neologism, our trip to Vargas Island was definitely one of my favourite moments. The introduction of the word “Schnäck” and all the achievements we made during that trip really left their mark. The successful attempt of lighting up a fire out of wet wood, building up the tents in pouring rain and installing the tarp from scratch was something I will never forget.

And last but not least, our four-day trip to the Rockies. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Just enjoying the breath-taking views of the beautiful nature was amazing. But spending the journeys in the bus with fun conversations and games made the trip so much more valuable. Thanks for joining all of this craziness with us.

35646874_1761660767260279_3469225791433211904_nBut there was way more that brought value to my time in Vancity than these three big trips. There were so many more funny moments that I either can’t remember or that are just too insignificant to list now! But I guess you all have your own favourite moment and will keep it in your memory!

As the orientation video announces, the PR-team  “will make your stay unforgettable”… but I have to say that it was you – every single one of you, that made my time here unforgettable. The office-team at INTERNeX, you candidates at events and in general the City of Vancouver (or the Day 2Country Canada). I don’t even know, what was the most special of all! I guess it was the composure of it all: Having the incredible nature in and around Vancouver, having you to discover it with, and having the INTERNeX-team that made all of it possible.

I can just say, that this chapter of my life has a very important spot in my heart. I grew profesionally but also personally. As I said, I am thankful for every single one who was part of this. I will really miss the times.

Keep up the craziness, I definitely will. And all of you: Stay the way you are – keep travelling, keep exploring!
Chances are that we meet again!

– Elisabeth

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Candidate Exposé – Alan Bittencourt

My name is Alan, I’m a 22 years old guy from Brazil. Currently I’m studying Mechanical Engineering in Salvador – Brazil.

I always had a dream of living in another country and also the English became a necessary language in my future working area as a mechanical engineer, so I mixed a dream with a necessity and… I found Canada. I had to choose between some other countries and Canada, but I saw something more interesting in Canada and definitely I’m happy that I chose the best.

img_4280.jpgI didn’t choose INTERNeX, it was a partnership between INTERNeX and the company from my country. But if I had to choose, INTERNeX would be my choice. INTERNeX was extremely helpful introducing Vancouver to me and giving me support to find a job in my first days. I participated in the program Working Visa Holiday. I chose this program, because it gave me a working visa, giving me an opportunity to live in Canada by myself with my work, while I studied English and travelled in Canada. I worked at The Chopped Leaf in Downtown Vancouver. It was a salad restaurant which had a big variety of salads, sandwiches etc. The work wasn’t easy, because we didn’t have time to stop, but the good communication with the costumers and co-workers always made my work and my English better everyday. Working in a restaurant seems to not have a specific necessity of characteristics and skills, but it’s wrong. You need to be energetic, a good listener and always open to learn new ways to do things.

When I arrived in Vancouver I lived in a homestay for a month and after that I found a basement on a website which I stayed until my last day in Canada before coming back to Brazil. Cold and rain, that was my first impression about Vancouver, but shortly after I fell in love with every detail of Vancouver. I could check why Vancouver was one of the best cities in the world to live. Beautiful mountains behind the big buildings, green area, good people and multiculturalism made me impressed. The safety always made me impressed with Vancouver and Canada. As my first time living far from my family and in my own place, I had to learn everything about housekeeping and cooking and also mix working and studying, what made my routine sometimes too tiring.


I attended to several activities with the INTERNeX team. Every Wednesdays were full of good moments and unforgettable times. The Rocky Mountains trip stays in my mind everyday. Definitely my best moments in Canada, INTERNeX was present directly or not. If I make a real list of activities, it would have more than 20 pages. But my favourites activities were: Hiking, snowboarding, pubs, nightclubs, cycling and outdoor activities. I was always open to new activities though. In Canada I travelled through the Rocky Mountains and stopped in some cities like: Jasper, Banff, Kelowna, Kamloops etc. And also visited some cities to the north of Vancouver such as Whistler and Squamish.

The most memorable thing about Canada are the friends I made. I arrived in Canada alone and came back to Brazil leaving a family in Canada and spread in the world. I made friends I can count on them and they will be always in my best memories of Canada. The first thing I thought I would do when I came home was enjoying my family and the beach, but I just study everyday so far hahaha.

After this experience I definitely know that my travels will not stop. I didn’t decide yet, but New Zealand and England seam good places to travel, but for sure Canada will be one that I want to go back.

– Alan

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

One of the most common conversations is around how fast the time goes! Time flies, isn’t it? But there are so many countless and unforgettable moments that you’ll keep on mind forever…

When something important finishes in a way that you didn’t expect, no matter if it is about your professional or your personal life, people usually blame themselves for wasting their time doing that…

I can totally understand that posture but I just can’t think like that. If something happens must be for a reason, and there is no better way to learn that learning or your own mistakes.

If you spent your time doing a job that you didn’t like, it’s OK. You realize and probably understand more about what you want or you don’t want in your future.

If you started one degree that you didn’t like, you didn’t waste one year of your life. You win the chance to know what you want to become one day and what certainly not.

If you spent your time with someone that was special for you and you were special for that person as well but in some point that changes… Forget about the hate; just try to stay positive and happy for enjoying that special time. Feel proud of yourself for being able to trust that person, sometimes and more after bad experiences is not that easy, and you have to be really brave to open up yourself once again. But it doesn’t make any sense to try to hate someone that you just love (d). It’s not really sincere, and lie is always an option, for sure, but there is just one person who you would never be able to lie. Yourself.  So always follow what you think, and what you feel, no matter what the rest of the world tell you.

So forget the word mistake, just call it experience.

Enjoy this Friday doing something or with someone that makes you smile! That should be the only rule of this life!



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125 Years of Banff National Park!

This year Banff celebrates the 125th birthday of the Banff National Park, a part of the Rocky Mountains. Banff National Park is one of the 42 national park in Canada, a very well protected network of treasured natural and historic places. It is also the birthplace of the word’s first national park services! Until November 2010, special programs and events will celebrate this significant 125th anniversary. Discover unforgettable experiences to add to your time in Canada.

Enjoy hikes, family camping, horseback rides, climbs, cultural excursions, festivals, a national historic site visit, or strolls within the unique mountain communities of Banff and Lake Louise.

This Saturday and Sunday August 28-29 you can join other Banff residents on a camping trip and participate in one of the many interactive events on one of Banff’s 1500 camping sites.

Are you more of an indoor person? No worries how about checking out the Dragon Fli Empire! Calgary’s hip hop heroes are gonna make the HooDoo bounce.

For more information about the events, click here!

I really wish I could join in on the camping trip, my 4 day trip in the Rockies wasn’t nearly enough! But I hope that our INTERNeX Candidates working in Banff have the time to attend one of these celebrations.

– Manouk