Canada facts: 9 typically Canadian things

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Canada?
Certainly, there are some stereotypes and characteristics attributed to Canadians and the country. But are they true? – some more, some less so 😉

1. Canadian maple syrup
Since the shape of a maple leaf can be found on the Canadian flag, the Canadian maple and also the maple syrup is really symbolic for the country. It’s known and popular as a very tasty topping for pancakes or even on bacon 😉

2. Canadians really like to stand in line
Canadians are always very polite and friendly people, that’s a fact. This brings us to the point that perhaps amazes us as Europeans in a positive way at first. In Canada it’s the most normal thing to stand in line before you get on the bus. It’s common to talk to the driver, which means saying hello and bye when leaving the bus. Additional fact; don’t be surprised Canadians always say “sorry” no matter what.

3. It’s all about hockey
What’s the first sport comes to your mind when thinking of Canada? It is definitely ice hockey (or as Canadians say, just “Hockey”). So yes this fact may be true; Hockey is really popular and many many Canadians love to watch a game. As Canadians have a really high level of national pride the national anthem before every match is another important situation for them. It’s amazing to see how much these people love their country.

4. In Canada it’s always cold and snow is everywhere
That’s certainly just a cliché. But it depends… Canada is a country with high as well as very low temperatures. It depends on where you are but from my own experience I can say that the temperature in Vancouver is nearly the same as in Germany. Believe it or not there are even beaches to take a dip in the sea and there are really beautiful and definitely worth a visit.

5. A dream destination for hiking and beautiful nature
That is definitely not a stereotype, but a fact. The Canadian nature is breathtaking and unique in the world. So if you visit the country hiking is a must-do. There are thousands of hiking trails for every level that invite you to enjoy amazing viewing points, explore the country or spend a night in a tent on a camping trip. Side fact: Canada by itself has more lakes than adding all the lakes of the rest of the world.

6. It’s possible to have a bear in your backyard
Yes that’s a fact. Of course it depends on where you live but there are many places where this is certainly possible. If you are an animal lover Canada, especially the Rocky Mountains, is the place to be. You have a good chance to see animals such as bears or a moose on your journey in the wild. But be aware that these animals do not want to be disturbed and may also be dangerous.

7. Multiculturalism
Definitely! Canada and especially Vancouver is a real “multi-culti” city.
It’s kind of confusing but sometimes being in Vancouver feels like you’re in Asia. Canada is a country of immigration but isn’t it interesting to see how many different cultures can live together and learn from each other?

8. Tim Hortons everywhere
That’s a fact.
You want to try a fast coffee or one of the famous timbits, the delicious small balls made with donut dough and filled with cream? Let’s go to Tim Hortons.
I can assure you that especially in the big cities you will find one of their restaurants at every second corner. That’s the reason why every Canadian will tell you that you haven’t been to Canada if you haven’t been to Tim Hortons.

9. Poutine, poutine, poutine
Some of you may think what’s that; others say it’s the best food they ever tried.
Definitely, Poutine is a must-have when visiting Canada. This really popular dish is based on fried potatoes to which are added cheese curds and gravy. There are many other variations for every taste. Just try it 🙂

Happy Friday:)

– Tatjana

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What to do on the Weekend?

Another Friday has come around and I would love to let you know the exciting things we have happening here at INTERNeX.


As you might have seen on our Facebook page that the weather wasn’t really in our hands this week so we have had to have a few changes but don’t worry!! Ice Skating on Robson – Square will be happening on Sunday, another great way to enjoy winter in Vancouver. Saturday predicts some showers but Sunday looks like it may just be overcast (what more to expect from winter in the beautiful Canada ahah).

For those looking forward to Skiing, it has been rescheduled to 14th of December.

As one of my first weekend events I’m very excited to spend it Ice Skating with the christmasy atmosphere of beautiful Vancouver. In Australia it is about 31 degrees at the moment and yes, we do spend out Christmas day in our bikinis. This is my second Christmas in the winter and I love it. I hope you all share the same excitement as me and will hold my hand as we have a romantic time trying not to fall over.

However that’s not all that happening for me over the weekend, I will be checking out the Christmas markets if you would also like to check them out they are open from 11:30AM to 9:30PM so I will most likely be filling up on egg nog (a new discovery of mine that I have fallen in love with). A bit of history around it, its the 10th annual authentic German-inspired Christmas Markets where there will be traditional food and beverages, live entertainment and the opportunity to ride downtown Vancouver’s only Christmas Carousel. Don’t forget to buy your tickets online (adult is $12.99, Youth is $6.99).

If you are looking for a bit more of a romantic evening then I would suggest Stanley park, since Bright Nights has been available for the public. If you love Christmas lights then you will not be disappointed if you go.

Wishing you all the best for the weekend and make the most of it 🙂

– Sabrina

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How was your Weekend?

