INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

Have you ever noticed how many different pills are in general in the supermarkets? All types of supplements, vitamins, minerals….

If you want to have bigger muscles, you can. If you want to get tan artificially, you can. If your hair is weak you can buy something to make it stronger! For all kind of problems, Canadians have millions of different pills! It’s insane!

I mean in Spain you can find some places where you can buy this kind of supplements, but it’s not usually to have so many in a regular Supermarket.

Now I am kind of used to see all this kind of pills next to the bread and cookies…mm good combination sugar and pills to lose weight!

I have to recognize that I am becoming Canadian and I have my own armament of vitamins… Now the next important step to do is remind to take them!

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take them, for example now in winter with just a couple of hours of sunlight could be good to take some vitamin D. But always with common sense (that sense that is not common to have)

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Be aware of the flu!

Some people are lucky that they almost never get sick but the flu is making his round again so I just want to give you some tips. I have some experience with it because I was really sick last week. At the moment I’m doing better but it’s always better to prevent the flu than cure it.

To prevent the flu:
– Use a scarf (even indoors)
– Wash your hands often
– Take vitamins
– Get vaccinated
– Drink enough water

And if you still get sick, no worries it’s normal. Here some tips to cure the flu.
– Take rest (!!)
– Drink plenty of fluids
– Eat nutritious food (with vitamins C and garlic)
– Take a warm bath
– Take painkillers
– Drink tea with honey or lemon and take cough syrup
– Aromatic steam (bowl with steamy water, drape a towel over your head)
– Blow your nose often
– Gargle mildly hot water with salt

I hope you will not need these tips and that it will be a healthy 2011! If you have any other tips, don’t hesitate to add them in a comment.