INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review!

look over here!

Last pub night, we listened to live music performances, drank, and played darts at the Railway Club! At first, we were seated right in front of the performance stage so we couldn’t talk to each other at all! But then we moved to the back where we were all able to chat and still listen to the music.

Railway Club is a really unique and cozy place! The inside is nicely decorated with musical instruments, hanging lights, and has a western feel to it! We decided to play a game of darts and I lost…miserably. I let others take my turns (hoping they’d win some points for me), but I think they actually made it even worse. Let’s just say, you shouldn’t be drinking if you want to win at darts! But I did get one bulls eye…so that makes up for it! I also talked to some new members of INTERNeX yesterday which was awesome! To those who are new, welcome to our pub nights! Keep coming out to these events, you’ll definitely have a great time and you’ll get to meet cool people…like me! 🙂

The food was also awesome, And seriously they have the most delicious mouth-watering, I-would-do-anything-for-a platter of pulled pork on buns…I can still taste it now. But maybe it tasted so good because I was hungry…and when you are hungry ANYTHING tastes great! That’s why you never should go to a grocery store if you are hungry.

Erik playing a game of darts!

And on Thursdays, they have a Ukele night so check that out if you’re interested!

Missed out last night? Come join us this Saturday at our INTERNeX office for a night of games and movie! Bring food as well! Click here for more information!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

How was your weekend?

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday! My weekend was absolutely awesome! As some of you may already know; I am from the Netherlands! This Saturday there was a huge party in my country, because it was the queen’s birthday. You can probably compare it to Canada Day here. When it is Queensday in the Netherlands everyone is dressing up in orange (our national color) and we are celebrating the queen’s birthday in every city of Holland! Here is a picture to give you an idea…

Since I and some other people in my house are Dutch, we had to celebrate this of course!! 😀 So, on Friday night a bunch of Dutchies went to the Roxy’s and celebrated Queensnight together. Most of them were of course wearing orange clothing and drinking Dutch beer!

On Saturday we had to wake up really early in the morning, because some INTERNeX candidates and I were going to make a boat trip! We woke up at 6 in the morning to go all the way to Deep Cove, where the boat was located. It was pretty good weather and we were sitting on the front part of the boat in the sun. We had a beautiful view, fresh air, some drinks and music. It was a perfect day and the experience was amazing!
We saw an amazing waterfall which you can only access by boat! The owner of the boat had a BBQ on this boat, so for lunch we made delicious burgers! Unfortunately the rain kind of ruined our lunch, but it couldn’t ruin our day anymore!  It was a really unique boat trip and also a little bit a farewell for Bart, because he will be leaving us this Tuesday!


On Sunday I had a nice relaxing day. Finally the weather was so good that I’ve been outside the whole day, just lying in the sun with some of my housemates! I even got a little sun burn – that is how beautiful the weather was on Sunday!!


Now I am curious how your weekend was! Tell us by leaving a comment :D!!

Have a good beginning of the week!!


INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Celebrating the Tastes of Toronto!

If you love food and are working or completing your internship in Toronto – then this is for you! This weekend, get ready for the Salut Wine + Food Festival! It’s been on since May 8 but you can still check out the action tonight and tomorrow!

Toronto’s premier wine and food festival offers a week of exciting and unique events designed to bring you up close and personal with leading local and international winemakers, chefs, food producers and gourmet trailblazers.

This year’s mission is to deliver exemplary experiences at a great price, and Toronto has challenged international winemakers, celebrity chefs and some of their best restaurants to pull out all the stops.

While Salut provides an event for every taste and budget, they also have a few surprises in store — rare opportunities for gourmet experiences that will never be replicated.

So go sample Toronto’s incredible flavours, people and rhythms. Celebrate their talented purveyors and world-class gourmet ambassadors. You’ll discover something new, guaranteed — about yourself and your city. And it will be very, very tasty!

Click here to visit the website with pricing details!



East is East

I am totally about trying new things and with the summer coming up Vancouver has endless opportunities, more than i think could possibly fit it anyone’s schedule. I love the fact that Laura pushed herself to try something new, and sushi too! I know plenty of people who have never eaten sushi before because they are terrified of eating RAW fish, and most of the time they stand firm in their beliefs that they’ll just hate it! But you never know….if there is anywhere to try sushi, Vancouver is the place to do it!

As most of you are aware of i am all about FOOD (*hint since a lot of my blogs have been about new restaurants i’ve frequented) and i want to let you guys know about all of Vancouver’s hidden gems that unless you’re a local you might miss out on. Since i am a student and am currently unemployed lol i need to find cheap options that wont break the bank but are also delicious and healthy. So i want to introduce to you all…EAST IS EAST!

This small restaurant has two locations; 1) East Is East on Main Street @ 4413 Main Street (Main and 28th), 2) Chai Gallery-East Is East & Silk n’ Spice @ 3239 W. Broadway. Known around the city for its amazing roti wraps, unique drink options (fruit smoothies, eastern shakes and boasting the best Chai in the city!) and just a calming aura, this hot spot will offer you with a unique experience that is rarely found around the city.

After being introduced to East Is East 7 years ago, i have become a dedicated weekly customer. When i first walked through the dimly lit doorway i was hesitant, what was this Indian/Afghan food?! Never heard of it before, never tried it before, wasn’t even sure what would be presented to me on the plate! But trust me i was not disappointed…everything i saw on the menu seemed to catch my fancy, so i made it my vow to try just about everything on the menu.

Whether its the summer of the winter, i’m there to enjoy their hand crafted benches and tables out front when the sun is shining, otherwise ill head in through the doorway and take cover in their carpet draped dining area for those wet days we see so often out here. Still not convinced?! Take a look at their website and see exactly what they have to offer in terms of their menu, events, galleries, etc.

“Nothing is what you expect as you walk into the chai gallery so welcome to a new world where you can have the dining experience of your dreams”

Robson ZipTrek Tours

ZipTrek Tours has created it’s latest venture and that is a Zip Line. This contraption is perched above the law courts located at Robson Square and will provide you with the unique opportunity to travel over 170 meters across Robson Street. Six stories high off the ground you will be able to see all over Vancouver’s iconic downtown core. This once in a lifetime opportunity is only available during the Olympics and to top it all off it’s FREE!! I’m going to be doing this the minute i can. Check out the website for a closer look at this amazing ZipTrek Tour. This amazing opportunity will be running from February 12th till the 28th of February from 10am-9pm so make sure you don’t miss out!