INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

It’s Monday, it’s raining, and it’s cold. At least we can say we had a good weekend. We went on Sunday to the Eastside Flea Market, in the Grandview – Woodland neighborhood, just next to Commercial Drive.

This kind of markets is very common in Canada. It’s a place where the people rent a little space to sell or barter items. Normally you can find used goods and second hand clothes, but also handmade jewelry, furniture and even food. They are the best places to buy low price merchandise, vintage fashion and unique gifts.

There was a little place to buy coffee and cakes and tons of things to look over! I bought one watch for only 5 bucks! We were talking with the sellers and we found some very interesting people, who travel around North America buying and selling antiques and old clothes. I found a stand with leather jackets from the 70’s! They were too much  expensive for my student budget, so maybe the next time 🙂 .

There were also some stands where the people were selling their own stuff. This is other thing that is very typical here, making yard sales or garage sales. Instead of throw out the things that they don’t need any more, the people sell them in front of their houses or in the flea markets. Or sometimes they leave boxes outside of their houses and you can take everything for free! It’s very funny because this is a thing that you always saw  in the movies!

After that we went to Cafe Deux Soleils, just next to the Commercial Skytrain Station. I strongly recommend that place, is so cool and they have concerts and humor shows all the time for $5! We finished up our evening with some huge hamburgers.

So it was a nice evening! But our camera is broken, so we only have the pictures that Mercedes took with her mobile phone… the quality is not the better, but I hope you‘ll be able to appreciate the place!

See ya!



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