How was the weekend?

I had a really great weekend with a lot of fun! Friday I went downtown to see the Olympic Cauldron from the Olympics from 2010. Afterwards I was heading towards the Vancouver Convention Center and Canada Place to have a great view over Stanley Park, West Van & North Van! Walking down the Burrard Street I stopped at the Marine Building, which is an old skyscraper with a cool vintage architectural design in the entrance.

I then headed towards the Robson Square to go into the Vancouver Art Gallery, which has an ongoing exhibition about Artificial Intelligence. You should definitely check it out.

On Saturday I went to Chinatown to make a tour there. The town get’s a different feeling after you enter the grand Chinatown Millennium Gate, which was erected in 2000. I headed towards the Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Garden to enjoy the beauty of nature and the silence there. There’s a freebie alternative next to the main entrance, so that you can enjoy the garden for free. After that I got to the Vancouver Police Museum to see the history of Vancouvers Police Department and the crimes, which have been committed over the years. That one was definitely worth a visit!

At night, I went to the Nat Stadium to see the Vancouver Canadians at a baseball match. I highly recommend going to a sports event in a stadium in Vancouver. The people there are so nice and you get to see many break shows, which are so funny to watch!

On Sunday, INTERNeX was going to the Mid Autumn Moon Festival, which was definitely a very cool event! We got to experience the Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Garden at night with a very special vibe of lanterns and special lights all over the garden. You had the opportunity to be part of a Classical Chinese tea ceremony, which is called “Gong Fu Cha”. Translated it means the skill of brewing tea with discipline and skill. After you got to experience the tea ceremony, you cold go to a tarot card reader, to show your future by fortune telling. At another room, it was possible to write your name in Chinese and get a portrait from you. Surrounded by that awesome atmosphere there was a chinese musician playing a traditional instrument, the Ghuzeng. If you were hungry, you could have had a try on traditional mooncakes. To conclude it was an amazing event with lots of stuff to do! Hope to see you on the INTERNeX Event this weekend!

See you on the weekend!


Tino 🙂