And it’s Monday once again. But since it’s December now, turn up that Christmas music and make the best out of it!
Personally, I had a great weekend to look back to and I hope you guys did too. Friday was my day to relax. As me and my roommate had friends over this weekend we just spent most of the time catching up and talking over a glass of wine at night. Saturday was a bit more adventurous after all. Starting with taking a look at Yaletown transformed into Candytown. And Saturday was also the day to meet my new Co-Worker Sabrina. I am pretty sure you guys are gonna like her just as much as I do. So pretty much anyone who knows me by now, could figure that this ended up in a night going out. We went to a Irish bar/club and danced to Christmas-music all night long. Also Sabrina got into the joy of her first fireball here in Canada. Obviously ;-).

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 2.33.45 PM

Sunday was a pretty calm day, till I got to meet the INTERNeX crew again!
Because Sunday was the day, I was looking forward to since my very first day here in Vancouver. The Hockey game!

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 2.32.04 PM

Starting this exciting event at the Beaver for some pre-drinks and food before the game. Thanks again to Moose Travel for inviting us over ;-).
From there we made our way to the Rogers Arena. Even if you had absolutely no idea were this is, you would never get lost.
So many people in the Canucks and Oilers clothing made their way to the stadium, so you simply had to follow their lead. Just like a huge colony of ants, the stream brought us right away to the entrance. From here everything went pretty quick. Security check and finding the seats turned out to be super ea
sy and uncomplicated. From there a great show was to be provided.
Starting of with the mascot opening the ice-rink. From there we got to see everything you want to see in an hockey game, many goals, a lot of cheering and so much tension. Even a little fight in the end.
Even tho the Canucks didn’t win in the end, we still had a great time.
This wasn’t the

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 2.34.02 PM

 last game I’ve watched .. thats for sure! 
— Nadja x

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What to do on the weekend?

A busy weekend coming up? Don’t have anything to do? Or maybe you just want to do nothing? Well here are some ideas for you no matter what kind of weekend you were planning.

img-20190319-wa0017.jpgVancouver Fashion Week is in town and some of us are going to spend some fashion time tonight and tomorrow. I myself have never been to a fashion week so I’m really looking forward for this. To everyone who is coming remember to dress up, be on time and bring two pieces of ID. I will be updating the Facebook event about schedules so be sure to check that out.

The ski season is coming to an end so if you have the urge to ski I’d suggest doing it sooner than later. Good places to go are for example Mt. Seymor, Mt. Grouse or Mt. Cypress. Don’t worry if you did not bring your own ski gear from home or if you don’t own any because you can for sure rent all the necessaries from the ski resort. Some places also offer a shuttle to the mountain so you don’t have to worry about how to get there.

Another thing you might want to consider of doing before it is too late is going to the Canucks game. There are a handful of home games left and the future depends on how well the Canucks will fight to get through to playoffs. So make sure to buy your tickets and go cheer the Canucks for win!

Btw you can find an event for the Rockies Trip now in Facebook, make sure to check that out. I wish a great weekend for everyone!

-Jasmin xx

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What to do on the weekend?

As you all (hopefully!) know, we are going to the Rockies this weekend! Very, very exciting! Unfortunately, not everyone is able to join us. If you are one of those people, this blog post is for you! Let me tell you about all the fun things you can do this weekend that will make up for missing out on the trip!

Did you enjoy going to a fun fair when you were younger? Going on rides? Eating cotton candy? Well, this weekend is your chance to be nostalgic and feel like a kid again! All weekend long there will be a pop-up carnival in Surrey, where you can enjoy the view when going on a Ferris wheel, bump into people when using the bumper cars and go on more adult like rides that induce adrenaline, such as the Zero Gravity ride. And even if you’re not the I-love-carnival-rides-type of person, you can still have a great time at the food court eating corn dogs, snow cones or cotton candy.

Assuming not everyo15451755782_d1b6792647_n2ne enjoys carnivals, maybe the next activity is more soothing for you. Have you ever wanted to feel Canadian? Why not go to a game of one of Canada’s national sports?! You can even choose which one! Cheer on the Canucks at their hockey game in the Rogers Arena or the Stealth at their lacrosse game in Langley, all while being surrounded by sport fanatics!

5641828620_2dd923ef30_nSunday! Which means… it’s EASTER! Although looking for hidden chocolate eggs and painting boiled eggs might seem a little childish when you’re an adult, that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate Easter! Meet up with a friend and enjoy an Easter brunch at one of the many places offering them (Seasons in the Park, The Wild Fig, Teahouse). And if you still enjoy celebrating Easter the way you did as a kid, be my guest! Let someone hide eggs around the house (or around town if you’re feeling adventurous) and go look for them! Tip: Use plastic eggs and fill them with alcohol, drink whenever you find one!

See you all on the Rockies trip! And to those who aren’t joining: have a good weekend and enjoy Easter!

– Angy

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