Yay! It’s Wednesday again, half of the week is almost done and that means it’s time for another PuB NiGHT.

This time we’re going to check out a new bar called The Charles. The bar is located in the heart of Gastown, in the ground floor of the famous Woodward’s building, in 136 West Cordova Street (between Cambie Street and Abbott Street).IMG_1960

Here a little background information about why the Woodward’s building is so famous:

Once the Woodward’s building was North America’s largest shopping center, situated in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and built by Charles Woodward in 1903. First of all the store was famous for its Christmas window displays, its basement Food Floor and the “W” sign at the top of the building. In those days the area of Cordova Street was the primary shopping address in Vancouver. In 1993, Woodward’s went bankrupt and closed doors. During the same time, the area around the Woodward’s building started to decline socially and economically. In 2003 the City of Vancouver started to redevelop the building.

Hope I didn’t bore you too much with this.

See you tonight! We will meet up at 7:30pm, as usual.

By the way have you already seen the FlyOver Canada event on Facebook?

INTERNeX Halloween Party 2013 – Review Part 2


Now I will continue the review of our big Halloween party @ The Blarney Stone. Within Part 2 of the review I will answer the following questions:

Who won the costume contest?
Which team won the scavenger hunt?
Are there any crazy pictures from the Halloween Party?

First I want to announce the winner of our costume contest:

The winner of our great costume contest is:
…drum roll…..

…MARTIN! Congratulations! Look at his amazing costume on the right!

Now I want to say something about the scavenger hunt. We divided people into three teams. They had to organize pictures or videos of the followings tasks as fast as possible:

– A team member hugging a stranger
– Entire team has to do the situation “I   can’t believe we all fit in here!”
– Entire team has to jump
– Getting four strangers to spell out “YMCA” with their bodies
– A teammate has to ask a stranger if she/he wants to marry her/him

But now I want to announce the winner:
The fastest team and for that the winner of our scavenger hunt is:
Team 3 with MARTIN, JULIA, RHYS and AXEL! Each of you won a prize!
Have a look at these crazy pictures:

And now the PR-Team wants to announce the winner of our additional prize: the prize for the best picture of the party:

And the winner is: OUR LOVELY FAIRY TOBIAS!

Look at the picture on the left! HAHAHA!

But not only Tobias gets the additional prize. Of course the person who took the picture gets the prize as well: RHYS, our lovely Pope!

And this brings us to the end of our amazing Halloween party @ The Blarney Stone. Thanks to all people who joined this crazy party. It was legendary!


Take care,

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

INTERNeX Halloween Party 2013 – Review Part 1


Last Friday we had our big Halloween party @ The Blarney Stone. First, the PR-Team wants to say thank you to all of the INTERNeX people who joined this amazing party! Everybody had a good time and it was simply great!

Now I will start with the review (Part 1) of the “INTERNeX drops dead – So get your freak on” – party!

We met us around 7 pm @ The Blarney Stone. The INTERNeX people arrived one after another – I don’t know how to say it, but I was kind of overwhelmed when I saw them in their crazy costumes! All people went in with a smile on their face, because for many of them it was their first real Halloween party abroad – for me as well!

Furthermore, we organized some games for the INTERNeX people. For example we did a scavenger hunt, we had a little drinking game and of course we had our costume contest! After our games we had a great time. We danced, we had tons of fun and we enjoyed the whole night! 

But there is one question left: who won the prizes? What prizes? Are you curious? You want to see all the crazy pictures from the costume contest? And from the scavanger hunt? Well, then read the INTERNeX Halloween Party 2013 – Review Part 2 coming very soon!

Have a wonderful week,

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

Casual Friday

A couple of days ago I strolled through Gastown as an old man asked me a funny question:
Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn’t zigzag?
I know the question sounds very weird. But because of that I searched for further weird but kind of funny questions without any answers.


Here you go!


1.- Can you cry under water? 


2.- Once you’re in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?


3.- Why does a round pizza come in a square box?


4.- How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?

5.- Why is it that people say they ‘slept like a baby’ when babies wake up like every two hours?

6.- Why are you IN a movie, but you’re ON TV?


7.- Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?


8.- Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They’re going to see you naked anyway.


9.- Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible crisp, which no decent human being would eat? 


10.- If the professor on Gilligan’s Island can make a radio out of a coconut, why can’t he fix a hole in a boat?

11.- Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They’re both dogs!


12.- If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?


13.- Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?


14.- Why did you just try singing the two songs above?


15.- Why do they call it an asteroid when it’s outside the hemisphere, but call it a hemorrhoid when it’s in your butt?

16.- Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog’s face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride, he
sticks his head out the window?


If you have an answer to any of the questions, don’t be shy and write a comment!


See you soon,

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-