What to do on the weekend

Another week is nearly over aaaand it’s time to get out and enjoy the weekend. Haven’t yet decided what to do? No panic. Have a look at these suggestions.

This weekend a very cool circus is opening its doors for you. It’s called Circusfest and is taking place from November 7th till November 9th in several locations around Vancouver. If you like Cirque du Soleil you’ll definitely like the Circusfest. The circus includes spectacular performances by humans only, and it combines circus with theatre. Go watch the Golden Gatsby Cabaret which is inspired by the 1930s, or experience a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland including aerial acrobatics that will definitely keep you entertained. You’ll find more of these circus performances in Vancouver. You can watch the Golden Gatsby Cabaret on Friday, November 7th, at 10:30pm at 1895 Venables Street. For more information on this show click here. The Alice in Wonderland show takes place  and Saturday, November 8th, at 4:30pm at the PNE Hastings Park in the Garden Auditorium. Click here for more information on this show. Watch the Circusfest promo video to get inspired.

And don’t forget our weekend activity at Extreme Air Park on Saturday at 1pm. Of course you can use the Cirkusfest as a warmup 🙂 Sign up for this activity here.

To finish of a nice Saturday go to the Improv TheatreSports. Two teams are competing against each other in a theatre competition, where it’s the audience who decides the themes. After being given a theme each team has to improvise different situations. This should be lots of fun! The Improv ThetreSports event takes place at Granville Island at the Improv Centre on Saturday, November 8th, at 9:30pm. Look here for more information.

Finally, to end a perfect weekend go enjoy some Blues at the Sunday Blues Revue. Every Sunday from 5pm till 9pm you’ll have the opportunity to experience real New Orleans style Blues in a New Orleans inspired venue. Is that cool… It think so! Have a look here for more info.

Have a great weekend!

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Smart Saver Vancouver – La Casa Gelato

Now that it’s hot outside I’m sure everyone is craving ice cream. There are so many places to get ice cream around here, but how many of you can say that you’ve been to an ice cream shop where they sell over 218 flavors?! No, you didn’t read that wrong… that’s 218! The shop actually has 518 flavors, but only have 218 on site at a time.. impressive right?

La Casa Gelato’s products are ‘special because of the unique Italian “no air” process used. They have something for everyone: non-fat, non-dairy, low-fat, and sugar-free.’ Their products are only created from natural ingredients such as whole milk, fresh fruits, and pure chocolate and they pay strict attention to detail.

For those who prefer sorbettos and yogurts those can be found at La Casa Gelato’s too!

Indulge yourself at 1033 Venables Street. It’s open 7 days a week (!) from 11am to 11pm! Check it one day on your way home from the beach and surprise yourself with an all new and exciting ice cream flavor.



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